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The BICOM® BodyCheck2 Family

Prevention and early detection are becoming increasingly important. Today ́s way of living, as well as nutrition and environmental pollution, can significantly weaken the body.

Energetic disorders can develop slowly and without the patient noticing anything at all.

The BICOM BodyCheck2 enables you to carry out a complete, bio-energetic health check. It automatically scans and evaluates the frequency patterns of the entire body, including internal organs, bones and tissues down to the cell level.

It is available in two versions: The BICOM BodyCheck2 Lite for beginners and the BICOM BodyCheck2 Standard with extended functions. An upgrade from “Lite” to “Standard” is possible at any time.

You will quickly obtain an overview of your patient ́s energetic status. In the case of detected disturbances, the BICOM BodyCheck2 will suggest possible causes and provide suitable guidance for further treatment.

What makes it special?

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Clear and easy to understand evaluations
  • High level of automation
  • Fast and efficient

An innovative and time-effective way of testing

  • The BICOM BodyCheck2 is a bio-energetic test method and measures the entire state of the body through the use of a special head set.
  • In addition to existing imbalances, it is also possible to identify energetic disorders long before they manifest physically.
  • With extensive visualization, patients are taken on their own scan journey. Understanding and co-operation is significantly increased.
  • Ideal for optimizing the workflow even without knowledge of a manual energetic test technique.
  • Easy to get started with. Simple operation and the minimal training required.

BICOM® BodyCheck2 Package

An overview of BICOM® BodyCheck2 Lite and Standard

comparison of the 2 versions, standard and lite
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BICOM® BodyCheck2 – Generation 2.0

With the standardized scan variants you can chose the most suitable scan for the appointment:
The comprehensive detailed scan, the timesaving express scan or the standard scan as the perfect compromise.

chart showing timings

The body ́s bio-energetic frequency patterns are recorded through use of a special headset. The measured values are then compared with a reference database.
The results are displayed on digital organ images, with symbols showing at a glance the areas in which there are energetic deviations.
Take your patient on their very own scan journey!

The evaluation is generated automatically and provides you with a quick overview of the energetic state of your patient.
Whether this shows weakened areas, imbalances or stres- ses, everything is available at a glance and is summarized in clear categories.
The Lite version provides an overview evaluation, with the Standard version supporting further with a detailed analy- sis of the causes. The so-called etalons (reference frequen- cy patterns) provide information about possible allergens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution etc. Significant findings are displayed visually and listed according to priority.

In the Standard version, you can transfer the frequencies of stressful etalons, as well as supporting frequencies, onto a storage
capsule for use within the follow up therapy.
In addition, you will also receive another evaluation category. Bach Flowers give hints about mental imbalances and can be used for psychological stabilisation.

With one click, you will receive a clear report about foods to be avoided (Lite version) and recommended foods (Standard version). In addition, there is the option of a final report, which includes all evaluation groups. These reports will help to optimise your documentation and can also be given to the patient.

Evaluation Groups

evaluation summary

All measured information is automatically selected and evaluated into the adjacent categories. This ensures that the evaluation has a clear structure and helps to support your therapeutic decisions.
In the Standard version, you will also receive detailed information on all groups. The new category “Bach Flowers” also provides insights into possible psychological aspects.

BICOM® BodyCheck2 – Advantages for your practice

The intuitive user interface and clear structure make working with the BICOM Body- Check2 extremely easy

  • Easy to get started with
  • Automatic interpretation
  • One click solution for the evaluation and create of reports
bodycheck2 report

Due to the clear design and operation, very little training is needed to begin working with the BICOM BodyCheck2.

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