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How bioresonance therapy and rife technology is changing the diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is often overlooked when patients experience symptoms related to the particular disease, yet many people live with the disease without even knowing about it. The disease was first classified as “Lyme arthritis” in 1977, but, later on, it was discovered that the condition is a type of bacterial […]

Lyme disease might be the cause of symptoms you are experiencing

Thanks to the advancements in the medical industry and especially the technological inventions that scientists are able to develop today, it is now possible to diagnose and treat thousands of different diseases successfully. Unfortunately, even though the medical industry has come such a long way, there are still some diseases that remain somewhat of a […]

Most commonly diagnosed cancers and how bioresonance therapy give patients a better outlook on life

Beautiful caucasian girl wearing a head scarf due to hair loss from chemotherapy fighting cancer

If you suspect you have cancer then you must see a health professional. Being diagnosed with cancer is something every person fears. Many people consider cancer to be like a life sentence. The disease has killed millions of people and can develop unexpectedly. Even though information regarding the symptoms of cancer is readily available, the […]

Bioresonance therapy a potential new option for treating symptoms caused by cancer and cancer treatments

If you suspect you have cancer then you must see a health professional. The body is mysterious in many ways and, even though science has evolved significantly over the last few decades, the human body still has many secrets that medical experts are yet to unravel. Different topics of interest exist around the human body, […]