A bridge between quantum physics and bioresonance

Hans Brogemann

Dear Congress participants,

Most of you will know me. For those of you new to bioresonance, I should like briefly to introduce myself. About 40 years ago I undertook, through my firm, to make people aware of how the body’s natural oscillations can be used for therapeutic purposes. I ran introductory seminars for many years which brought bioresonance to the attention of thousands of therapists. In 2015, at the age of 90, I stepped back from senior management and took retirement.

Back in the early days I naturally encountered a lot of scepticism. Who had heard of the body’s natural oscillations then?

There are three types of sceptic. The first kind are therapists with sound judgement who wish to know the full details and may be won over by plausible arguments or demonstrations. The second group demands current randomised double-blind trials and the third group is characterised by arrogance and ignorance. The last straw is the written claim made in a court case that natural oscillations from the body are a figment of the imagination, just like Easter bunnies and hobgoblins.

I encountered a lack of understanding amongst physicists and electronics engineers of how information could be transferred by a single-core cable. I should like to examine this aspect first. The second issue is the existence of natural oscillations from the body. I will deal with this in the second part.

The single-core cable is the technical feature we use as a matter of course each day to transfer information, without any additional source of energy.

It always gave me perverse pleasure to demonstrate this feature in my introductory seminars using a modified kinesiology test. Many of you will remember this. I would invite a particularly strong participant to come up. He was given a cylindrical applicator to hold which was connected to a brass cup by a two-metre long cable. The brass cup held a sugar cube. Even when I asked him to try harder, the test subject’s arm remained weak (of course we never actually say that sort of thing in actual kinesiology testing!). In the second stage I put propolis in the input cup and his arm was as strong as an ox. This was an impressive way of showing the often astonished seminar participants the exceptional way information can be transferred through a single-core cable, without any additional energy.

What’s more, the quality of information transmission is very high, for only in this way can we explain the highly sophisticated biophysical test results obtained with the BICOM device.

Wherever electricity is used, two cables are needed, a positive and a negative pole. Two cables are always required, whether we’re talking about high-voltage cross-country power lines or the microvolt currents seen in electronic equipment.

Our technical arrangement represents a novel concept and clearly shows the special position occupied by bioresonance and medication testing with electroacupuncture, compared with all other forms of electrical/electronic equipment. I should like to give this special technique a name:

single-pole, currentless information transfer (ESIT)

In his book Dr. Hennecke mentions the following impressive experiment which concerns the same function of information transfer.

There is a technique used in gynaecology to determine the point of ovulation. When a cervical smear is added to a NaCI solution dissolved in water, the crystals change from a cubic to a fernleaf shape. Experiments by Anderson, Reid and Bill showed that this crystallisation could also be brought about without a current using a platinum gold wire. A salt solution with fernleaf type crystallisation was transformed into a different salt solution, without the material presence of proteins.

A bridge to quantum physics

Although bioresonance is now far more widely known, there is still considerable puzzlement regarding its mode of action.

The energy range in which we operate has yet to find a place in the general landscape of physics. As a result, sceptical “experts” claim such oscillations do not exist.

All the more reason why we should not abandon our efforts to find plausible explanations. I should like to help with this today by providing some suggestions of my own.

In a lecture to the Electro-Acupuncture Society (EAP Gesellschaft) in Bad Homburg in the late 1950s, Dr. Kramer reported on the remarkable phenomenon of medication testing. (Incidentally Dr. Kramer subsequently developed the biotensor with satellite dish. Regumed later took on the sale and distribution of this device).

Now to the arrangement of the experiment.

While a homeopathic test ampoule is usually placed in a test honeycomb (Fig. 1) in order to feed the information from there to the patient’s hand applicator via a cable during the test process, he chose to arrange the experiment somewhat differently.

test ampoule

After first checking that a test ampoule tested positive on a test subject’s acupuncture point, he placed the test ampoule in a metal tube with 1 mm clearance from the test ampoule. The test tube was connected to the test subject’s hand applicator via a cable and fed into the test circuit, as previously with the test honeycomb.

The medication still tested positive at the test subject’s acupuncture point. Then he used a tube with 2 mm, then 3 mm, then 4 mm, then finally a tube with 5 mm clearance from the test ampoule and the medication still tested positive at the test subject’s acupuncture pointIn this way Dr. Kramer demonstrated that radiation must be emanating from the medication.

In this way Dr. Kramer demonstrated that radiation must be emanating from the medication.

This phenomenon gave Dr. Morell an important pointer for his ongoing research into the bioresonance method or, as it was known back then, Mora therapy.

I looked further into this empirical observation that homeopathic medications radiate information, which is so important as an underlying principle for our work. The question was, was there ‘hard evidence’ of this radiation from medications as observed in the test? I thought of quantum physics, given that quantum physics is one of the most exact natural sciences.

For many years we have relied on one of the fundamental findings from research in the field of quantum physics, the law of waves and particles. From this we derive the fact that all substances continuously emit information without ever using up this “radiation energy”. Yet this fact finds no place in the conservative physical world view and has for now even less chance of being accepted by mainstream medicine. The period of time before the findings of quantum physics regarding man are accepted into mainstream medicine can probably only be estimated on a “cosmic scale”.

The deduction of the law from quantum physics that both particles and waves always exist, still fails to say anything implicit about the effect on biological systems. So I looked around to see if, within the realm of quantum physics, I could find any specific references to this law being applicable to biological systems.

In his highly recommended book “Bioresonanz — Eine neue Sicht der Medizin [Bioresonance — a new view of medicine]”, Dr. Jurgen Hennecke writes: “If we deal with alternative medicine, the discoveries of quantum physics, for example, acquire relevant importance. The key may possibly lie here in acceptable theories for the mode of action of homeopathy, acupuncture and bioresonance.”

This was an additional reason to look for clues from experts in quantum physics which deal with the effect on living systems.

In 1926 the renowned physicist E. SchrOdinger, one of the founders of quantum mechanics and winner of a Nobel Prize for Physics, published a lengthy treatise in the Annals of Physics 76.

In section 5 of his essay he described “The question of the coupling between the dynamic process in the atom and the electromagnetic field, or that which takes its place,” as the “cardinal question of all atomic dynamics”. There then follows a mathematical physical attempt at a solution which he finally “describes as the outline of the radiation mechanism”.

Prof Steffen Schulz makes the following comment about this: “At the most fundamental level he is therefore describing precisely the extremely complex situation surrounding the coupling between biochemistry and the electromagnetic level. Schrodinger uses the term ‘radiation mechanism’. Bioresonance is ultimately based on this radiation mechanism present in all matter.”

Alessandro Sergi of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, observed in 2009 in an article “Quantum Biology”: “Some quantum effects in biology were reviewed and quantum mechanics was acknowledged as conceptually important to biology since, without it, most (if not all) biological structures and signalling processes would not even exist.”

In his book “Das neue medizinische Paradigma [The new medical paradigm]”, Dr. Gunther S. Hanzl points to phenomena in quantum mechanics. I have assembled below the assertions relating to this meaning.

“Carl Friederich von Weizsacker repeatedly referred to the universal validity of quantum theory — including in the organic and psychological domain.”

“Prof Hans Peter Darr wrote that quantum theory must be assumed to be universally valid and that biological and psychological processes are also subject to it.”

Dr. Hanzl: “Without quantum mechanics there is no explanation for the characteristic electromagnetic radiation patterns emitted by atoms in an excited state and which we use for identification in spectral analysis.”

“Quantum field theory is an essential part of quantum mechanics. Quantum field theory replaces the term “force” in classical physics.” The quantum field is regarded as the fundamental physical unit, a continual medium present everywhere in space. Particles are merely a local compression of the field, a concentration of energy.

Back in the 1930s a theoretical physicist, Pascual Jordan (1902-1980), had already stressed the validity of quantum mechanical acausality for organic nature, and indeed described organisms as extreme quantum objects.

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, who incidentally worked for many years at the Brugemann Institute, later conducted in-depth research into the physical aspects of homeopathy. He conducted detailed investigations into water structure as an information carrier and published the results of his research in 2002 in his book “Wasser and Homoopathie [Water and homeopathy]”.

Here are some quotations from his book, which are relevant here:

“We now call all the quanta in the electromagnetic spectrum from low to high frequencies ‘photons”, and he refers to the term ‘dark photons’ if they do not lie within the visible light range. This is different from the earlier concept where photons were purely light quanta. And he elaborates further: “Around a billion photons confront one single weighable physical particle.”

“In physics photons are also known as interacting quanta (particles without rest mass) that are superordinate to visible matter. They regulate this visible matter and determine its structure. Not only water, but our bodies too, consist for the most part of oscillation quanta.”

This evidence from the field of quantum physics reveals two fundamental factors which are extremely important for bioresonance:

  1. that the laws of quantum physics also apply to living systems,
  2. the continuous radiation properties of all matter, and especially of living systems, which are used for every operation in bioresonance.

These laws from quantum physics form a theoretical scientific basis for explaining the phenomena observed in the bioresonance method.

They are the cornerstones of bioresonance. Without them bioresonance would be impossible. With them we are on solid scientific ground.

Thank you for your attention.

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