An emotional rollercoaster: ADHD in children and adults

Esther Röder, Naturopath, Hofbieber/Schwarzbach, Germany

First of all, let me tell you how I came to bioresonance and became a naturopath.

During the summer holidays of 2003, my daughter, husband and myself got to know the therapist Elvira CattuzzoObrist, a total stranger at the time, who runs a bioresonance therapy practice from her home in Portugal and who is present here with us today.

From the very first moment the chemistry was right between Elvira and us and a close friendship developed during subsequent holidays which has lasted to this day.

Bioresonance fascinated me from the outset, for Elvira was able to treat us for the most diverse allergies. Because I was interested, Elvira taught me bioenergetic testing in addition to bioresonance during my holidays there, and over the years I have been able to hone my skills.

In 2008 I decided on a change in my professional career and to devote myself fully to bioresonance.

In order to be able to practise this in Germany, I had the opportunity to spend time with various clinicians (dentist, orthopaedist, GP) during my training as a naturopath.

In 2012 I opened my own naturopathic practice where I offer predominantly bioresonance therapy.

I would like to thank Elvira very much for supporting me at the start of my journey and for still being there for me today. A big THANK YOU, Elvira.


Difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, aggression – ADHD/ADD usually starts in childhood but is very different from illnesses such as mumps or measles which are easily detected and diagnosed.

An explanation of the term ADHD/ADD was provided by Dr Willy Hammerschmidt in his Congress paper in June 2011 and in RTI Volume no. 35.

I agree with him that it is not usually easy to recognise whether there is too much or too little hyperactivity, impulsiveness or aggression present so that affected children or adults find it difficult to connect (with others) and often feel very isolated.

Therefore it is important when talking to the patient or parents to find out whether the patient is temperamental by nature or whether hyperactivity is linked to stress factors.

With energetic testing and when talking to the child/patient and possibly parents too, I very often observed low oscillations/ frequencies in the brain and the CNS (central nervous system).

Triggers here could be: shock, stress, irritations, inflammation and stresses of all kinds such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, electromagnetic radiation and/or electrical smog. Frequently there may also be a link to a vegetative dysregulation between the CNS and organs such as the bladder in children (e.g. bed wetting up to eight years – ten years of age).

On testing patients, the most marked stresses were found to be from various metals (dental braces, implants) chemicals (pesticides etc.) and drug medication (Concerta, Medikinet, antibiotics, etc).

Testing and Therapy

Bioresonance therapy 1st treatment

•Basic program/30133.0 = Ai+A, 10 min, energetically test out other parameters (low deep frequency, bandpass, wobble, amplification, rate), substance complex stress/nerves (helps the body’s regulatory mechanism)
•Basic program/133.0 = Di, 10 min, stress/nerves (helps the body’s regulatory mechanism)
Shock therapy/3094.0 = H, Please test out duration
•Shock therapy/3095.0 = H, Please test out duration
•If necessary: Support through a maximum of 1 – 2 different homoeopathic remedies, e.g. Hypericum perforatum, vitamin B6, B12 and minerals

Bioresonance therapy 2nd – 5th treatments
•Scars/900.2, 910.5 or
•Blocks/3017.0 or
•Electrosmog/701.0, for other programs see the Manual
•Organ therapy according to priority (Liver treatment, chronic/311.11, Stomach treatment, chronic/331.9, Small intestine treatment, chronic/291.8 etc.)
•Inflammations/3037.0, Electrode position according to priority in different areas e.g. brain, CNS, pituitary gland (hypophysis), liver, kidneys; all depending on where the body would like it (test accordingly) usually in several areas at the same time. The patient has 5 – 8, sometimes even more applicators placed on their body.

Bioresonance therapy 6th – 10th treatments

• Elimination of chemical substances/ residues, vaccines, metals, toxins (e.g. household toxins), medication, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi program/3013.0, 979.1 (see Manual). Elimination always takes place after priority test.

•Organ therapy (according to priority in different areas / several applicators)
•Inflammation/3037.0 or
•Nerve calming/911.1, 423.5 or
•Nerve regulation/3074.0, 3075.0 or
•Metabolism therapy/530.4, 260.2, 261.3, 3106.0, 3107.0 all depending on priority
•Blood, saliva, nasal secretion or Dr Schumacher’s ampoules, CTT, orthomolecular substances, depending on energetic testing (Biotensor) are placed in the input cup

Since stresses, inflammation, irritation, nerve dampening and nerve regulation are treated for the most part in different areas of the body, it has proved beneficial time and again to integrate the CNS and with it the vegetative dysregulation as well as metabolism/acid into the therapy.

I have been able to gain and further develop my own experiences from the experiences of colleagues and from Regumed manuscripts and other reading.

At this point I should like to thank everyone involved and the people at Regumed too.

Case studies

Case 1
Silas, 8 years old, male

•Treated with occupational therapy methods but with little success Stress from worms: Taenia solium, Oxyuris, Ascaris Stress from bacteria: Staphylococcus, Enterobacter, Campylobacter etc. Stress from fungi: moulds, various types of Candida, Aspergillus
Stress from chemical substances: drug medication, thiomersal, DEHP
•His speech and movements were noticeably slow
•Very forgetful (fetching water?)
•Could not get dressed on his own (left the house without socks and jacket)
•Poor writing skills according to his teachers
•Very shy, no selfconfidence and no friends
•Often just sat there and dreamed during the day
Energetic test results:
•Stress from worms, bacteria, fungi and chemical substances
•Shock: the trigger here was a bad fall from his bike
•Dr Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse was recommended (I tested out the medication routine individually for him).

1st treatment

•Basic program/30133.0 = Ai+A, 10 min (enhancing the body’s regulatory mechanism)
•Basic program/133.0 = Di, 10 min, substance complex stress/nerves (enhancing the body’s regulatory mechanism)
•Shock therapy/3094.0 = H, 15 – 20 min, substance complex stress/nerves
•Shock therapy/3095.0 = H, 15 – 20 min, substance complex stress/nerves

2nd treatment

•Blocks/3017.0 = H+Di, 10 min, applicators to/on the brain, CNS, pituitary gland (hypophysis), abdominal organs, bronchi, substance complex stress
•Liver/311.11 = H+Di, 10 min, Substance complex liver autoimmune
•Inflammation/3037.0 = H+Di, 20 min, applicators to/on brain, CNS, pituitary gland (hypophysis), abdominal organs, bronchi, substance complex stress3rd treatment CNS disorders/940.2 = Ai+A, 25 min, substance complex stress

3rd treatment
CNS disorders/940.2 = Ai+A, 25 min,substance complex stress

Inflammation/3037.0 = Ai+A, 20 min, substance complex nerves (followed if necessary by nerve calming)

The input cup can be filled individually with different substances for each treatment e.g. saliva, blood, stools, homoeopathic substances: Hypericum perforatum as globules, Dysto Loges as drops or in tablet form etc.

After the 3rd treatment Silas’s parents noticed that he

•took part more in family life
•invited a new friend home
•could get dressed on his own without missing items of clothing

4th treatment

• Vegetative dysregulation between CNS – liver – heart – bronchi/960.4, = H, 30 min, substance complex nerves and channel 2 equipped with Hypericum perforatum C30, which Silas was also allowed to take at home

5th treatment

•Elimination of synthetic substances, chemicals, metals/979.1 = Ai+A, 15 min, substance complex toxin stress
•Nerve calming/911.1, applicators to/on brain, CNS, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine = Ai+A, 30 min, substance complex energetic nerve build-up

Current status

•Silas is now ten years old
•After the 5th treatment there were almost no more problems
•One occupational therapist even asked what I had done since his writing skills had improved so much
•At approx. 4 – 6week intervals I treated Silas regularly for seven months
•At the moment he comes about every 3 – 4 months for a checkup
•He is progressing very well

Case 2
Melina, 9 years old, female

•Nocturnal enuresis
-Stress from worms: Taenia solium, Trichinella, Ascaris
-Stress from bacteria: Escherichia coli, Enterobacter, Proteus etc. -Stress from viruses: EpsteinBarr, adenoviruses, enteroviruses, rotaviruses
-Stress from chemical substances: phthalic acid, carcinogenic aflatoxins, benzopyrene
•Often angry and loud after getting up in the morning
•Since Year two class educational assistance during lessons (support teacher)
•Did not want to listen
•Aggressive in many areas, privately or at school (made verbal noises)
•Since the age of three, 4 – 6 times a year ill with inflammation of the lungs and/or bronchitis, usually only alleviated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor

Energetic test results

•Stress from chemicals, bacteria, viruses, worms and electrosmog
•Shock: the trigger here was a death in the family
•Dr Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse was recommended (I tested out the medication routine individually for her)

The procedure for the treatments was similar to case 1.

After the very first treatment her mother noticed that Melina
•got up the next morning happy and wasn’t angry
•in the next few days displayed less aggressive behaviour
•became more amenable over the course of time

Current status

•Today Melina is twelve years old
•Since Year five she has no longer needed a support teacher
•Participates very well in lessons
• At approx. 2 – 5-week intervals I treated Melina regularly for three years
•There is no discernible aggression or verbal tics
• At the moment she comes about every 3 – 4 months for a checkup
•Since the first treatment she has not received any antibiotics

Case 3
Tobias, 20 years old, male

• Medical diagnosis of ADHD at eleven years of age
-Stress from bacteria: Salmonella, Enterococcus, Campylobacter etc.
-Stress from viruses: Adenoviruses, herpes type 6 (3 – 4 days fever)
-Stress from chemical substances: phthalic acid, formaldehyde, methylphenidate, substances with E numbers
-Stress from metals: cobalt, aluminium, chromium, lead, copper etc.

•At 15 years of age he was given an additional diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome with motor and verbal tics, which if he concentrates he is able to suppress well for a certain time. The motor and verbal tics then come in quick succession such that he can barely speak or retain physical control
•He is allowed to drive for up to several hours as he shows no signs of motor tics and makes few verbal noises when driving
•He has been taking medication since he was 13 (Concerta, 2 a day) and since he was 15 additionally Tiapride, 2 x 1/2 a day)
•At the time he looked for an apprenticeship, unfortunately without success
•He has no problems getting to know girls but finding a steady girlfriend is a problem

Energetic test results

•Stress from bacteria, viruses, chemicals and metals
•Pressure from his father
•General metabolism very slow
• Dysto Loges in tablet form was recommended (I tested out the medication routine individually for him).

The procedure for the treatments was similar to cases 1 and 2.

In his case in addition I treated him after the 7th treatment approx. 4 x in succession at threeweekly intervals as follows:

•Nerve calming/911.1, 423.5 (see Manual)
•Nerve degeneration/271.2, 230.5,
•Reflex nerve disorder, additional medication to be taken at home: Hypericum perforatum C200 (to be taken for several months)
•Nerve regulation/3074.0, 3075.0 in different areas of the head and body
•Always saved to the chip which he was asked to put on a different part of his body every 24 hours and wear for a period of three weeks
•Therapy was the most difficult with Tobias.231.3

Only after the 6th – 8th treatment was Tobias able to establish the following changes:

•Motor and verbal tics were controlled more easily and
•Less pressure from his father and following joint discussions
•Found and started an apprenticeship after approx. six months of treatment
•After the 6th treatment the Tiapride was slowly reduced to a half tablet each at midday and in the evening.
•After the 8th treatment Concerta was phased out.
•After about the 12th treatment, he was barely aware of any motor tics.
•Verbal tics quieter and less frequent

Current status

•Today Tobias is 21 years old.
•Every 7 – 9 weeks he has a followup and if need be treatment according to the priority of his body.
•Probably Tobias will never completely lose his tics and noises.
•He states very clearly “If it stays like it is now I can certainly live with it.”

Case 4
Melvin, 5 years old, male

• From the age of nine months up to the age of four he was prescribed antibiotics some ten times.
-Stress from worms: Ascariasis, Oxyuris, Taenia saginata
-Stress from bacteria: Chlamydia trachomatis, Escherichia coli, Helicobacter, Proteus etc.
-Stress from fungi: Mucor racemosus, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, and various Candida
-Stress from chemical substances: DEHP, aniline, substances with E numbers
-Stress from pesticides: DDT, lindane, atrazine
-Stress from metals: palladium, nickel, cadmium, copper, chromium

•In nursery school he attracted attention because he was noisy and through his motor and verbal restlessness.
•He was aggressive towards other children.
•This included his sister who is two years older, who of course also suffered like everyone else in the family.
•He wouldn’t listen and resisted any attempts to instil good behaviour.
•He did not stick to agreements made with the family or football trainer or their instructions.
•He would sweat profusely during the day and at night.
•Wet his bed during the night about 3 – 4 times a week.
•His parents were on the point of giving him medication just to be able to approach him.

Energetic test results

• A high need for vitamin B and minerals (high acidity, high stress from metals, pesticides, chemicals, fungi, bacteria, worms, wheat and milk allergy).
• Dr Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse was recommended (I tested out the medication routine individually for him).

The procedure for the treatments was similar to cases 1 to 3.

• Furthermore I started after the 5th treatment with vitamin B in globules C200 and Hypericum perforatum C30 to take at home.

Approx. two week after the 6th treatment (elimination of chemicals) Melvin’s mother noticed that he

•complained much less when she made him something to eat which he wasn’t keen on
•was also much calmer and more relaxed in the evening when he had to go to bed
•after just four treatments for vegetative dysregulation between the CNS and bladder, he no longer wet the bed during the night
•and had become more content and more approachable towards family, trainer and friends.

Current status

•Today Melvin is eight years old.
•He is in Year two at school.
•He is very lively.
•He is passionate about playing football.
•He is full of energy and has a good imagination.
•In the first two years I treated Melvin once every four weeks. Then we made the intervals longer to every two months and currently this is three months.

However, about six months ago he relapsed into his old pattern of behaviour again, this was because his metabolism was not stable enough and the treatment intervals were too far apart.

Unfortunately there was no warning sign at all of this relapse and because of the treatment intervals I was unable to treat him sooner.

Therefore pay special attention to each individual child or patient and test energetically to determine whether a child or patient is temperamental by nature or whether their hyperactivity results from stresses acting on the body.

I would urge you to be adventurous and creative in your thinking and never shy away from experimenting with different techniques.

With this in mind, dear Colleagues, I would like to thank you very much for listening today and let me wish you every success in the future with your treatments and therapies.

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