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Dentist play a vitally important role in the nations health

Dentist play a vitally important role in the nations health, This dysfunction of the immune system is triggered by various factors, including allergenic, inflammatory or toxic dental materials. Anaerobic: usually refers to bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen. They are more apt to produce the toxins that create diseases. Bad diseases. They are […]

Acupuncture: Scientific Theories of Mechanisms

Neurohormonal mechanisms Acupuncture first captured the interest of Western science when it demonstrated its ability to induce anesthesia and analgesia. Early studies involved the infusion of cerebrospinal fluid from a rabbit that had undergone acupuncture into a naive rabbit, and resulted in the production of a significant increase in the pain threshold of the recipient […]

Allergy therapy with bioresonance

Rationale behind the Bicom bioresonance method Despite decades of intensive research the aetiology of allergies is not fully understood.  At best it is generally accepted that allergens and other environmental factors induce complex immunological processes which may then in turn cause allergic symptoms.1 The causal allergy treatments developed on this basis are laborious and often […]

Use of therapy programs in dentistry

Introduction Therapy programs Pre- and post-operative treatment Jawbone, temporomandibular joint and muscles Pain Implantology Additional application Proven program combinations Treatment following abscess lancing Pain following extraction Pain following grinding trauma Inflammation of the gums Accompanying treatment with periodontosis Pre- and post-operative treatment Toothache Test programs Introduction Bioresonance is being used to test and treat patients […]

Treatment for Lyme Disease

BIORESONANCE FOR LYME DISEASE Treatment of Lyme disease has been among the most successful ventures of the Bioresonance therapy. Before delving into how Bioresonace works in the management of this disease it is imperative to brush through the basics of this disease. Possible scenario A few days after you are bitten by ticks you develop […]

Herpes virus and related diseases affecting human body

How herpes virus is transmitted and treated? Herpes virus refers to: One is the large family of DNA viruses that is known as Herpesviridae (herpesviruses). Two types of Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2, are responsible for herpes simplex infections. Herpes  a common viral disease Is characterized by painful blisters of the mouth or genitals. […]

Using magnetic vector potential in medical testing

Most living tissue possesses the capacity for a current to pass through it and energy is required to initiate this flow. Due to the tissue’s ability to create its own electromotive force, when the current flowing through it is increased, behind it develops an electromagnetic field pulling against it that requires additional energy to overcome. […]

Scientific Studies for BICOM Resonance Therapy

Scientific Studies for BICOM Resonance-Therapy Download actual PDF document Publisher: Institut for Regulative Medizin   Content   1) Tests on the transduction of acetic acid information via an electronic amplifier (in-vitro-study) 2) Transfer of molecular information using a bioresonance instrument (BICOM) in amphibian trials (controlled blind study, in-vivo study) 3) Bioresonance Therapy corrects the immunodeficiency of Chernobyl mice (in-vivo study) 4) […]

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