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Treatment of endocrine disorders in dogs and horses using the Regumed Bicom optima device

Dr. Christina Eul-Matern My name is Christina Eul-Matern. I am a veterinary surgeon and run a naturopathy practice with three key areas of treatment – acupuncture, osteopathy and bioresonance therapy. Since these areas work well together and complement each other, we tend to use conventional medical procedures infrequently. Today, I would like to present details […]

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Unlocking solution-focused potential — bioresonance in the field of psychology

Dipl.-Psych. Hans-Peter Kuhl Epilogue: Researching the fundamental principles What I would like to show you relates to the foundation for your life. Life is based on a mathematical’ law known as “function”2. In our particular context this means: What relationship does the individual have to life? What is the original meaning, determination and purpose in […]

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Health Benefits Of Essential Oils

essential oils can be used in bioresonance

Considering the side-effects caused by the majority of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, many people are turning towards more natural remedies to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. These natural remedies often offer effective treatment measures without causing severe side-effects that are often associated with chemical-based medication options. Essential oils are one option when it […]

Multiple Illnesses, Multiple Drugs And Your Health

A recent study by Medicare Choices reports that more than 50% of Medicare beneficiaries have been diagnosed with two or more chronic illnesses. They also report that as much as 83% of beneficiaries over the age of 85 have also been diagnosed with more than one chronic condition. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports […]

Your Sweet Tooth Is Really Poisoning Your Body

Sugar is used to make a variety of juices, sodas and food choices sweet. It is used throughout the entire world and almost every product you buy at the local supermarket contains some form of sugar. NHS Choices reports that sugar can be present in the form of glucose, sucrose, corn syrup, invert sugar, molasses, […]

The Health Benefits of Bach Flower Remedies

Chemicals found in drugs that can be purchased at a local pharmacy, as well as those provided by a hospital and through a doctor prescription often cause undesirable aftereffects. These effects can vary from mild side-effects such as muscle aches and drowsiness to more life-threatening side-effects that could result in death. Drug Watch reports that […]

Treatment for Lyme using the Bicom and Essential Oils

Bioresonance therapists report that they don’t just find Borrelia but also a number of co-infections, if you have Lyme Disease then you are often a target by other ticks and you will get bitten more than other people around you. This means you can get re-infected and other co-infections are added to your body. BICOM® […]

Lyme Therapy Protocol and Essential Oils

A number of Bioresonance therapists, some of which are doctors and vets in the UK are having remarkable success treating Lyme Disease patients. As a leading supplier of these medical devices we wanted to put some information together on the holistic treatment of Lyme and other protocols that can be added to make the treatment […]

When hormones get out of control: restoring hormonal balance

Brigitte Jocher, Naturopath, Osten, Germany Aim of the presentation Introducing a combination of bioresonance and hormone therapy which has proved highly effective in the management of socalled “bioresonance treatment failures”. In cases where patients present with general symptoms such as exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, sleeping problems, depression and similar conditions, but no improvement is […]

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