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Oxidative Stress – How Does it Affect Our Health?

What is meant by the term oxidative stress? Oxidative stress is the term used to describe an imbalance between the number of reactive oxygen species (ROS) being produced and the body’s ability to detoxify them. What are reactive oxygen species? Free radicals, or reactive oxygen species, are compounds that are naturally produced by the body […]

Electrosmog and 5G radiation: BICOM® Testing and treatment

What is electrosmog? Electromagnetic fields are increasing more and more. The population is exposed to radiation or in other words electromagnetism in many places in everyday life. Wherever electrical energy is consumed, electrical and magnetic fields arise. At high frequencies, these electrical and magnetic components fuse together and electrical and magnetic become electromagnetic. Natural fields […]

Silent Stroke Detected Thanks to BICOM® BodyCheck


A holistic practitioner had been struggling for months with brain fog, a term which is used to describe symptoms relating to an impairment in cognitive function. She was having difficulty remembering things and was less able to effectively converse with others. She started to strongly believe that her symptoms were attributable to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), […]

Pre- and post-treatment of vaccinations with the BICOM Bioresonance Method

The topic of vaccinations is discussed very controversially in public. As a BICOM® bioresonance therapist, you are in a great position to prepare patients for the necessary vaccinations and to divert possible vaccination stress. Preparation 2 to 3 days before the vaccination 1. Basic therapy 2. Program sequence 10093 “Liver detoxification“ 3. Program 991.2 “Vaccination damage, correction/preparing […]

BICOM® BodyCheck Case Study – Drug Abuse

One client had been reviewing several different Non-Linear Analysis Scanner (NLS) devices. NLS scanners are biofeedback, or bioresonance, devices that use electromagnetic signals to scan a patient. These wavelengths are emitted by the machine and the patient’s response to the signals is measured, often through applicators on the skin. The results of these scans are displayed on […]

Priority Testing within the Combined Test Technique (CTT)

Priority testing with the 5 Elements method enables the preparation of a therapy plan. The various interactions of the meridian system are recorded and a therapeutic concept is developed from these findings. Testing is done with therapy type A (Program 192 or 198). During the testing, it is not the impulse that is tested, but rather the […]

Treatment of Acute Lyme Borreliosis After a Tick Bite

With every tick bite, there is the danger of acute Lyme Borreliosis, also known as lyme disease, which if left unnoticed and untreated can lead to a variety of symptoms. Affected patients can suffer from unspecific pain, arthralgia and bursitis (joint pain), neuralgia (nerve pain), paresis (muscle weakness), damage to the parenchyma (brain) and exhaustion. […]

BICOM® BodyCheck Case Study – Assessing Lung Function

A male patient is struggling with shortness of breath. A BICOM® BodyCheck scan is conducted to show the average energetic state throughout the entire body. Of particular importance is the Lung area, as this is where the man seems to be experiencing problems. However, the lung area appears generally normal in the scan, apart from some […]