Allergy patients who appear to be resistant to therapy 

Dr. med. univ. Dietmar Stanchina, Eppan, Italy 

As a doctor of acupuncture, I have also worked with the bioresonance method for several years now. The combination of the two methods is excellent, and I’ve even taken to blending bioresonance and acupuncture, and preferring bioresonance to laser acupuncture.

Acute and central allergies, regardless of the body compartments in which they occur, mostly respond very well to the usual bioresonance programs. The prerequisites are open organs of elimination, elimination of scar interference fields or geopathic stress, and the removal of any other therapy blocks (enteromycosis, gut dysbiosis, heavymetal stress, etc.). Sometimes, however, we bioresonance therapists seem to be completely stumped. What we are often dealing with here are energy/meridian disorders, and it makes good sense to apply the allergy programs directly to the appropriate acupuncture points or energy axes. What it boils down to is a somewhat differentiated application of consolidated bioresonance programs according to energetic perspectives. This approach, which also differs from Dr. Hennecke’s acupuncture/allergy therapy (program 530), saves us timeconsuming meridian flooding, and can directly shortcircuit individual meridians/ meridian systems.


Many of you are already practising this, consciously or unconsciously:


Treatment of hay fever with flexible eye applicators (= extensive application on important acupuncture points)

Bioresonance therapy via energy axes

Bioresonance therapy via energy axes

  • Main axes
  • Diagonals (Cardinal point pairings)

What are the acupuncture energy partners?

acupuncture energy partners
Energy axes
Energy axes

Energy diagonals
Cardinal point pairings
Energy diagonalsCardinal point pairings


Special features of the energy diagonals
4 Helpers

Special features of the energy diagonalse.g.

Special features of the energy diagonals

SQUARE = number 4 = stability = matter (TAO)

Practical approach

3 requirements (test!)

Acupuncture Diagnostics:
Acupuncture Diagnostics:

Check therapy configuration

Check therapy configuration


We consider this method to be one of the last aces up our sleeve.

Because this type of application gets down to the nittygritty:
We are working with the innermost energies (the inherited energies) of the patient.
You don’t use a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

(The desired end is attained much more quickly and effectively by example than by precept)


Case 1: A long history of suffering: 22yearold woman

Daughter of a medical colleague. Atopic eczema with hay fever since childhood. One episode of anaphylactic shock after eating vanilla ice cream. Recurrent urticaria. Many attempts at treatment both at home and abroad, with modest success. Most recently, reactions to over 30 different allergens had been diagnosed, which created considerable dietary difficulties for the lady. Result: emaciation without improvement of her neurodermatitis. It was at this point that she presented in our practice.

Examination (Status presens)

Young woman in a clearly reduced state of general and nutritional health (Abbr.: GH+ NH), suffering severely.

Skin condition devastating: The whole of the integument, including that of the face (eye area/lids, ears, cheeks, perioral) and of the scalp was studded with efflorescences– some of them confluent – which had been scratched open till they bled. Impetiginised patches.

Mixed pattern: Weeping rash in flexures; by contrast, dry on the extensor sides of extremities, hands, feet and face.

Initial bioenergetic status
(Acupuncture and resonance diagnosis)

  • LU type. KILUYin deficiency
  • Central allergies: milk, wheat, Candida
  • Acute allergies: grasses, mugwort, narrowleaved plantain, cat epithelia
  • Cross sensitivities: stone fruit, apples, carrots, celery, curry powder
  • Foodcolour intolerance: E 104
  • Organs of elimination: KI, LU, LY, uterus(!)
  • Scars: appendix, navel
  • Geopathy/Radiation: water vein, slight gamma radiation, esmog, radio
  • No further blocks detectable


The reduction of the detected allergens to three central ones brought the lady visible relief: we prescribed the avoidance of sugar, and code avoidance (milk, wheat) in her diet; foods from the crosssensitivities group could be eaten cooked (except for curry powder); colours and contact with cats were to be avoided.

→ The treatment recommended by the dermatologist with systemic antihistamines, steroids and antibiotics as well as the application of strong topical steroids was initially maintained. The aim was a gradual reduction. We tested all cosmetics, detergents and the tap water for compatibility, and prescribed a neutral cleansing milk. The special thing about this oilinwater emulsion is the absence of any perfumes or preservatives (or indeed any parabens such as can be found in UltrabasUltrasicc products). This wholebody milk was stored in the refrigerator, taken out of the jar with a clean object only (a spoon, or– even better – a sterile wooden tongue depressor) (caution: bacterial contamination from hands!) and applied cold 45 times daily to the skin. According to traditional Chinese medicine, neurodermatitis is wind and heat in the skin, which is best countered by damp and cool!

→ Instructed to drink plenty (dryness, Yin deficiency, detoxification): at least 3 litres free water a day
→ Prescribing of a tested, alkalifree cleansing lotion with sageand camomile
→ Prescribing of diatom baths (1 – 2 kg tested diatomaceous powder/ full bath) 1 – 2 x weekly, 33 – 35 degrees Celsius, 15 mins.
→ Colon cleansing with a milk, wheat, sugarand colourfree probiotic (not easy!)Start with bioresonance therapy at weekly/ 10day intervals:

a) 3 basic treatments (132)+ 3 eliminations (KI480, LU210, LY930, Uterus934)

b) 3 Candida treatments (97130 mins. +999 / 97230 mins. + 999 / 963944998)+ 3 eliminations of scar interference (900, 910)

In between times, radiation neutralisation via a recognised building biology practitioner.

A further 2 Candida treatment sessions (97820 mins. / 963944998)+
3 radiation exposure treatments (700702)+2 general detoxification sessions (970, 290)

The fact that the neurodermatitis was regularly worse before her period was also in keeping with the uterus elimination block discovered earlier. Improvement after treatment. Further improvement after elimination of geopathic interference and general elimination of toxins.

Only now did the actual allergy therapy commence, with milk as a priority:

Since the stool test was still positive for candida (no remaining allergy):

→ Antimycotic p.o.

+avoidance of sugar + continued probiotic

Bioresonance therapy Milk

  1. H + Di 530 meridian
  2. Ai 963+968
  3. Ai 963+944+998


  • Configuration 2/3: Allergen in input cup, modulation mat on the back + ball applicators
  • Test: Milk still present, but flexural eczema much better
  • Change of allergen: Wheat

Bioresonance therapy Wheat (Configuration 2/3 idem)

  1. H + Di 530 meridian
  2. Ai 963+968
  3. Ai 963+944+998

Overall improvement of the skin. Allergens still present. Candida gone. Relaxation of sugar avoidance.

→ Subsequent course: determined by the hay fever. As expected, the skin condition worsened (especially the ‘wheat pattern’
– wheat = after all just a grass)
→ Hay fever therapy, grasses and weeds 106210611060

Relatively good response: managing with antihistamine spray and sporadic use of p.o. antihistamine. Systemic and topical steroids had by now been discontinued. Continuation of code avoidance (milk, wheat), no BRT on central allergens whilst hay fever still present!

Renewed worsening of neurodermatitis in late autumn after the pollen season:

→ New acute allergies (rye, yeast, soya)
→ New colour intolerance E 110


Once again, BRT on central allergens after program testing. Patient less sensitive, no weeping eczema.

Bioresonance therapy Milk

  1. Ai 944
  2. H+Di 945
  3. Ai 998
  • Testing
    Configuration: Allergen in input cup, modulation mat on stomach
    + ball applicators
  • Milk gone (even so continued avoidance in food, no more code avoidance)

Flexural eczema had disappeared.

Bioresonance therapy Wheat (configuration idem)

  1. Ai 963+968
  2. Ai 963+944+998


  • Wheat still present, although skin condition better overall; continued code avoidance

Skin condition: dry skin with branshaped scaling, maculopapular exanthema particularly on the extensor side, face clear (!)

5 x acupuncture: Yinstrengthening, irrigation LU7KI6

Skin much better.

Bioresonanceacupuncture via Lu7KI6: wheat

  1. Ai 963+944+998
  2. H + Di 977 (20 mins.)
  3. Ai 963+944+998

Configuration (testing)

Allergen in input cup,modulation mat on the stomach

+ball applicators
+button applicators LU7KI6

Result (after 1 year of treatment)
This approach turned things around: eczema gone.

Wheat still present in test. Code avoidance no longer necessary. After a 2year interval, the patient is free of complaints. She tolerates cow’s milk, but continues to avoid wheat. If products containing wheat are accidentally ingested a slight reaction occurs which subsides spontaneously after a few days. The crosssensitivities have also improved significantly (by themselves). Although she will remain ‘allergygifted’ for life, she can handle this now. Because she moved away from the area, further acute allergens were no longer treated. Today she lives in the midAdriatic, and the maritime climate does her good.

Case 2: A buzz from bees: 35yearold male beekeeper

Beesting allergy with the complete clinical picture of anaphylactic shock (apnoea). Three years of difficult allergy desensitisation which was not without risk (under emergency anaesthesia), without success. Contemplating change of job.

Status presens

Sturdy man in good GH + NH.
Lefthanded. Had undergone internal pneumological examination.
No noteworthy pathologies.

Initial bioenergetic status
(Acupuncture and resonance diagnostics)

  • LV type. Tendency to blocked centre
  • Central allergies:none
  • Acute allergies:apitoxin
  • Organs of elimination:LV, GB, SP
  • Scar interference fields:none
  • Geopathy/Radiation:water vein,water contactangle radiation, esmog
  • No further blocks detectable


a) 3 basic therapy sessions (131) + 3 eliminations (LV 430, SP 580)

b) 3 toxin eliminations (970 thymus) + 3 detoxifications of mucous membranes (999)

c) 3 radiation exposure treatments after building biology cleansing (700702)

d) 4 bioresonance therapies on beesting allergy (after testing): 963968 + 963944998 + 977 (20 mins.) + 963944998


  • Configuration: Allergen + dead bee in the input cup, modulation mat on the back + ball applicators
  • Test: Allergy still present

At the patient’s express wish: Exposure under emergency conditions (emergency kit, wife = nurse, emergency doctor = on hand as a friend).

Sting: No remaining anaphylaxis, but Quincke’s oedema of the face and the acra, without glottal oedema with breathing difficulties.

Bioresonance therapy again
(963944998 + 977 + 963944998), same configuration

Test: Allergy still present

Renewed exposure experiments (brave!): Much better. Sometimes slight Quincke’s oedema after sting, sometimes not. The patient describes a connection with the wind (stronger reaction when it’s windy).

Wind: LV (GB) type!

→ 5 x acupuncture: attenuation of LV yang, strengthening of the centre, energy diagonals GB41TW5 (left-handed!)

GB41 = Wind in the wind point!

Renewed stingexposure experiment with very slight Quincke’s oedema when windy (moderate swelling of lips and eyes); no reaction if no wind.

→ Bioresonance-acupuncture via GB41(left)TW5

  1. Ai 963+944+998
  2. H + Di 977 (20 mins.)
  3. Ai 963+944+998


  • Configuration: allergen + dead bee in the input cup, modulation mat on the back + ball applicators + button applicators GB41TW5
  • Test: Allergy negative!

All further bee stings had no systemic consequences, regardless of the weather situation. Only one intensified local reaction was recorded. The man is once again working as a beekeeper, and visits his beloved bees daily.

Case 3: That confounded lactose: 30-year-old woman

Flatulence and stomach cramps for years. Alternating diarrhoea and constipation. Recurring intimate mycoses and urinary tract infection. The gastroenterological examination yielded the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome.

OGDS:Slight HP, neg. gastritis
Irrigoscopy:Normal (no diverticula)
Lactoseintolerance test:No pathological fermentation
RAST (food allergens):No spec. IgE to antibodies detectable
Major biochemical blood profile:Normal
Urinary sediment with urine culture:Normal
Stool culture:Large quantities of Candida albicans
Vaginal tampon:Candida albicans, very few lactobacilli

The woman had been given intestinal spasmolytics, and had tried various homeopathic/ homotoxicological treatments; an F. X. Mayr cure had been attempted. After varying success, she presented in our practice.

Status presens

Seemingly healthy woman in notsogood GH + NH. Slightly underweight. Had undergone internal-gastroenterological examination. No further noteworthy pathologies.
Initial bioenergetic status (Acupuncture and resonance diagnosis)

SP type. KISPYang deficiency.

Central allergies: Milk, egg white, Candida
Acute allergies: Lactose (!)
Elimination organs: KI, LV, SP, intestine
Scar interference fields: Navel, coccyx
Geopathy/Radiation: Not tested
Heavy metals: Mercury / Amalgam fillings
Chakras: Weakness of III and V (= balance chakras)
Sacral block: Presumably after a fall onto the coccyx in childhood


Sugar avoidance. Low initial dose and gradual increase of probiotics; later, intestinally active antimycotics, in between a systemic azole treatment. Avoidance of allergens (milk, lactose, egg white). No code avoidance necessary.

a) 3 basic treatments (133) + 3 eliminations (KI480, LV430, SP580, Intestine565)

b) 3 toxin eliminations (970 thymus + solar plexus) + 3 detoxifications of the mucous membranes (999)

c) 3 scarinterference eliminations, navel/coccyx (900, 910) + 3 sacrum treatments (211)

d) Strengthening of the centre with acupuncture, instead of bioresonancechakra therapy

e) 3 Candida allergy treatments (963944998 + 978 (20 mins.) + 963944998)

→ Noteworthy point: The lactoseintolerance test came out negative, i.e. the lady had no enzymatically induced milksugar intolerance. Despite this, she felt very ill after the test (vomiting and diarrhoea, stomach cramps for days), for which no explanation was found. This information was very helpful for us, and we detected an acute lactose allergy.

Bioresonance therapy Egg white (we deliberately began with the less serious problem)
1. Ai
2. H + Di
3. Ai944 945 998


  • Standard configuration, test negative (even so continued hen’seggwhite avoidance)

Abdominal cramps and candidiasis better.

Bioresonance therapy Milk
(Milk protein, lactose, milk fat, lactic acid)

  1. H + Di 530 meridian
  2. Ai 963+968
  3. Ai 963+944+998


  • Standard configuration, milk ampoule
    + fullfat milk in input cup
  • Treatment well tolerated, test negative for milk protein (even so continued cow‘smilk avoidance)

Only now bioresonance therapy with lactose only, according to acuteallergy criteria.

Toxin elimination (970 thymus + solar plexus) always as a preliminary program.

  1. H + Di 530 meridian
  2. Ai 963+968
  3. Ai 963+944+998
  4. H + Di 977 (20 mins.)
  5. Ai 963+944+998


  • Configuration: Allergen in input cup, modulation mat on the stomach + ball applicators
  • Test: lactose allergy still present / exposure: small amounts of lactose triggered colic attacks

→ Bioresonanceacupuncture via PC6SP4

  1. Ai 963+944+998
  2. H + Di 977 (20 mins.)
  3. Ai 963+944+998


  • Configuration: Allergens in input cup, modulation mat on stomach + button applicators PC6SP4 / no ball applicators
  • Test: Lactose neg. / Exposure: Small amounts of lactose did not trigger colic attacks, nor did a very gradual increase in milk sugar.

The intimate mycoses and recurring urinary tract infections had vanished; digestion and stool patterns were normal.

We advised the patient to carry on with acupuncture treatments at regular intervals for KISPYang strengthening.

Imperative: Dental cleanup with amalgam elimination.

As a final point, we discussed an (at the time refused) testing for radiation exposure.

Concluding remarks

Of course there are allergies that are resistant to treatment – no question. Thank goodness these are the exception rather than the rule. In the next few years, however, we are likely to see an increase in these, owing to increasing pressures and stressors. Where treatment (seemingly) fails, doubt should not be cast immediately on the allergy program initially judged to be valid. The problem often lies with the treatment configuration (placing of the applicators) and this requires particular attention. Often, however, it’s simply down to the energetics of the patient. In extreme cases, this can be countered by the deliberate application of allergy programs via energy axes (main axes, especially energy diagonals as described above).

A beautiful song by Domenico Modugno (who cocomposed and sang Volare) goes thus:

Nel mare della vita i fortunati vanno in crocieria, gli altri nuotano, qualcuno annega – which translates roughly as “The lucky cruise through the sea of life, others swim, and some drown.”

Fortunately, thanks to bioresonance therapy, we are now able to save many more from drowning.

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