Alpha Stim Pain Therapy

Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) is administered directly to the site of pain via the hand-held Alpha-Stim M electrotherapy device.  This is done by means of a unique, patented waveform using a microampere current that has been thoroughly researched and refined. As a result, non-invasive, lasting pain relief can be provided at any time to wherever it is needed. 

In one peer-reviewed study involving around 1900 people, 93% of users claimed to have had a significant reduction in pain after using Alpha-Stim. Inspired by progress in the field of biophysics, patients and health care professionals around the world acclaim Alpha-Stim for its outstanding pain-relieving abilities. The microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) it provides can be used to treat those with acute, chronic or post-operative pain.

A study comprising patients with severe pain resulted in an average of 71% pain reduction after only 5 Alpha-Stim treatments.

The Alpha-Stim M is simple to use with the MET being applied via probes or self-adhesive applicators. Due to its non-invasive nature, use of the Alpha-Stim will not interfere with most other treatments.