BICOM bioresonance therapy and imprints of the foot reflex zones on the plate electrodes

Margarete Seeger, Naturopath, Besigheim

Dear Colleagues,

My background is in the area of body-focused psychotherapy and I have been working with bioresonance therapy for the last 8 years. My therapy differs little I dare say from the kind of therapy you are used to: meridian therapy, elimination of scar interference, electrosmog and mandibular joint. I also focus on blockages in the ilio-sacral joints, knee, hip and shoulder joints as well as spinal joints. The blocked joints are first unblocked manually and only then do I begin with BICOM bioresonance therapy.

By the time elimination therapy is carried out (bacteria, viruses, etc.) the patients have already received between 2 and 6 treatments and so by that time I have a good idea of their bodies’ little “quirks”. For an elimination therapy I always lay the patient on the couch with their legs raised on the foot plates. These are connected, as are the ball applicators, to the output of the BICOM device.

You too will probably have patients who keep asking what you are eliminating and, more specifically, how you are doing it because they never ‘feel a thing’. So three years ago I hit upon the idea of photographing the plate applicators after each therapy which enabled me to observe and compare the progress of treatment with the patients. The applicators show up areas where a stress was present. Using the foot reflex zones we can work out the relationship to the organs and therefore to their stress.


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