A new concept: prevention using BICOM-Therapy® and lifestyle changes

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Specialist in General Medicine, 011e Svensson, Therapist, Simlangsdalen, Sweden

Nowadays the focus in both mainstream medicine and naturopathy is very much on treating disease. Health education and preventive healthcare tend to play a secondary role. People who come to our practices are usually ill and need help in finding a way of overcoming their illnesses. This means that both we and our patients tend to con­centrate on the illness and how together we can help the patient regain health.

Last year we gave a paper on just how important the direction of our focus is. To help with this we used explanations taken from quantum physics and presented to you a concept that we adopt when working with our “ill” patients.

Last year we took the decision that the two of us would like to invest our experience, energy and time in preventing illness and helping people stay healthy. Of course we want to carry on restoring our “ill” patients back to health, but it is precisely this focus on staying healthy and preventing illness that we felt was so important.

The field of epigenetics includes the study of changes in gene expression due to the environment and stress factors. Research into stem cells has shown that these cells develop as a function of their environment, the surrounding culture medium. Depen­ding on the medium, the stem cells develop into neurons, muscle cells, fat cells or other types of cell. In other words, our cells adapt to their environment. If we consider these findings alongside research in quantum physics, we see that our consciousness and the ways in which we experience our surroundings play an essential role. DNA is only a blueprint. We are not the victims of our genes but are able to change our lives through our consciousness in more than 90 % of cases, and therefore can also choose between illness and health. This change in consciousness is accompanied by a change in lifestyle, allowing us to consciously “gain” health and keep it.

In order to define health, we will use the same model that we introduced you to last year. In many ancient wisdom traditions and within energy medicine too, reference is made to the various bodies: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the causal or spiritual body. Depending on the tradition and literature, we also come across, to a varying degree, descriptions of the energy body. Instead of “bodies” we could also speak in terms of the world of emotions, world of thought and the world of the spirit. The physical body perceives the external world through the senses (sen­sory organs), the emotional body is home to our feelings and emotions, the mental body is where our thoughts and predetermined behaviour patterns reside, while our causal body connects us to our “self” and our consciousness.

Ayurveda medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homoeopathy, bioresonance and many other regulating energetic methods work with the energy body, which holds the information system, the communication between the individual bodies through the

Lifestyle changes:

  • Adequate exercise in the fresh air (Viritas)
  • Enough sleep, starting before midnight
  • Sensory spatial experience through art therapy
  • Dry brush massage (own body’s histamine distribution)
  • Amethyst wash:

Leave an amethyst lying for five days in cold water, then place in a sieve and leave this hanging above a pan full of water and boil the water until the condensed water that has collected on the stone drips back into the pan; leave the stone lying for an hour in the cooling water and then remove it; you can pour the amethyst water over hot sauna stones, make steam baths or make your own facial toner.

Gemstone therapy after Hildegard von Bingen

I have always been enthusiastic about gemstones. I have been working for more than 30 years using gemstone medicine. Using channel 2 on the BICOM BICOM optima®, we therapists have the option of using this broad spectrum on our patients, particularly those suffering from chronic conditions.

Crystals resonate and radiate. This makes them such a great addition to bioresonance therapy.

Since the advent of quantum physics we have known that all matter resonates and that each oscillation has an effect on other bodies. The crystal lattices within gemsto­nes contain oscillating atoms located at highly specific points and repeated at highly specific intervals within the lattice.

The Nobel prize winners in 1915 — Sir William Henry Bragg and his son William Law­rence Bragg (both English physicists) — used X-rays to “photograph” these crystal lattices and in this way were able to make them visible.

Swiss biophysicist Walter Stark states that the oscillating energy from the lattice of gemstones falls within the same biofrequency range of our human body cells.

Sir Henry Head, an English neurologist, discovered that the skin is constantly linked via the nervous system to all internal organs of the body (not only the gut). The “Head zo­nes”, as they are termed, are therefore skin zones and their corresponding organs and are innervated from the same spinal segment. Any stimulus applied to a given skin

zone is therefore also transferred to the corresponding organ.

I utilise this in bioresonance therapy by placing a single-use applicator as the output (red) on a “weakened” organ (test or overlay urine) and a further single-use applicator as the input (black) on the spinal segment of a Head zone. In addition I place the cor­responding gemstone in the input cup and apply the oscillation using program 196.0.

The oscillation applied to the skin is transmitted in a ratio of 1:1 to the corresponding organs. This treatment may be likened to charging an empty battery and helps stabilise the patient ether. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda medicine, here is where we find the link to the universal energy (Qi or Prana). Health means therefore harmony and balance on all these levels.

Our work with BICOM bioresonance acts on the energy body in the physical and the physical-emotional area. Homoeopathy and other therapies including flower remedies often open a door in both the physical and emotional area. But once this door has been opened, it is always up to the individual him- or herself to go through the door. No person can be carried through or be transported through the door by another person. To help people go through these open doors independently, we show them exercises and give them instructions on how they can change their lives into healthy, harmonious and balanced lives.

Stage 1: Harmony and balance for the physical body

BICOM therapy helps us to resolve energetic blocks in the physical body. To this end we have developed a concept based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medi­cine. Using a questionnaire or through testing we can ascertain in which element there are currently problems or weaknesses, so that we can target and remove these ener­getic imbalances. Even if someone feels healthy at a given point in time, there are still always minor weak points present that need to be strengthened, or imbalances that need to be removed. Illness was and is in fact merely the absence of health. In Chinese medicine a person is ill when disharmony predominates in their body.

We have developed a standardised BICOM therapy for each element, which can be used by therapists who are inexperienced in testing and which incorporates the respective 5 therapies. Of course more experienced testers can also use other pro-

grams that are appropriate to the element in question. BICOM therapy should release energetic blocks, open eliminating organs and generally bring about an unburdening and harmonising of the body.

An addition to BICOM therapy is dietary advice based essentially on a 5-element diet and the general principles of healthy eating. Of course you can specifically test for exis­ting intolerances or allergies here and what your client should avoid. Our aim is that even therapists who have not fully mastered test procedures should also be able to offer preventive healthcare using the BICOM, and so to make things easier we have incorporated a standardised wheat, cow’s milk protein and chicken’s egg protein therapy.

In parallel patients receive training with instructions on lifestyle changes and exercises to promote good health that they can do at home. Hatha Yoga forms the basis for this. Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga in which the aim is achieving balance between body and spirit by means of physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), cleansing exercises (sharkarmas) and meditation. Hatha Yoga is a part of and an exten­sion of Raja Yoga (of the royal, eight-part path of Yoga), which includes self-control in thought, word and deed (yama), cultivation of (spiritual and personal) discipline (niyama), physical control (asanas), breathing control (pranayama), mindfulness (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana), and complete contempla­tion (Samadhi). Hatha Yoga is therefore a health teaching program, which imparts knowledge as to how we can maintain the health of our physical “shell”.

To be able to convey these concepts better, we talk about the “5 points for a healthy life”. At first glance the following explanation will probably seem banal and too simple to you. We are well aware that most people will already be familiar with what we are going to say. Most know it, but do not live by it. We would like our project to teach pe­ople about how to lead a healthier life. We know that we cannot reach everyone, but even if only a few become interested, and they actually change their lifestyles, lead a healthier life and pass this on to their children, then we will have gained a great deal. Our target group is therefore people who already have developed a certain awareness about wanting to lead a healthy life, but who need some kind of assistance and advice in order to take the next step. Often it is older people who wish to lead a healthy life in their later years, or young families who want their children to grow up to be healthy.

Below we discuss the individual steps of our concept. Due to time constraints we can only touch on this subject today, but anyone interested can take the opportunity to train as a “Life Cooperation Coach®”, similar to the programme we have already started in Sweden.

1.) Prevention using the BICOM® device:

  • Standardised BICOM programs for each element.
  • Elements are determined based on a completed questionnaire.
  • Standardised therapy includes 5 therapy sessions each lasting approximately 45 min, which as a rule are applied once a week.
  • The units include basic therapy, programs for releasing blocks, programs to support the organs of elimination, metabolism-relieving programs and element-specific
  • The therapy units are not described officially as “therapy”, but as harmonising, balancing and regulative treatment. Therefore the units are called:

Fire element:                         “Be in balance” (focus: detoxification and hormone balance)

Earth element: “Be in harmony”(focus: eliminating stagnation and promoting metabolism)

Metal element: “Be in stability” (focus: strengthening the immune system, digestion, breathing)

Water element: “Be in vitality” (focus: reducing stress and energising) Wood element: “Be relaxed” (focus: relaxation and purification)

  • With these descriptions we want to make a clear distinction between patients who want to receive BICOM treatment because of an illness and those clients who just want to maintain their health with the help of our concept.
  • Patients who are ill will continue to receive detailed conventional and energetic diagnostics, while our “prevention clients” will simply receive standardised therapy and individual lifestyle coaching.
  • To explain the interrelationships within the concept of the 5 elements, we use the table in the Annex.

2.) “5 points for a healthy life”

2.1.) Diet

  • We talk about a healthy diet and related to this we explain just how common into­lerances to wheat, milk, chicken’s eggs are and the implications this has for our
  • We give dietary recommendations in relation to the relevant element based on 5 element cooking.
  • Food contains energy (Qi/Prana). We explain which foods are best for which type.
  • We stress the need to drink and the importance of water.
  • We recommend to our clients that they consume warm, boiled water little and often throughout the day, as also taught in Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda medicine.
  • We point out just how important the chewing process is for overall digestion and explain the difference between hunger and appetite.
  • We talk about the acid-base balance and the role of nutrition.
  • We talk about the importance of gut flora.
  • Food should be consciously savoured and not just “shovelled in” while we are pre­occupied with something else. We should pay attention to our food and not to our
  • We have a BICOM therapist who has written a cook book with simple recipes for healthy eating and another therapist who has written a children’s book on the function of the digestive tract.

2.2.)  Exercise

  • We talk about the importance of healthy exercise and sport. What type of training is suitable?
  • We address the importance of stretching exercises.
  • We explain simple Yoga exercises (Asanas) from Hatha Yoga to do at home for maintaining health.

2.3.)  Sleep and relaxation time

  • 90 % of sickness absence cases and health-related disruptions result from stress or illness triggered by stress. Here we explain the effects of stress on the immune system and the connection between stress and the development of illness.
  • We talk about sleep hygiene and what a bedroom should look like and the signifi­cance of electrosmog, radiation stresses and geopathic stresses.
  • Oxygen is important for life and for our whole body and our breathing plays a special role in our health. In today’s civilisation however we find an increasing number of people who do not breathe correctly. Breathing is not only important for oxygen exchange and detoxification, it is necessary for life and usually occurs We think it is very important to teach people the right way to brea­the, as it is taught in Hatha Yoga as Pranayama. At the same time we instruct our patients through various breathing exercises to become aware of their breathing and to use breathing quite specifically to regulate their bodies, their emotions and thoughts. The focus here is on cleansing, vitalising and relaxing breathing exercises.
  • In addition our clients are given relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, mindful­ness exercises and tips on stress management.

2.4.)  Toxins/poisons

  • We talk about the significance of chemicals, poisons and toxins in food and our
  • We explain the role of the organs of elimination and how we can support these (diet, food supplements, BICOM).
  • We recommend, where applicable, additional homoeopathic or plant-based medi­cines for detoxification.

2.5.)_pagi s and addictive substances

  • Drugs are narcotic or stimulating substances used to numb or stimulate. They are often used to escape from the problems of everyday living and keep those who take them far from the here and now. Examples of drugs are medicines, alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogens, caffeine and nicotine.
  • Medicines or drugs can dock with numerous receptors in the human body. The reason why the body has these receptors is that it can produce these (substances) This means that in principle we are in the position of being able to make these chemical substances in sufficient quantity ourselves. This again is also dependent on our consciousness, which guides our bodily functions.
  • At this point we also discuss that we can test and specifically eliminate medica­tions, drugs and addictive substances using the BICOM device.
  • Of course we advise our clients not to change or stop taking important medication A consultation with the doctor or therapist carrying out their treat­ment is always necessary.

Even these simple “5 points for a healthy life” can make a huge difference if you follow them in your daily life. You can start by changing just one step or as many as you want to at the same time. But as you know yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to adhere to it every day. They primarily change the physical body but they are also provide the foundation for emotional and mental changes.

Stage 2: Harmony and balance for the “emotional body”

The next part of our concept deals with the emotional body or the world of feelings and emotions. We differentiate in principle between sensory impressions, which are conveyed through our sensory organs and feelings and emotions. Feelings are pro­ducts of our perception, for example hunger, thirst, heat, cold, contentment, security etc. Emotions are products of what we feel and are conditioned by mental processes such as thoughts, expectations, opinions, attitudes, ideas, wishes or intentions. Thus emotions are not real, they differ from one individual to another but have nothing to do with our Self. As we have already said, illness can start here too and be expressed physically.

Many people become “trapped” in their emotions, as if stuck in a hamster wheel. They impact on daily life and suddenly you find you are no longer “captain of your own ship”. Emotions then start to dictate our everyday life, our behaviour and our health too. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each element and each organ has an emotion assigned to it. Seen from the energetic perspective of TCM, when someone becomes emotionally “trapped”, the high-frequency information of this emotion is channelled to the low-frequency range of the physical body and the organs, where it gives rise to energetic blocks and illness. Of course this process can also take place in reverse.

The first step to health here is to recognise emotion as just emotions, regarding them objectively and separating them from our self. Only then can we take control of the “ship” again. Last year we reported briefly on the psychologist Roberto Assaglio, the founder of psychosynthesis, and told you that we use some of his techniques with our patients too. These techniques are of course also helpful in the context of preventive healthcare. To this end we teach therapists how to be life coaches (Life Cooperation Coaches®) and give our clients clear instruction and exercises.

To be able to overcome emotions requires intense personal work. We can only remove blocks here and open doors through which the individual himself must go. We can give individual coaching but the work must come from each person themselves. This is because emotions are always linked to our belief patterns and our subconscious pro­gramming. A change to this subconscious programming can take place through techni­ques such as autosuggestion and repetition, which requires daily analysis and intensive exercise, but it is worth the effort.

We will demonstrate an exercise here.

Stage 3: Harmony and balance for the “mental body”

The exercises we teach also help us to get to grips with our thoughts and predeter­mined thought patterns. From an energetic perspective, we are talking here about our mental body or our world of thought. During the first 7 years of our lives we are in a type of “theta state”. That is to say, these brain waves measured here, are physiologi­cally within the theta range from 4 to under 8 Hz, similar to the state of adults shortly before falling asleep. As children we learn from observing and imitating our parents, siblings, relatives and teachers. We take on preconceived opinions and thinking pat­terns, which become imprinted on our subconscious mind, and which we never let go of. They determine our later life. We accept them as given facts and so from thought patterns we develop belief systems that constrain and dominate our lives. Some pe­ople feel like they are in a prison, one that they have created themselves. In this way too illness can develop and manifest on all levels.

For 95 % of our lives we run on autopilot, i.e. our subconscious decides where to go. Our thoughts are practically never silent but we need silence to heal. Only in silence, in the here and now, can consciousness dominate and long-term healing become possible.

But how can we get to grips with our emotions, thoughts and false belief systems?

To control emotions, thoughts and false belief systems, we must understand that this has nothing to do with reality but merely concerns changeable individual perspectives, which also have nothing to do with our “Self”. Here too it is important firstly to ob­serve objectively our thoughts and our behaviour patterns and then to separate them from our “Self”. Breathing exercises are helpful to bring us back again to the here and now. They help our clients to calm down and to regain consciousness. Only in the here and now can a person find their “Self” and gain control over their own situation, fee­lings, emotions and thoughts. This control is necessary in order to lead a healthy and self-determined life.

Here we will demonstrate a breathing exercise

In quantum physics our consciousness plays an important role, not only through the observer effect. We reported on this last year. We want to direct our clients’ consci­ousness away from illness and direct it very definitely towards health and a fulfilled life. An essential tool here is visualisation. Positive feelings and emotions as well as po­sitive thinking are strengthened and directed purposefully towards health.

The next step is to then direct our clients’ attention towards worthwhile aims. This does not mean material things, but humanitarian qualities. How would you like yours­elf to be? How can I be a model for others? Our clients receive a list of humanitarian qualities for daily training to help with this, such as self-confidence, faith in life, tole­rance, courage, gratitude, willingness to help others, etc. Ultimately, how we experi­ence our “Self”, plus our understanding of the meaning and purpose of our own life, is always at the forefront of our mind. Our concept does at least bring you a step nearer, but it still requires personal commitment, endurance and daily exercise.

We have produced a small booklet with breathing and Yoga exercises together with meditation for our patients and have regular discussions with them. Physical, emotio­nal and mental health requires regular training and daily application. It isn’t enough having an understanding of healthy living if you do not put it into practice. You have to work on yourself constantly. The rewards, however, are health, a love of life and con­tentment, as well as a truly fulfilling life.

You can of course also use this concept for patients who were ill and who, after your BICOM therapy, feel better. Here it is no longer just a case of remedying illness but of preserving health too.

In the time available we have not been able of course to present the whole concept but have only touched on individual elements; nevertheless, we hope we have at least stimulated your interest.

Stay healthy and enjoy putting our concept into practice.


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