Alpha Stim Anxiety Stress Therapy

The Alpha-Stim is a natural way to help combat symptoms of Anxiety that has earned a solid reputation due to its powerful effects. Success has been achieved both in treating patients as a preventative measure and during an episode of anxiety.

The Alpha-Stim treats through Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) to provide safe, effectual therapy to greatly reduce symptoms of Anxiety. The device is conveniently small and emits a unique waveform that has been extensively researched and proven, more than any other device of its type. Treatment is simple. A set of ear-clips are clipped onto the earlobes to send a calming signal to the brain. This therapy treats Anxiety without the use of medication.

Currently, the device is being used in one NHS centre to treat anxiety and is well-respected by important researchers working within the NHS. A study involving 120 people that has been investigating the success and cost-effectiveness of using the Alpha-Stim has brought very good results so far.

Due to its powerful ability to boost relaxation, the Alpha-Stim can be used to treat both those with Anxiety disorders and people being affected by temporary forms of Anxiety.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) works by greatly increasing the production of alpha brain waves, causing a relaxed, yet focused, state of mind. As a result, patients are able to attain a feeling of being more physically relaxed and are therefore more able to deal with situations that would normally cause them Anxiety.

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