An important aspect of treatment: the influence of the mind on the body!

Esther Roder


Realising the influence that the mind and soul can have on the human body is no easy matter!

That’s why it may appear that, as a result of challenges they are faced with in their personal/professional lives, more and more people are suffering from chronic headaches and joint pain, as well as conditions such as cancer, ADHD, MS, depression, excess weight and general immune deficiencies. These disorders are often at the forefront of the sufferer’s thinking and in most cases are seen as a purely physical problem.


When people suffering from these symptoms come into my practice I try to show them that any disorder can also be brought on by emotional and psychological factors, and that this is something they need to appreciate more fully.

I have found an energetic activity such as Reiki (universal life force) and energetic testing with the tensor (bio-tensor) to be helpful in this regard.

When making an initial physical/energetic assessment of the patient, for which I allow around 20 minutes, I note the salient points and evidence on a form I created myself (see end of presentation).

If I also detect that there are symptom(s) at a subtle/emotional and spiritual level, and not just at a tangible/physical level, I try to prepare the patient for this by explaining that treatment will need to be extended to this level too.

Unfortunately many patients do not want to believe that there are inconsistencies at every level of the body and therefore I use the tensor to ascertain whether looking into the patient’s emotional and psychological state is a priority at the present time or whether this can be done in a later session.

The patient then lists the symptoms that they are presenting with.

The information provided by the patient is then shared and compared against the initial physical/energetic assessment that I completed previously.

It is also important to take into account those medical interventions which have already taken place at the tangible/physical level (e.g. medication, electrotherapies or other treatments). At this point I test with the tensor to see whether the patient reacted positively or negatively to these medical treatments.

If it turns out that the medication has had a negative effect or is incompatible, I attempt, in consultation with the patient and their doctor, to find an alternative form of medication where this is required to help alleviate physical symptoms (e.g. painkillers, anti-depressants …).


To begin with, ca. 8 – 10 BICOM® treatments are given at ca. 3 – 4 week intervals. Depending on the level of priority:

  • Therapy blocks (e.g.: 3017.0 “Clear deep blockages”)
  • Shock (e.g.: 3094.0, 3095.0)
  • Scars (e.g.: 900.2 , 910.5)
  • Organs (e.g.: 311.11 “Liver treatment, chron.”, 331.9 “Stomach treatment, chron.”)
  • Toxic stresses (e.g. 979.1, 979.3 — although these are the same programs)
  • Inflammations (e.g. 3037.0)

Further parameters (low deep frequency, bandpass, wobble, amplification, duration) can be tested energetically or the default settings from the BICOM® can be used.

Additionally I test with the tensor to see whether the patient’s body could be supported from the outset with the help of homeopathic substances (e.g. BICOM® chip, BICOM® minerals, BICOM® oil, globules/drops from Rubimed (psychosomatic energetics = deep subconscious conflicts), globules from bird materials (e.g. hawk, buzzard, falcon), vitamins (B complex from Vitality) and mineral complexes (e.g. bio-active minerals from Vitality).

Patients often experience initial improvements after ca. 2 – 3 BICOM® treatments, although this is only a start, of course.

Only when body, mind and soul start to work in harmony again do I offer the additional option of Reiki, meditation or similar spiritual journeys to help us treat at the energetic level.

Key to development of the body, mind and soul is a willingness on the part of the patient, as well as a combination of the various forms of therapy or supportive therapeutic aids (globules, etc.)

Here are a few more examples which you should take into account when  assessing your patient’s energetic balance (subtle level):

  • Blood: is the free-flowing love in the body, vitality
  • Blood pressure too high: will, anger
  • Blood pressure too low: little or no purpose in life, debility
  • Right-hand side of the body experiences greater stress: male side, intellect, aggressiveness, keeper of rage
  • Left-hand side of the body experiences greater stress: female side, intuition, passive behaviour, keeper of grief
  • Bones: underlying anxieties, tensions
  • Lungs: absorbing and giving life
  • Stomach and abdomen: recording impressions, keeping hold of our inner-most feelings, unwillingness to let go
  • Liver: rage, aggression, resentment, (liver is connected to the eyes, hence the saying ‘blind with rage’)
  • Kidneys: site of vital energy, partnership
  • Bladder: letting go
  • Prostate: fear of ageing
  • Right/left shoulder: shouldering the burden of others and of the world in general
  • Right hip: positive/negative relationship with father
  • Left hip: positive/negative relationship with mother
  • Spine: keeper of personal anxiety, personal rage, attitude in life
  • Sacroiliac joint: personal impatience
  • Right/left knee: ego, fear of dying

Case studies

Case 1

  • Svenja, 35 years old
  • Undergoing treatment since 2014
  • Listlessness, anxiety about everyday things
  • Constant questioning of whether job is the right one
  • Suffers from back pain/headaches
  • Gaining 2-3 kg in weight each year
  • Faddy dieting
  • Constant infections

1-20 treatment sessions

  • Basic therapy/30133, 30130
  • Shock treatment/3094.0, 3095.0
  • Scar therapy/900.2, 910.5, 910.3
  • Blockage therapy/3017.0
  • Electrosmog therapy/701.0
  • Organ treatment, e.g. liver/311.11 stomach/331.9, small intestine chr./291.8
  • Inflammation therapy/3037.0
  • Eliminations/3013.0, 979.1
  • Residues, vaccinations (e.g. aflatoxin, thiomerosal), metals (e.g. mercury, copper), toxins (e.g. in the home), bacteria (e.g. campylobacter, staphylococcus) viruses (e.g. varicella, glandular fever), parasites, moulds, always according to priority of substances
  • Depression/3027.0, 428.3, 900.5
  • Chakra cleansing and energy balance through 4 Reiki treatments Current state of health:
  • Only 2 infections in past 2 years
  • Takes Neurovita globules (Rubimed) vitamin B complex and bio-active minerals (Vitality) as a supplement
  • Anxieties overcome, only infrequent backache/headaches
  • Attitude to self has changed
  • Lost 8 kg in the space of one year
  • Completed additional training relating to her hobby (sewing), no more financial worries as a result. Now has the option of generating a second income
  • Has more energy as a result of being kind to herself, is more content, happier and is experiencing more joy in her life.

Case 2

  • Stefan, 49 years old, self-employed, carpenter’s workshop with ca. 70 employees
  • Undergoing treatment since 2012
  • Treated ca. 3x yearly with BICOM® to combat digestive problems, cough and immune system problems
  • On a physical level there were no toxin, chemical, virus, mould or parasitic stresses present
  • Suggested to him on numerous occasions that he take care of his emotional
    wellbeing, but unfortunately up to that point he refused Reiki treatment
  • Tinnitus since start of 2016
  • Diagnosed with cancer mid-2016
  • Only after the cancer diagnosis did he start to question whether he had perhaps prioritised the business, his responsibilities and links with local community groups over his own wellbeing
  • When I asked whether he loved himself, he answered as follows:
  • I’ve never asked myself that question. I’ve never had the time and everything’s always been fine!

1-20 treatment sessions:

  • Basic therapy/30133, 30130
  • Shock treatment/3094.0, 3095.0
  • Scar therapy/900.2, 910.5, 910.3
  • Blockage therapy/3017.0, 918.0, 3040.0
  • Electrosmog therapy/701.5
  • Organ treatment, e.g. liver/311.11, stomach/331.9, small intestine chr./291.8
  • Inflammation therapy/3037.0
  • Tinnitus/527.2
  • Thymus activation/3108.0, 428.2
  • Harmonisation/2038.0
  • Activation of vitality/900.1, 580.2, 583.1, 3035.0
  • Lungs, breathing/210.2, 3005.0, 211.9
  • Various meridians (see manual)


  • Mycosis treatment after chemotherapy/320.2, 290.4
  • Oxygen regulation/3086.0, 802.1
  • Chakra cleansing and energy balance through 12 Reiki treatments

Current state of health:

  • Undergoing medical treatment for cancer
  • He comes every 3 weeks for BICOM® treatment to bolster his immune system and
    physical condition and help him cope more effectively with the chemotherapy
  • He also receives 2 – 3 doses of 8 Tuberculinum C200 globules each month, because the chemotherapy brought on acute coughing fits, causing him to vomit on occasions
  • He receives Reiki treatments once every 2 months to improve his emotional wellbeing
  • He accepts both himself and his condition, he listens to his body, he is beginning to accept how things currently are and is gaining the strength and fortitude he needs to overcome the cancer.

The aim of the treatment given to the patient should be:

  • To reduce and, where possible, stop medication altogether
  • To minimise/improve any negative impacts of MS so that no new flare-ups arise and adverse effects are barely noticeable

Here too medication should be reduced or stopped altogether where possible (e.g. my husband Markus, 47 years old, diagnosed with MS in May 2009, free of medication since October 2009, no new inflammatory foci or flare-ups)

  • ADHD-related behaviour should be treated until little or no noticeable symptoms are visible or evident. Likewise, reduce medication and stop altogether where possible
  • To allow patients to overcome emotional stresses (e.g. depression, excess weight, cancer, etc.) more effectively and as a result rediscover love, fun, wellbeing, joy, confidence in their own life.

Thank you for listening. I hope this will encourage you to make full use of a physical/energetic test procedure that can help make problems with the body, mind and soul a thing of the past for your patients.


Louise Hay: “Gesundheit Kir !Carper, Seele, Geist” [“Health for the Body, Mind and Soul”] – Heyne Verlag publishers

Paula Horau: “Die Reiki-Kraft” [“The Power of Reiki”]- Windpferd Verlag publishers

Rubimed AG, Switzerland: “Medikamente der Psychosomatischen Energetik” [“Medication for Psychosomatic Energetics”]

Markus Kuntosch: “Frei wie ein Vogel” [“Free as a Bird”] — Narayana Verlag publishers


Initial physical/energetic assessment

Surname, first name:_____________________ DOB:______________ Date: __________

Principal diagnosis:________________________________________________________

Aim of treatment:________________________________________________

Electromagnetic stress: Geopathy: ___ Electrosmog:             Radiation: _

Watercourses: _

Scar interference fields: Navel: Abdomen:                  Ear right:               left:


Frontal sinus:_____ Paranasal sinus:

Jaw right:                 left:                 Eye right:                 left:____

Hormonal condition: Pituitary gland:                        Thyroid gland:                 Adrenal gland:

Metabolic disorder: Pancreas:                      Protein:______ Carbohydrate:                  Fat:____

Acid:                   Vital area – body:_____ Emotional area – mind:

Emotional state:                   Harmony:                 Vitality:               Energy:


RH side of body – male:                Acutely inflamed tissue point right:

LH side of body – female:                Chronic-degenerative tissue point left:

Immune system:                  Weak:                Deficient:                    Regulate:              Improve



Organs: CNS :                 Brain right:                 left:              Lungs:

Heart:                Arteries:                 Veins:               Stomach:

Liver:                              Gallbladder:                Pancreas:                 Spleen:

left:                 Lymph neck:                   Axilla:             Groin:

Ureter:               Urethra:                 Prostate:                  Womb:

Bronchial tubes: SI.:                  LI:

Kidney right: Bladder:

Ovary right:


Vitamin point interference:                          Mineral point interference:            Protein point


Trace element interference:                         Nutrient balance interference:___

Vitamin B deficiency:_______ Vitamin D deficiency:                      Vitamin A deficiency:

Vitamin C deficiency:

Folic acid deficiency:________ Iron deficiency:                 Mineral deficiency:

Allergies: Cow’s milk:                   Cow’s milk protein:________ Lactose:                        Wheat:____

Gluten:________ Wheat protein:                  Egg yolk:                 Egg white:                Sugar:____

Salt:_______ Spices:                Yeast:                            Meat:______ Tomato:_____ Pollen:

House dust:               Fungi:_______ Moulds:                      Animal hair:

Pathogens: Bacteria:                    Viruses:                  Fungi: ______ Borrellia: _____  TBE:


Degenerated cells:                        Pesticides:                        Toxins:                      Vaccinations:

Metals:______ Alcohol:



Teeth: Interference:_______ Material:              Focus in jaw:

Bones: Cervical spine:            Thoracic spine:                  Lumbar spine:                 Sacrum:

Hip right:               left:______ Knee right:             left:________ Shoulder blade right:

left:                 Sciatic nerve right:_____ left:______ Foot right:______ left:

Chakra: 1:                   2:             3:_____ 4:           5:            6:            7:

Meridians right.: Lungs:                       Liver:                   Gallbladder:              LI:                                                Kidneys:

Meridians left.: Circulation:             Heart:           Stomach:                 Triple Warmer:

SI:                              Bladder:____