Aggressive children and the Herpes virus

Gary Lim Wei Khoon, Singapore

Greeting everyone. Firstly, I would like to thank Regumed for giving me this opportunity to shore some valuable information that will not only help your patients but bring more business to your practice.

I have been practicing as a naturopath in Singapore for 5 years and mainly use the BICOM®, ozone hydro therapy and nutritional support for my patients. Our main treatment centre is running 10 BICOM®s and 5 ozone hydrotherapy. We have a medical doctor and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor under our employment and the rest ore nutritionist and dietitian.


Dear colleagues, the cases of behavioral disorder in children like autism, ADHD, ADD, hyperkinetic disorders, obsessive­ compulsive disorders, dyslexia etc. progressing into bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia in adulthood is ever increasing in our modern society.

For personal and professional interest, I have been searching for information about the disease and I om always on the look out for better treatment techniques to help the patients. Since I started my practice, I have treated many children with different severity of what I like to call behavioral disorder. Initially, I have hod some limited success after treating them with allergy programs and helping the body to remove toxins especially heavy metals. But it usually tokes a long time and the improvement is very limited and usually the parents lost patience and interest in our treatment.

Then, by chance, I found an article about the possible link between autism and viral encephalitis from the Herpes family of viruses. This article is written by William H. Philpott, M.D. in 2004. I have included the key points and how this virus invades our body and then passes on to the kids. I have included Dr Philpott’s research that is relevant to our bioresonance practice in (Appendix 1).

From a medical viewpoint, Autism’s symptoms ore the result from an alteration of the brain development after conception. There ore a number of studies that point out to the interactions between the immune system and successful neurodevelopment. That means a strained immune system can trigger a mutation in the neurodevelopment of the baby.

We also know that ASD (Autism) and other behavioral disorder patients hove on imbalance in Serotonin and Noradrenalin. Viruses like the Epstein Barr virus and cytomegalovirus can compete for cell receptors, thus preventing serotonin and noradrenalin from attaching. So, before we treat the hormones we need to wait until the viruses have been cleared.

Chronic progressive, insidious, low­ intensity Epstein Barr virus and/or cytomegalovirus encephalitis in childhood are causes for autism, aHention deficit disorder, hyperactive disorder, lethargy, obsessive­ compulsive disorder, ToureHe’s disease, mirror imaging disorder, some seizure disorders, some development disorders. Progressive in adulthood: schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, non-psychotic depression disorder with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia pain.

Imagine my excitement when I studied the report. As I am an avid user of the KTI test kit, all my patients are screened through the whole set of test kits on their first session.I have the data for viral infection of all my
patients. I then immediately checked all the patients that have a behavioral disorder against the Herpes virus EBV and CMV.

The shocking news is that all the patients have evidence of EBV and/or CMV and sometimes even the Alpha Herpes as well. These viruses are also found in other members of the family but they may not show a severe or full-blown symptom of behavioral disorder.

For years I was baffled that in the same family some kids get it but some don’t, and in some cases the condition starts to improve when the patient grows up. With this new perspective of the virus as the main cause, things started to make sense. So this form of behavioral disorder is primary not due to genetics but is viral and immune system related.

Some members of the family have a stronger immune system and as the patient grows up the immune system matures. The virus goes into a latent state and it stays hidden in the body, waiting for an opportunity to strike again.

I have had cases whereby young adults suffer from mental breakdown or go into severe depression when undergoing stress from exams or work. After receiving treatment for the virus the symptom goes away and they stop taking antidepressant drugs.

Armed with this new insight to the disease, I started checking other similar symptoms or results in all these patients and their families.

The findings are as follows:

1. Nearly all of them are carrying the virus EBV and/or CMV.
2. They have some form of allergy such as sinusitis, asthma, eczema, food intolerance, etc.
3. They are highly allergic to food additives, wheat and cow’s milk.
4. They usually have Candida and suffer from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and some other form of mycOSIS ISSUeS.
5. They have a weakened or compromised immune system (fall sick easily).
6. The patient’s parents show some verifying degree of the symptom. They may tell you that they had ADD or ADHD when they were young or they suffer from depressions, bad temper, emotional disposition, etc. They usually suffer from some non-psychotic symptoms like the chronic fatigue syndrome,fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.
7. Some of them have vaccination harm or issues. (You can test this using the Vaccination/Heavy Metal CIT test kit.)
8. Most of them have bacteria like Klebsiella, Salmonella (also triggers Epilepsy) and parasite like Ascaris, Taenia, Fluke & Nematodes.

I would like to highlight some points on vaccination harm. Some researchers and practitioners blame vaccination for causing autism. One such research is by Richard C. Deth and his team from the Dept. Of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Appendix 2). They are looking at a possible link between autism and Thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that is nearly 50 percent mercury.

Due to the fad that I’m suspecting that the virus is the main cause of this disorder, my view is that the vaccination and it’s various harmful chemicals cause the immune system to overload and thus creating the opportunity for the virus to attack. Of course, I don’t have any concrete clinical proof to support my view. It’s just based on our testing and observation.

But the fact is that children are most vulnerable during the age of 2-3 as normally they have the most vaccination during this time. We have observed that usually they start to develop unusual behavioral disorder during this critical age.

As vaccination is still compulsory in Asia, we encourage our patients to always practice caution when it comes to vaccination. We advise them the following:

1. Only take those vaccinations that are compulsory and ignore the optional vaccines.

2. To do the best to make sure that the whole family is healthy during the time of vaccination in order to minimize strain on the child’s immune system. Many times we observed that the parents do not always make sure the child is healthy when sending it to be vaccinated! Or the child may not show any symptoms but the body may be struggling with an infection from someone sick at home.

3. Avoid flu season when planning vaccination.

4. Stay home and avoid external contact for at least 2 days. Lots of rest, water and vitamins.

5. Send the child to BICOM® treatment before and after the vaccination.

Whether Thimerosal is the main culprit or my theory is correct. I’m sure everybody here will agree that with my precautionary measures we are able to lower the total strain on the child’s body by removing toxins, heavy metals, pathogens etc. It will allow the child’s body to better cope with the strain from the vaccination.

Broaching the subiect

Due to time constraint, I will now focus on what we do when we encounter a patient with possible behavioral disorder.

Apart from the parents who seek help for their ASD, ADHD, ADD children, adult patients consult me because of their depression, bipolar disorders, etc. I start checking all the known strains and explain the patient my view on the viruses and other factors that cause their disorder. This is easy as the patient has already accepted the fact that they have such disorder.

As we do a lot of health screening for patients, we do encounter many patients who are carrying the EBV and CMV. What we usually do next is to ask them if they have children and if they do, whether they have allergic symptoms. If the answer is affirmative, we enquire about possible symptoms such as hyperactivity or difficulty in concentrating.

If you get the weird look on their face, it’s time to explain why you are asking about their children’s condition and not about them. We then explain the theory and ask them if they had any issues when they were young or if now they have symptoms like depression, anxiety or emotional attacks.

At this point they usually admit that their children have issues or they themselves have some problem. It is a delicate subject because no one likes to admit to have mental problems or their children have ADHD or other such dreadful condition that can get them labeled and kicked out of school.

Once we get the full clinical picture of the family condition, we encourage them to come for a comprehensive check-up. We offer them to treat the whole family at the same time in order to prevent cross contamination. We all know that these viruses can be transmitted via saliva.


The first session is always a comprehensive check up using the full KTT® test kit. If you do not want to invest in the full kit, the following kits are essential in helping these patients:

• Vaccination and Metals
• Virus and Fungus
• Environmental loads and Parasites
• Bacteria
• Allergy Strains
• Food additives

Before we start any session, we run the “Impulse Generator” for 3-5 min. This is important in order to open up the intra and extracellular space.

Since we focus on the virus to get it out of the system or at least under control, we first need to understand that the Herpes family viruses is one of the smartest among viruses. It can hide anywhere in the body and even mimic our immune system to escape detection.

In order to effectively remove this virus, the following guidelines should be observed:

1. Always remove energy blockages first. Use programs like 900, 910, 927, 700, 701, 702 or the newer low deep frequency programs of the BICOM® BICOM optima®. With the introduction of mobiles, smart phones and tablet Pes,the amount of background radiation and electro smog our body has to cope with everyday is shocking. I therefore also use the en Test Kit Parasites, Environmental Loads, a.o.

2. I usually detoxify and clean-up the intestine and lymphatic system early in the treatment program, as here our main immune system is located. For colon cleansing I recommend drinking a blend of vegetables and fruits using a blender juicer, as I want all the fibers to brush and clean the colon. I always prescribe pro-biotics for all my patients and they
continue to take them 2-3 times a week as maintenance even after their mycosis issues are cleared. This is important as most of our meat, eggs and milk contain traces of antibiotic and it disturbs our intestinal flora.
3. You must be careful when detoxifying patients who also have skin allergies as they may have a major flare-up. Always make sure they drink enough water and rest early as iver and kidney need to “rest” at night. I use programs like 430, 431, 830 or 930 to open the excretion channels.

4. Next comes the treatment of vaccination and heavy metals. I use the enkit for this and I also prescribe Glutathione and Vitamin e as they are essential for the effective removal of heavy metals and to boost the immune system that is impaired by vaccinations.

5. I will only work on the fungi after the heavy metals are cleared as fungi can oxidize heavy metals and feed on them like fertilizer. It is therefore more effective to treat the fungi after chelating heavy metals and drugs.

6. At this point I will start working on the viruses, especially EBV, eMV and Herpes family. I also search for Viruses I (onco viruses) in the enas these viruses have the ability to change the DNA of their hosts such as bacteria, fungi or even tumor cells to make the hosts resistant against attacks from our immune system or external factors.

7. At the same time, I also work on the bacteria especially Klebsiella, Salmonella (also triggers Epilepsy) and parasites like Ascaris, Taenia, fluke and Nematodes. All these bacteria and parasites are often found in behavioral disorder patients.

8. The last thing that we usually work on are allergy and food additives. ASD, ADHD and ADD patients usually have a high intolerance to wheat, milk and food additive like flavorings and colorants.

9. Patients are encouraged to take good quality multivitamins and minerals everyday.


By working with this program I am able to help many patients suffering from severe to mild behavioral disorder. Often we may not see an immediate result, but gradually the improvement will be obvious. It is important to explain this to the patients so that they will not lose confidence and interest in the program.

I always explain that once the main stain from the brain is removed, the body will then have the chance and resources to repair, this takes time and patience. Some patients only see a 1 0% to 20% improvement after the Treatment but when I see them again after one year, I can clearly see that the recovery is as much as 80% to 90%.

The most important fact is that now we know that the main cause are viruses and not some genetic defect and that we can handle it with Bioresonance and other complimentary treatments. We can also break this “generation curse” by treating the patients who plan to have children. This will ensure that the virus will not be passed on from the mother to the next generation which I describe as “The Silent Pandemic”.

I wish everybody great success and God

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Appendix 1
By William H. Philpott,M.D.

Facts about Herpes Family Viruses

The following are members of the herpes family virus:

Herpes simplex I which is characteristically around the face, cervical spine or also in the head and brain itself.

Herpes simplex II which is characteristically in the genital area.

Herpes simplex I or II can be either around the head or the genital area.

Varicella-zoster causes chickenpox. Most children have had chickenpox. Years later, the manifestation can be observed as shingles which is caused by the latent viruses of chickenpocks.

Epstein Barr virus is a highly frequent infection. It particularly likes lymphocytes. It also is neurotrophic. It not uncommonly becomes disseminated into any organs of the body such as the liver, spleen, thyroid or the brain.

Cytomegalovirus is particularly neurotrophic affecting the brain and the entire nervous system.

Human herpes virus #6 has been implicated as being consistently present in multiple sclerosis.

Human herpes virus #7 is a recently discovered human herpes virus. Little is known of its significance.

Herpes B virus is a virus that is carried by some Old World monkeys. There are 18 well-documented human cases. Thirteen of these were fatal.
Almost all adult subjects have one or more of these types of herpes family viruses. Epstein Barr virus is positive in about 90-95% of adults. Herpes viruses do not die. Instead they establish a latency and survive. The only way they can be killed is with a human biological response to a negative magnetic field.

Herpes viruses “establish latency in the body after primary infection despite the presence of antibodies”. Antibodies to herpes viruses are not protective against subsequent outbreaks. “Reccurrences are common and represent reactivation of latent viruses.”

None of the antiviral agents eradicate latent viruses. Congenital herpes has been established as a fact. A reasonable theoretical postulation is that Epstein Barr virus, cytomegalovirus or human herpes virus #6 is congenitally passed to the fetus during a recurrent symptom infection from a latent infection. This is most likely to occur during the 2nd half of pregnancy. An acquired infection during gestation, infancy or childhood, while the brain is still in its formative development, injures the brain so that it does not fully develop.

Herpes viruses have the ability of stealth adaptation in which they are able to drop out their antigen to which the human immune system is responding. Thus,they skirt around the immune defense of the human system. They can latently dwell in the lymphocytes, particularly the B­ lymphocytes and the neurons. They can continue to damage the human physiology without evoking a human immune response. Infections of these viruses are even known to exist when there were no antibodies against the virus.

In my extensive studies of learning about behavioral disorders including autism, attention deficit, obsessive compulsiveness, hyperactive, lethargic and dyslexic children, I discovered that they have one or more of these herpes viruses, usually Epstein Barr virus or cytomegalovirus. They have these early in life, which injures the brain.

Mental cases like schizophrenia and manic depressive are cases that have more injury to the brain than these attention-deficit, learning disordered, hyperactive and autistic children. The illness is progressive in children and adolescents with these infections are all candidates to progress to schizophrenia or manic depressive illness.

It is also my conclusion that adults who develop an Epstein Barr virus or cytomegalovirus infection after the brain is developed do not develop psychosis but they do develop depression, pains and weakness and are frequently given the clinical diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic
fatigue and neurotic depression.

Weakness is a characteristic of these chronic infections, be they present congenitally, after birth or developed even as an adult after the brain has developed. Ninety-five percent of the adult population do have antibodies to Epstein Barr virus or cytomegalovirus. It seems evident from literature that human herpes virus #6 is the single cause of multiple sclerosis.

Anyone who has these infections is suffering to some degree. Even though they may think themselves in reasonable health, they are fighting a serious battle with a wicked enemy. Anyone who has symptoms, mental or physical, should consider the possibility that these herpes viral infections are adversely affecting his health. There are
no antibiotics that can eradicate the human body of these latent viruses.

There is only one way these viruses can be killed and that is the human biological response to the support of a negative
magnetic field.

Encephalitis Syndrome of Adulthood
1) Multiple sclerosis Human herpes virus #6 as cause
2) Fibromyalgia with weakness and depression Epstein Barr virus and or cytomegalovirus as cause.

Appendix 2
METHYLATION: the link between thimerosal and autism?

Autism Research Review Volume 18, No. 1 2004

Rates of autism have climbed dramatically over the past three decades, a trend paralleled by the escalating numbers of thimerosal-laden vaccines given to children since the 1970’s. A possible explanation of this link comes from new research by Richard Deth and colleagues, who report that exposure to even low levels of thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that is nearly 50 percent mercury, can drastically alter a critical process called methylation.

Methylation occurs when methyl groups (molecules consisting of one carbon atom and three hydrogen atoms) are added to or subtracted from other molecules. Because this process regulates DNA function and gene expression, proper methylation is critical to normal neurological development.

Deth et ol. found that methylation is stimulated by insulin-like growth factor- 1 (IGF-1) and the neurotransmitter dopamine. The researchers discovered that thimerosal inhibits these pathways, even at concentrations typically found following vaccination. They also found that ethanol and lead inhibit methylation, but Deth says that thimerosal 11Was the far the most potent” inhibitor. Thimerosal, he says, disrupted the methylation process at doses 100 times lower than a child would receive
after a single dose of a thimerosal­ containing vaccine.

Scientists certainly acknowledge that exposure to neurotoxins like ethanol and heavy metals con cause developmental disorders, but until now, the precise mechanisms underlying their toxicity have not been known”, Deth says. “The recent increase in the incidence of autism led us to speculate that environmental exposures, including vaccine additives,might contribute to the triggering of this disorder.”

The researchers say thimerosal appears to interfere with methylation by inhibiting the biosynthesis of methyl cobalamin, the active form of vitamin 812. (Editor’s note: this finding is of particular interest because doctors using the Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) approach are reporting dramatic improvements in many autistic children receiving injected methyl cobalamin.)

Deth says thimerosal may also play a role in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), another behavioral problem that is on the rise. “During the first years of life, networks of neurons that represent the
matrix for learning are being developed in the brain”, he says. “Methylation and the development of neuronal cells to create these networks are critical during this time. If the process is interrupted, the ability to learn and pay attention would naturally be impaired.”

Reports that autism rates have not dropped since drug companies started phasing out thimerosal from some vaccines do not disprove the thimerosal-autism link, Deth says.
”The epidemiological studies are looking at whole populations”, he comments, “and we are trying to determine what it is about on individual kid that might make him more susceptible to this exposure.”

Deth cautions that his research group’s findings are preliminary, but calls for more research into the possible link between autism and thimerosal. “Up to now, people have said the cause or causes of autism are unknown”, Deth says. “Our work isn’t final in any sense at all, but it seems to point to this biochemistry as a potential, or even primary, cause of autism.”

In 1999, the FDA requested that manufacturers eventually reduce or eliminate the mercury in vaccines, but
thimerosal-containing vaccines are still being used.

“Activation of methionine synthase by insulin-like growth factor-1 and dopamine: a target for neurodevelopmental toxins and thimerosal”, M. Waly, H. Olteanu, R. Banerjee, S.W. Choi, J.B. Mason, B.S. Parker, S. Sukamar, S. Shim, A. Sharma, J.M. Benzecry, V.A. Power-Charnitsky, and R.C. Deth, Molecular Psychiatry, January 27, 2004 (epub).

Address: Richard C. Deth, Dept. Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston, MA01225.

Methylation: The Link Between Thimerosal and Autism. Autistic Research Review, vol 18, No 1,