A new era dawns in Bicom resonance therapy

Hans Briigemann, Grafelfing


The title of my paper reveals that I will speak of something which is essentially new. When basic new developments are to be reported on, it seems sensible to discuss the state of development of our knowledge and of BICOM® technology.

Since the first seminar 22 years ago, there were vast improvements in the effectiveness of treatment, the depth of our practical knowledge and the ease of use. But even at that time this treatment form was fascinating and very effective.

At that time the first step was to add a test section (corresponding to electroacupuncture) to the treatment section. The appearance of the BICOM® instrument in 1987 was an important development. The most important improvements are listed briefly:

  • Computer controlled setting of electronic parameters via three digit programme numbers. This enabled us to programme the treatment experiences of many years into the instrument and to offer more comfortable use and faster training.
  • For this treatment a bandpass was developed with the variants setting of the bandpass around an average frequency,
    — continuous bandpass through a frequency range up to 150 000 Hz and
    — wobbling bandpass.
  • Finally the possibility to tone down treatment signals was introduced.

We began with programme version 2.3. Extensions and improvements followed via versions 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.0a, 4.1u, 4.1n and 4.4. The latest version (4.4) offers useful automatic switching from A to Ai, analogue potentising from D3 to D1000 and an amplification sequence, among other things. In addition, version 4.4 contains more than 300 treatment programmes. Without doubt this is an invaluable collection of treatment

Figure 1 BICOM®

experience which is now at the disposal of every user. Dr Morell gave us the first important orientation information. Mrs Karz has made an important contribution by discover ing the parameters of many programmes as well as suitable placements of the applicators. The contributions of Dr Morell and also of Mrs Karz must be emphasised at this point.

The treatment of allergies (especially food allergies) has become a very important application area of bioresonance therapy. At a seminar held in 1986, Dr Morell reported on basic research experiences with therapy type Ai in testing and treating patients. Then Dr Schumacher made an important

Figure 2 resonance therapy
contribution to our knowledge of biophysical allergy therapy and to the resulting treatment recommendations. Dr Hennecke and Dr Klein gave valuable instructions on simplifying therapy applications.

Finally the Cross linked Test Technique was developed and here, too, Dr Morell was the first one to use information from the therapy component during testing. In this way he obtained more reliable results. Prof. Smith’s research was the inluence behind Mr Schwarze’s extension of this method. Finally Mr Keymer has developed a very thorough application know how based on thesetechnical possibilities which is taught in many seminars of the Institute for Regulative Medicine. Mr Keymer has contributed much in the area of diagnosis.

The basic, advanced and special seminar volumes show how versatile the application scope of BICOM® resonance therapy is. The papers delivered at our colloquia make this very clear, too. The Institut fur Regulative Medizin organises about 60 seminars a year. These seminars are held to give BICOM® users the opportunity to become ever more successful in the subject. In this way we make an important contribution to modern holistic medicine. The speakers in particular are thanked for their outstanding achievements. May I also mention at this stage that the seminars of the Institute for Regulative Medicine are not held for financial gain.

These details were meant to indicate the status of present test and treatment methods. When we speak of further possibilities hereafter, what has been achieved up to now should not in any way be reduced in value.

Questionnaire results showed the way During spring 1999 we sent a questionnaire to all BICOM® users. Hundreds of questionnaires were returned to us and car efully evaluated. At this point we thank all of those who took part in the questionnaires.

One could recognise that patients presently react less well to proven therapy methods. There is a kind of race between increasing environmental pollution on the one hand and successful therapy methods on the other. We try very hard to ensure that you always win this „race”.

The understandable wish to treat patients successfully in spite of all difficulties was often expressed. Ideally the patient should notice a change from the first treatment. Consider for instance patients suffering all kinds of pain or those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. When the patient notices an effect from the first session, he immediately trusts the treatment and the therapist. In a time of increasing competition in medical circles this is an advantage which should not be underestimated.


Developments lasting more than a year have now been concluded. The question we asked ourselves about further development was: „How can therapeutic information penetrate the organism even more intensively and therefore make treatment more effective?”

At this point I wish to tell you something: These developments were very successful. In addition to hitherto proven methods which are available unchanged, we found new ways to apply BICOM resonance therapy even more effectively. How?

Through the possibilities of the new BICOM® 2000 instrument. They are:

A) Transformation of BICOM® resonances into magnetic frequency patterns (abbreviation: BMF BicOM magnetic frequency patterns)

Magnetic multiplayer applicators were already included with the first BICOM® instrument. Almost all of our applicators contain permanent magnets in addition to their conducting ability. This is true of the hand and foot applicators, all flexible applicators, the articulated and deep probes and the button applicator.

In this way we do not only take the body’s own frequencies from the surface of the skin, but also from deep within the organism.

Now we have taken a further large step in this direction:

A special electronic switch in the 2000 component of the BICOM® instrument transforms BICOM® therapy resonances into magnetic frequency patterns (figure 3) via the BICOM® modulation mat (figure 5). Therapeutic information from the BIcom 2000 component has the same quality, the same precise frequency therapy patterns as those usually available from the output of the BICOM® instrument. But what is the difference?

It is a different manifestation of fundamentally the same therapeutic frequency pattern.

The magnetic field produced in this way penetrates the whole of the organism. The centre of each cell is reached, the spinal column, the bones, joints and cartilage are totally permeated by the BICOM® therapy information in magnetic quality. Can you imagine that the effectiveness of treatment is increased in this way?

Of course, frequency patterns of substances can be applied via the BICOM® modulation mat, e. g. allergens, toxins, bacteria, etc. (figure 4).

The strength of the magnetic field is adjusted via the amplification setting on the display. Since the BICOM® modulation mat offers magnetic therapy information in the form of natural frequency patterns, this additional treatment possibility is symbolised by the colour green, i. e. green writing on the 2000 component, green printing on the BICOM® modulation mat and a green cable.

Figure 3 freqnecy patterns

The BICOM® modulation mats
Previously I spoke of a BICOM® modulation mat. There are two sizes. One mat is 64 cm x 20 cm and the smaller one is 40 cm x 20 cm. The large mat is intended for the patient to lie on. All control centres in the neck shoulder region, the spinal column and the bladder meridian, wit h the connecting points to the rest of the meridians, are reached. The medium sized mat is meant for special therapy regions like the knee joints, etc.

BICOM modulation mats are connected with a green cable, whose plug is inserted into the front panel of the BICOM® 2000 instrument. We chose the green colour in order to distinguish it from the black, red and yellow cables.

Within the mat there is a specially developed labyrinthine flat coil with which the frequency patterns of the body and the substances themselves (abbreviated to „BMF”, BICOm magnetic frequency patterns) are applied.

The BICOM modulation mat is always connected to the output of the instrument. One need only decide which input applicator to use and where to position it (in accordance with the recommendations of the computer therapy handbook).

Figure 3 freqnecy patterns
The bicom modulation mats

This ex tension already justifies the statement: „A new era for BICOM® resonance therapy dawns”. But this is not all.

B) Amplification of BICOM® magnetic frequency patterns (BMF) through microimpulses

We amplify BICOM® magnetic frequency patterns through micro magnetic field impulses.

For a long time, pulsating magnetic fields have been used for medical purposes. In specialist literature the effects of pulsating magnetic fields are listed as follows:

  • better circulation, therefore better nutrient supply
  • improved oxygen supply in tissues and cells  removal of blockages
  • stimulation of the cellular metabolism as well as breakdown of metabolic wastes
  • improvement in cellular energy
  • mobilisation of resistance energies
  • acceleration of healing processes
  • activation of lymph streams
  • activation of the immune system

Two experiments or observations illustrate the importance of Schumann resonances for the regulation of the „body clock”. In students who lived within a totally screened off bunker for some weeks, it turned out that their rhythms diverged. They also showed signs of illness because they were screened off from Schumann resonances. Similar phenomena were observed in the first astronauts. These phenomena could only be removed by building a frequency generator into the spacecraft.

The physicist Heaviside (1850 -1925) postulated the existence of a reflecting ionic layer in the earth’s atmosphere. This is the lowest layer of the ionosphere at a height of about 80-100 kilometres (figure 6).

Figure 6 reflecting ionic layer in the earth's atmosphere

Man lives in a hollow resonator between the surface of the earth and the reflecting ionosphere (Heaviside layer). Sch umann resonances „tun” around the globe in this way.

Schumann resonances are very weak and lie within the field strength of the earth’s magnetic field.

These micro impulses copied from nature are the result of about twenty years’ experience in the effective therapeutic use of micro impulses. Micro impulses were for instance also used in the MULTI com and MRT instruments. These magnetic micro impulses penetrate the organism totally and even enter the centre of bones and joints. They stimulate cell activity and actually supply energy directly to the cells.

figure 7 examples of low, medium and high intensity

The steep increase produces upper waves into very high frequency areas. The micro impulses can be continuously adjusted in their intensity using the switch on the front panel of the BICOM® 2000 component. In figure 7 you see examples of low, medium and high intensity.

Micro impulses could be applied in fixed (particular) frequencies, but this requires choosing (testing) the necessary frequency in each case. We developed dynamic multi impulse bundles (DMI) whose impulse series need not be tested for applying these micro impulses.

figure 9 frequency rises from 1 Hertz to 1 000 Hertz

a) Dynamic multi impulse bundles (DMI) with a stimulating, building up effect

Why „dynamic”? There are two reasons:
1. The impulse series is accelerated for stimulating (building up) treatment. Within an impulse bundle of 3 seconds, the frequency rises from 1 Hertz to 1 000 Hertz (figure 9).
2. Further dynamics are produced by increasing the amplitude within an impulse bundle. In the case of stimulating therapy we start with a low impulse strength and increase it to the set intensity in a special curve (figure 10).

When one looks at these figures (9 and 10), one gets the idea that accelerating the micro impulses on the one hand and increasing the intensity of the micro impulses on the other must have a up building, stimulating effect. This much on the term „dynamic”.

Why does one speak of a „multi” impulse bundle?

The micro impulse sequence depicted in figure 10 is referred to as an impulse bundle. It takes 3 seconds to complete. Thereafter, the same bundle is repeated, and so on (figure 11). Therefore, we speak of dynamic multi impulse bundles (DMI).

impulse series

The frequency patterns of precious stones are added to this dynamic multi impulse bundle.

At the very latest from the time of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), detailed instructions and descriptions of the effects of precious stones exist. We know, for instance, that rubies and fire opals have a stimulating effect. They help against exhaustion, build up basic energy, promote vitality, physical stamina and the ability to work under pressure, have a harmonising effect, stimulate the circulation, activate the entire organism as well as cell energy.

DMI therapy may also be applied separately from BICOM® therapy. But in practice BICOM® magnetic frequency patterns (BMF) and DMI therapy will always be used simultaneously. This combination is the secret for a drastic therapeutic effect. In such cases the input applicator is always placed according to the computer therapy handbook.

Therefore, when a BICOM® programme with this tendency, e. g. programme 135, 125 or 105, is applied in addition to building up impulse bundles, a harmonic „symphony” of stimulating therapeutic impulses and frequency patterns is produced.

It may be thought that this is too much and that a patient cannot deal well with this. Long term observation, however, shows that therapeutic information from different sectors may be applied simultaneously when it is sensibly harmonised. In principle the regulatory system of the organism responds to different resonance areas without being overtaxed.

b) Dynamic multi impulse bundles (DMI) with a damping down effect

Of course it is also necessary to be able to damp down. This would be an effective treatment for acute pain.

Fast and noticeable relief of acute pain is desirable. Of course we think of the proven pain programmes in the BICOM® computer handbook with secretions like sputum and urine in the input cup. You know how effective these already are. With the help of the electronic settings discussed above and the BICOM® modulation mat this therapeutic information is also applied in the form of magnetic frequency patterns, i. e. they even penetrate cells, bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments, nerves, etc.

A dynamic multi impulse bundle (DMI) is switched on, too. Within the repeated 3 second bundle the micro impulse series decelerates (figure 12).

The impulse bundle starts at 1 000 Hertz and ends at 1 Hertz. Since we run through this large frequency range in quick succession, it is not necessary to test individual frequencies one by one, which simplifies application considerably. The decelerating impulse series helps to reduce surplus or blocked energy.

Decelerating impulse series

We use a second, dynamic component for this kind of impulse bundle, too. We decrease the intensity of the impulse in a special curve from the set amplitude to a very low amplitude. As we have observed, this also has an attenuating, damping down effect (figure 13).

Here the impulse bundles are shown as they are produced within the BICOM® modulation mat (figure 14).

We make use of the damping down effect of black precious stones, too. The damping down information from black tour ma line and black onyx is present in the multi impulse bundle. A biological „symphony” of therapeutic impulses adds to the fast and lasting therapeutic effect of damping down impulse bundles, too. The treatment dissolves blockages, promotes circulation, causes synergies to flow, has a calming, attenuating, absorbing effect. Observations also indicate that the body is able to process versatile therapeutic impulses at the same time if they are sensibly harmonised. As we will see later, the patient often already notices the effect of BICOM® 2000 treatment during the first session.

Dynamic multi impulse bundles (DMI) may be applied separately from BICOM® programmes (figure 15). However, this is seldom done, since faster and better treatment results are obtained in combination with BICOM® magnetic frequency patterns (BMF).

Figure 15 Dynamic multi impulse bundles
Figure 16 Starting DMI therapy

Operating the BICOM® 2000 section was designed to be simple. Only the following parameters must be set: the intensity, the therapy time (it can differ from the time of the BICOM® programme), the start button for DMI therapy simultaneously with the choice between „Building up” or „Damping down”, and finally the start button for BICOM® magnetic frequency patterns (BMF). The duration of BMF therapy is determined by the therapy time shown on the display.

Usually frequency patterns of the body and/or substances (BMF) are applied simultaneously with dynamic multi impulse bundles (DMI). This results in extraordinarily effective treatment and surprising changes already during or shortly after a treatment session (figure 17).c)Important additions

Dynamic multi impulse bundles contain frequency patterns which are representative of the earth’s crust. Experience shows that the latter have a positive influence on treatment.

The terms „building up” and „damping down” are orientation aids which characterise the primary direction of the effect. The therapeutic effect of multi impulse bundles (DMI) is considerably more versatile than these terms indicate. Tests show that the „pure logic” of BUILDING UP and DAMPING DOWN is not always applicable. For instance, in the case of chronic pain, better results are obtained with a building up rather than a dampingdown DMI bundle.

Figure 17 BMF DMI

Making micro impulse bundles audible?

Since we work with technically produced micro impulses, we can make them audible, should this be desired. It may be that acoustic signals support the effect. The volume is regulated with the by a switch at the back of the BICOM® 2000 instrument.

Can existing BiCoM instruments be provided with the functions of the BICOM® 2000 instrument?

While listening to the paper, you may have asked yourself how you as a BICOM® owner can get access to the additional possibilities. Is it necessary to invest in a new instrument? In many practices this may be a sensible investment, since usually the BICOM® instrument is being used to full capacity or even overloaded. However, the new possibility can be added to the existing instrument.

In the past we did something unusual in designing improvements that could be installed into existing instruments. This was possible because, instead of marketing new models, we developed solutions to update existing instruments at a later stage. This cannot be done ad infinitude, since the technology used in the electronics, software or hardware will at some stage become outdated to be compatible with new developments. I can assure you that upgrading was often only possible at great expense.

Finally, my answer to the question is: Yes, version 4.1n and 4.4 can be upgraded to BICOM® 2000. This is true of all kinds of instruments from B11 to B15. Please ask the medical product representatives about business and organisatory aspects during the break.


At the beginning of this colloquium Mr Nefiodow spoke of the sixth Kondratieff. He indicated that all factors affecting health will become increas ingly important in future. With the BICOM® 2000 instrument we make an important contribution to help you accept these challenges very successfully.

The BICOM® 2000 instrument should give you an even greater advantage in the face of increasing environmental pollution, but also a considerable edge over other treatments and methods.

And this is in accordance with the main goal of the Institute for Regulative Medicine and the firm RE GUMED :

„To help doctors and non-medical practitioners to alleviate or cure illnesses, without having to accept damaging side effects. To provide a way to identify true causes rather than symptoms and to treat them successfully.”

Let me summarise why we speak of a new era in BicOm treatment. In addition to the existing wonderful resources of BICOM® resonance therapy, we have succeeded in transforming frequency patterns of substances and the body itself (BMF) into magnetic information via appropriate electronic settings and the BICOM® modulation mat. In this way therapeutic information penetrates the organism. It reaches the inside of bones, cells and nerves. Furthermore, building up dynamic multi impulse bundles (DMI) or damping down dynamic multi impulse bundles can be applied via the BIcom modulation mat. The therapeutic information is almost always applied simultaneously, which improves the effectiveness of the therapy, while the necessary therapy time is decreased in some cases and therapy application is simplified.

A few BICOM® 2000 prototypes have been used daily since December 1999. Until the middle of April more than 1 200 treatments were given. Often already during or just after the first treatment, clear changes were observed. The most common comments by patients:

„My pain decreased substantially.” „I notice a pleasant feeling of warmth.” „ I feel pleasantly relaxed,” It is a long time since I have felt so well.” „My body is activated strongly.”

I had great expectations of the BICOM® 2000 instrument and I am glad that these were surpassed in practise.

For a long time our principle has been „at the forefront of progress”. I think that this development took into account our guiding principle

„more effective, faster and simpler application”.

This is the greatest improvement — put in the shortest possible way. When you make use of this chance, you will be first in the race against increasing environmental pollution and without doubt this will have a positive effect on your patients and not least on your practice.

I wish to congratulate you on your choice of investing in a BICOM® instrument, since it is the number one bio resonance instrument. Several thousand BICOM® instruments are used every day. Completely new technologies were employed in the BICOM® instrument. There is a unique, exemplary seminar industry which concentrates exclusively on BICOM® resonance. Furthermore, the available specialist literature is extraordinarily substantial and extensive. Therefore one can justly state that the BICOM® instrument is a market leader and the number one bio resonance instrument. In fact, the term „bio resonance” was shaped and made known by us.

BICOM® 2000 is the solution for acute and chronic illnesses.

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