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Study Schumacher – Biophysical allergy therapy

Biophysical allergy therapy Retrospective study from a medical practice P. Schumacher Summary ft Moyses Introduction Between September 1989 and October 1990, Dr. P. Schumacher of Innsbruck carried out a study of around 200 allergy patients which will be summarised here. In his book Biophysikalische Therapie der Altergieni [Biophysical allergy therapy], in which this study is […]

Study Molecular info

Erfahrungsheilkunde Acta medica empirica Journal for medical practice Offprint (vol. 44, issue no, 3/1995) Transfer of molecular information using a bioresonance instrument (BICOM) in amphibian trials (controlled blind study) By: P.C. Endler, M. Citro, W. Pongratz, C.W. Smith, C, Vinattieri, F. Senekowitsch   Summary Two independent double-blind studies, performed in Austria and Italy, demonstrated that […]

Study Liver cell

Prospective randomised study to check the results of treatment using endogenous electromagnetic fields, in the case of slight liver cell damage TRANSLATION FROM THE GERMAN ORIGINAL Introduction The fundamental question of how a living organism such as a human being, which is composed of an astronomical number of cells, is able to coordinate BICOM optima®l […]

BICOM bioresonance therapy: Offering help when all else has failed?

horse with eczema treated with bioresonance

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Astrid Harte, Vet and non-medical practitioner Initial scepticism overturned by convincing experience When my daughter contracted neurodermatitis at the age of two, I followed the conventional treatment route since, as a conventionally trained vet, I wanted nothing to do with all the alternative “mumbo jumbo”. That started a veritable odyssey […]

Food allergies and post-vaccinal complications

Dog with allergy hair loss

Client Name: Jörg Fiedler, vet Underlying factor in many disorders 75% of my patients, especially small animals, suffer from allergies. With large animals the problems tend to be mainly orthopaedic, such as lameness, for example. I believe there are two reasons why allergy therapy is so important in my practice: Firstly, in general the body […]

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