Acne – a problem not confined to puberty

Norbert Lindner, naturopath, Zeuthen, Germany

Ladies and gentlemen and esteemed colleagues,

I am pleased to have this opportunity today to give you a presentation on the treatment of acne using bioresonance therapy.

Firstly I would like to introduce one of my patients to you. He came to my practice with the following skin condition. This was
a very severe form of acne papulopustulosa, a form of acne vulgaris.

What I would like to show you today in my presentation is how you can change this condition (Figure 1) into that one (Figure 2).

What is acne?

Psychyrembel defines it as: The word is derived from the Greek and means peak or bloom. It is the name for different diseases of the sebaceous gland follicles characterised by secretory and cornification disorders, subsequent inflammation and even scarring.

The most common forms of acne

Acne vulgaris. Normal acne which starts in puberty and early adulthood disappears of its own accord. It is classified into different types:

Acne comedonica. Predominantly blackheads occur called comedones. There are closed (white) and open (black) comedones.

Acne papulopustulosa. This is characterised predominantly by inflamed papules and pustules.

Acne conglobata. This is associated with large inflamed nodules, abscesses, crust and scars.
Acne fulminans. This very severe form also involves a high temperature and joint inflammation.

Other forms of acne

Acne inversa is the most severe form of acne. It predominantly occurs in areas where the skin continually comes into contact with adjoining areas of the body e.g. in the anal region, armpits, groin and the female breast. This type of acne is often associated with nicotine consumption.

Acne cosmetica. Here acne is triggered by cosmetics and creams.

Acne venenata. Here acne is caused by chemicals such as chlorine, iodine or coal tar.

Acne medicamentosa is caused by medication. Here responsibility lies with preparations containing cortisone or doping products e.g. anabolics. Therefore also called steroid acne.

Acne aestivalis – Mallorca Acne is triggered by strong UV radiation.

Acne neonatorum is acne in newborns.

Triggers of acne

We have just learned about a few exogenous triggers of different types of acne. Nicotine consumption, cosmetics and ointments, chemicals such as chlorine, iodine or tar, medications and UV radiation. When taking your patient history you can enquire at this stage about these factors.
It is precisely for tolerance testing of cosmetics, creams and medicaments that you can use BICOM®. You will be surprised how even just by eliminating these exogenous factors skin will improve. Often my patients come to my practice with a basket full of ointments, bathing products, creams, medications and food. I perform a test and of course only make a recommendation to omit the substances. If the patient however experiences that by
avoiding creams or medications there are improvements, I treat the relevant substances with program 979 (reaction to synthetic substances) or with the allergy program 998. In the case of smokers I of course offer a smoking cessation program.

The formation of pimples

Let’s now look at the occurrence of pimples.

“Pimples” mature in the sebaceous glands. For acne to develop there has to be an increased sebaceous flow. The oil (lipids) keeps the hair and outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, smooth. In addition the production of oil is very important for the skin milieu. The oil protects against skin diseases, pathogens and chemicals.

The male hormone testosterone causes an increase in the production of oil. If on top of this there is an abnormal thickening in the sebaceous gland ducts this causes a blockage and the oil is trapped. The consequence of this is a blackhead (comedo). If the blackhead is not removed the sebaceous gland enlarges which then continues to produce oil. The bacteria on the skin migrate into the blackhead and cause inflammation of the gland wall. The sebaceous gland continues to enlarge even more until the sebaceous gland wall bursts open. A spot is then formed (a papule or a pustule).

The skin

We now come to the organ which is responsible for the formation of pimples – the skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Depending on the size of the body and body weight, its surface covers 1.5 – 2 square metres. The skin has a mass of 3.5 to 10 kilograms and therefore constitutes
16% of body weight.

The most important tasks of the skin are:

• protection
• temperature regulation by constriction or dilation of blood vessels
• regulation of water content by releasing water and salt in sweat
• sensory function by sensing pain and touch
• immune function e.g. in the case of allergic reactions
• as communication by reddening or pallor
• mechanical protection for knocks and falls
• as an excretory organ

In particular I would like to take a look at the skin’s excretory function.

The skin acts as an excretory organ by releasing organic compounds into the environment. These include:

• calcium salts
• magnesium salts
• nitrogenous compounds such as ammonia, urea, uric acid, creatinine and amino acids.

Besides this, medicaments, especially salicylic acid, are also excreted in sweat.

Let us now look at the treatment of acne.

The treatment of acne

Dear colleagues please be aware that the treatment of acne is not a rapid process. Because of the multiplicity of causes you must gear yourself up for a treatment time lasting a good six months. But usually even after the first few treatments there are visible results.

As already discussed, certain exogenous factors exist which favour the formation of acne. Therefore it is important to try to avoid these exogenous factors.

We have seen that in terms of endogenous factors hormonal changes can lead to acne. Hormonal changes are not confined to youth – the female menstrual cycle can cause acne too. Many women turn to the pill in this respect, which helps restore hormonal balance. Naturally I think it is better to use BICOM® treatment. And men take heed too – we also have our own cycle. In addition there is the menopause in women and midlife crisis in men, which of course are “merely” hormonal disturbances.

You can test and treat hormonal problems with the BICOM® 2000 using program 934 and the BICOM® BICOM optima® using 3050. The hormonal system is treated with the acute program 270 and chronic program 271. In addition we have the BICOM® BICOM optima® program 3049 in the low deep frequency range.

Since we can detoxify our bodies via the skin it is important to test all the organs responsible for detoxification and elimination of metabolic end products for
100% functionality and where necessary treat them.

These include primarily the liver, kidney, lung, lymph and intestines. I will demonstrate on the BICOM® BICOM optima® how very easy it is to find all the important programs for treating skin diseases. I will show you the most important programs for the individual organs of elimination.

You support elimination of toxins from the liver using program 970 and liver detoxification with programs 430/431. With the BICOM® BICOM optima® it is program 3063. You should pay particular attention to toxin stress. This means heavy metals such as mercury and lead, i.e. amalgam fillings and other toxins such as cadmium, formaldehyde, palladium and nickel to name but a few. Please also give some thought to medication and immunisations which also stress the liver.

For the kidneys I use programs 480, 481 and 482 for kidney function weakness. Other programs can be found in the manual or via the BICOM® BICOM optima®.

Lung treatment acute and chronic with programs 210 and 211. Lymph treatment acute and chronic with programs 200 and 201. You can activate the lymphatic system with programs 930 and 830.

The intestines primarily have an excretory function and here intestinal flora is extremely important. With programs 561 and 562 you can test intestinal flora and with program 565 intestinal activity. Please remember too that the mucous membrane forms the inner skin in humans and the structure of the mucosa serves to stabilise the outer skin. We can detoxify the mucous membrane using program 999. The BICOM® BICOM optima® has even more programs for mucous membrane detoxification.

Let’s come back to another function of the skin – regulation of water content by releasing water and salts. Patients suffering from acne should avoid in particular hot spices and food with a high salt content. And in this respect we also have to pay attention to food intolerances.

I would like to give you a list of the most important intolerances. These are types of grain which contain gluten, eggs, milk, soya, fish, nuts, mustard, sugar etc. I am sure every therapist will already have their own experience in this area.

What we have not yet discussed either is the psychosomatic component of the skin. You are all familiar with the expressions “it makes your skin crawl” or “it gets right under your skin”. Here you can use the program combination for depression 125,
432 and 911.

Basic medical history using the BICOM®

Before I go into two case histories, I would like to demonstrate on the BICOM® what a basic medical history can look like.

You use button 3 to access the categories on the BICOM® BICOM optima® and select the skin diseases here. There are 84 stored programs which all relate to the skin and if you wish, you can test all of these. My experience has been that primarily the programs skin disease acute and chronic, skin disease toxin excretion, lymph problems and the meridians skin acute and chronic test positive. Therefore with acne you do not need to test cellulitis.

You can also search “alphabetically” for skin. All the programs will appear which relate to the skin. You should then select here the programs you wish to test.

The saved series programs are particularly advantageous. For instance if you decide on a hormone therapy, liver detoxification and a skin therapy, you can enter the corresponding Search terms and select the series programs. Or use the individual programs which tested previously as positive.

With the BICOM® Test there are even more options available to you for diagnostics. Under substances you can select from the list of categories. In the cause-related basic test you will find heavy metal stress under overview testing and under “indication- related basic test”, also in the overview testing section, the most important organs.

I like using these overview tests to gain a general perspective of the patients. I recommend that you initially test using CTT or the BICOM® Test then test and treat the organs found using the individual programs. For colleagues who work with homeopathy, I would like to show you something else of special interest. A multitude of homeopathic substances are stored in the software under category selection, total test, therapeutics, homeopathy for the most diverse symptoms or are classified by organs. Here you can of course test different products for the skin and acne and then apply them to minerals. And of course you should not forget
channel 2. Under substance complexes we find acne vulgaris for dermatology. I let channel 2 run alongside throughout the whole treatment time.


Now we come to the typical cases. I would like to emphasise once again that the treatment of acne is not a rapid process. Of course there are also patients who after
10 treatments have a satisfactory complexion. I have found two typical cases for you which were not easy to treat and had long treatment times.

Case 1
Female, born 1972

Treatment period Jan. 2006 – July 2006 with a total of 23 treatment appointments. The symptoms were: Acne, diarrhoea, tooth ache and trigeminal irritation. Her intolerances were yeast, gluten, dust and potatoes.

The test produced the following stresses: Radiation exposure, metabolic disorder, weak renal function, lymph activation, scar disorder as well as a need to activate vitality.

The treatments brought about an improvement in the dental and trigeminal pain as well as the diarrhoea. Her general wellbeing was good and only the acne would not really improve. When I saw her new gold ring I asked whether she had recently got married and she confirmed this. And we established that at precisely this time her skin had deteriorated. I tested the ring – she was allergic to gold. She looked astonished and said that when she was 13 she had developed acne and at this time she had inherited her grandmother’s gold jewellery.

After a week without gold jewellery 50% of the pustules had already disappeared. And after another 3 weeks of allergy therapy with her gold jewellery her skin was in good condition.
Case 2 Male, born 1990
This is the same patient you saw at the beginning. The treatment period was from December 2009-December 2010 with a total of 48 treatment appointments. You can see that it took a long time, but believe me the patient is absolutely delighted.

His initial symptom was acne. In addition he was stressed because of his forthcoming Abitur exams.

His intolerances were milk, dust, pollen, cocoa and sugar. Hormonal problems, an acid-alkali imbalance and lymph stress also tested.

I treated each of the intolerances for three weeks with programs 963, 944, 998 or with program 998 for 9 minutes. The stresses were treated with programs 934,
812 and 610.

A particular feature worth mentioning is that the patient drank little and ate very salty and spicy food.
In another case which I only want to present briefly during the congress, we are not dealing with acne but Lichen ruber, a lichen planus. I only want to show you that the treatment options described above can be applied to all skin diseases.

Regarding misapprehensions

Finally, I would like to touch upon certain misapprehensions which I have come across in the course of my research. “Acne is an indication of poor personal hygiene” and “Sexual thoughts and actions result in acne.”

I can quite categorically dismiss such misapprehensions. “Acne is caused by food which the body cannot tolerate.”

I would like to thank you all for listening and hope that you can achieve the same successes in your treatment.

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