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Fröhlich’s Interpretation of Biology through Theoretical Physics – Liverpool University

“Herbert Fröhlich FRS: A physicist ahead of his time” G.J. Hyland & P. Rowlands (Eds.) The University of Liverpool, 2006.  Chapter 7: pp. 91-138 (2nd edition 2008. Chapter 7: pp.107-154) Fröhlich’s Interpretation of Biology through Theoretical Physics. Cyril W. Smith (Salford University – Retired) Abstract Fröhlich had already considered biological problems in relation to theoretical physics  in the 1930’s. […]

Using doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils with Bioresonance

Using doTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils with Bioresonance By Vicky Palmer Essential Oils are Ancient Vibrational Medicines, the oldest form of medicine in the world today. doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils, the purest Essential Oils in the world, are leading the way towards ‘sustainable healthcare’. Increasingly, people are seeking out natural healthcare options […]

Auto-immune diseases as a result of increasing immune damage

Auto-immune diseases as a result of increasing immune damage — status identification background burdens and a concept for a practically proven diagnosis and therapy system INTRODUCTION Dear colleagues and friends of Bicom bioresonance therapy, My subject today is one of the most serious clinical pictures with which we are confronted in our holistically orientated practices. […]

Standardised Basis Systematics

Please note that the designation of individual  programs does not represent any claim of efficacy! Standardised Basis Systematic (Including low deep frequencies + amplification sweep + bandpass sweep) Program sequence Description Step Program No. Therapy mode Time (min) 10450 Elimination after basic therapy, 430.2 Ai 1st session CN 481.0 H + Di l’■ 930.3 A […]

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