Bicom Multisoft One year’s experience using Bicom Multisoft

Dr. med. Paul-Gerhard Valeske, Kempten


Computer technology is nowadays widely used by those of us working in “naturopathy” and “complementary medicine”: BicOm functions are controlled by computer; electro-acupuncture and testing for allergies, toxic, miasmatic and other stresses can be detected and treated electronically. Has computer technology lived up to its promise?

Ideally, I would simply end my paper here by saying: “Yes, BICOM® Multisoft works to my and my patients’ satisfaction.” There is not enough time during this presentation to give you a comprehensive insight into the functional features of this software. I will attempt therefore just to cover the highlights. You can obtain detailed information and training in how to use the software at special seminars and workshops run by REGUMED.


BICOM® Multisoft is a piece of computer software with multiple functions which relieves us therapists of some of our customary work, particularly certain unpopular or time consuming tasks such as recording results which previously had to be done by hand.

    • The software consists of two main programs:
  • “BICOM® Pilot” for controlling the BICOM and electro-acupuncture measurement and
  • “BICOM Test” for comprehensive testing.

Both programs share a convenient common data management system where patients’ personal details, case histories, test and therapy data are filed and can be retrieved as required. A fee invoicing facility has of course also been included which will be particularly appreciated by those offering bioresonance therapy as an “IGeL” service.

BICOM® Pilot

The “BICOM® Pilot” section of the program lives up to its name. It enables the BicOm to be controlled fully both for therapy and electro-acupuncture measurement.

In addition to triggering individual therapy programs, programs can be linked in chains of up to 10 sections. You will be aware yourselves that the BICOM® allows just three programs to be linked, yet a number of therapies contain many more individual stages. Now you can run these all “in one go”. As well as calling programs up by number, you now have the option of searching by indication and selecting appropriate combinations. As a BICOM® 2000 user, you do not even need to worry about the correct applicator position. Previous therapy sessions are saved so that at any time you can easily see what was done when.

The electro-acupuncture test section is structured in a very comprehensive, clear and informative manner. You decide whether you want to measure just conductivity or quadrants or conduct “complete measurement”. The program takes you through the successive stages. Measurement points are indicated visually which is particularly helpful for beginners. But experienced users can also benefit from this. You know the situation; you are interrupted by a question from your receptionist, a prescription needs signing, an urgent telephone call comes in: “Where was I?” With this system, the measurement point remains on the screen and I can carry on from where I left off. The measurement data are of course stored.

Data can be analysed according to a number of criteria. You can take a look at the quadrant measurements to obtain a rough overview of how energy is distributed within the body. “Complete measurement” shows all the readings in a clear bar chart and also compares them with other measurements from the same patient so that you can identify developments.

Presentation in the form of pie charts is extremely useful. Here it is possible to display results comparing the right and left side of the body in superimposed graphs and also to compare two different measurements from the same patient. Disorders can often be identified by differences in EAP readings for the two sides of the body.

The other option for displaying information within the pie chart is to compare, within the same chart, measurements taken at different times. In this way progress can be recorded.

Obviously this data analysis can all be printed out — as a record for you, the therapist, and for the patient to take with them. Nothing impresses many patients more than a comp


The “BICOM® Test” is the more complex and, in my view, more interesting part of the software. The complete pretest, “run” in a structured manner, takes just half an hour (with biotensor or kinesiology) even if you test all the 1700 plus substances in the basic test. Never before have you had so much information at such speed. However, the program has not totally removed the need for us to think and testing without the intervention of the therapist is not (yet?) possible. Yet this is also an important part of our work — giving the patient our personal attention; this is not techno medicine.

However, a word on the technical aspect: the substance frequencies have been “recorded” or “scanned in” using a special electronic technique and stored on the CD-ROM or hard disk. The frequency is thus fixed permanently compared with the traditional test substances. Natural substances or energetic preparations vary due to local irradiation (including local magnetic fields) or ageing processes. When testing, the program automatically controls the BICOM® according to preset parameters. Individually adjustable group tests are provided for automatic testing. For therapy, you switch to “BICOM® Pilot”, enter the therapy program and the rest takes place automatically.

“Causerelated testing” is possible: this is what you, as experienced bioresonance therapists, have also done in the past with your test sets after restricting yourselves to certain areas based on case history — only it is now much quicker. You can very quickly focus on “basic conditions” at the appropriate point in the program: geopathy, electromagnetic smog, radioactivity, toxic stress, allergic stress, immunological conditions including childhood diseases and vaccinations, viral and bacterial conditions, mycoses and also miasmatic conditions (so called hereditary toxins). In this way you obtain one or more “focal points” for this patient from which a highly specific search can be continued.

The second route leads via “diagnosis or indication related testing”. This is where particularly those of you who have not yet ventured very far into holistic medicine will initially feel more comfortable. Conventional diagnoses can be made or, in the case of uncertainty, confirmed or rejected. I should like to suggest almost provocatively: there is no other diagnostic method in the world in which Crohn’s disease, Colitis ulcerosa or any other disease, for example, can be reliably diagnosed within five minutes without disturbing the patient. You very quickly discover — speed is an issue here too — where, for example, focal stresses are located: chronic tonsillitis, chronic sinusitis, root treated tooth, etc. So this is also a test section which will be much appreciated by us old timers. I can reveal to you now that you can use the test frequencies as well as the corresponding nosode preparations in your therapy.

You can use these starting points to search specifically for individual disturbing or damaging substances, allergens or pathogens. You will find the familiar test sets after Dr. Schumacher are included although they have been considerably extended. This is particularly true of the toxins and pathogens area. One very important point to note is the heading “inoculations” which contains all the important standard inoculations. I know of only a few children with neurodermatitis who have not been vaccinated!

The highlight is a test program which allows you to identify priorities. So when you have collected all the stresses, regardless what type, you can carry out a “priority test” for your patient. This applies overall and also to the particular therapy session. This means that at any time you know which substance is causing the patient most stress “at that particular time” and should be treated next. This means rather than “probably it’s this or that now”, it’s a definite “today we’ll treat this or that”. This is a step forward as regards certainty for the patient which will also have an impact on time, both yours and your patient’s (and their wallet too).

You can use the test frequencies straight away in therapy. In the period of well over a year in which I have been using the software, there has been no difference in the effectiveness of therapy compared with the normal test sets or native products.

It almost goes without saying that the orthomolecular test set after Dr. Lange has been included. More than that: so called “formulae” have been stored. These are frequency patterns of remedies and drug mixtures. There are also homeopathic high potencies, Bach flowers, Schiissler salts, phytotherapeutic agents, etc. These formulae are not actually given to the patient but passed on as information by computer and BICOM®. I am sure you have already done this with natural remedies too and it works just as well here. The “formulae” respond extremely well, especially if they are oscillated on BRT minerals, the BICOM® chip or simply just water and given to the patient to take home with them. Allopathic remedies which are of course primarily included for testing and eliminating intolerances or allergies can also be used in this way. I am thinking particularly of analgesics here. Just one “click” and Ai output is converted to “A output”.

And if that is still not enough, there is also the “complete test” option. The basic module (“causerelated” and “diagnosis or indication related” testing) contains around 1700 substances while almost 6000 frequency patterns are stored in the “complete test”. The chances of finding the cause of disease, even with deep rooted miasmatic conditions, are virtually 100 % and consequently the chances of recovery or healing are also good.

Therapy data are always stored when exiting the program so that you always know what was treated or tested when. Data can be printed out for the index card or the patient. Here too it is always astonishing how impressed people are by computer printouts with explanatory notes in which the priorities are highlighted in red.


To sum up, I should like to repeat my opening remark: “Yes, BICOM® Multisoft works to my and my patients’ satisfaction.”

All the program components are clear and easy to use. All the BICOM®’s functions can be controlled with this software and it is much quicker looking for therapy programs or program chains with endogenous frequency patterns by this method than with the manual.

Compared with the test ampoule method, Multisoft makes the job easier and 30 % quicker and also produces better results. This is achieved through the program’s structuring and the possibility of testing automatically. The “priority test” also constitutes an additional huge benefit for overall therapy as regards the progress and duration of therapy.

Therapeutic results can be compared with those from conventional treatment. I presented some statistics on this at the last colloquium.

For the electro-acupuncturists among us, the program offers a means of storing and presenting measurement parameters and readings clearly, allowing the cause of disease and progress of therapy to be compared in various ways.

However, in all your enthusiasm for this sophisticated technology, you should never forget that we are dealing, not with objects for testing or treating, but with people. With people, who have a soul, who have emotions, and in whom disease can develop precisely at this level which eludes testing and measurement. Use the time you save to talk to your patients, to give them your attention so that you get to know this aspect of the disorder too.

(During the congress the accompanying screen window for the individual sections will be shown using a PC and data/video projector.)

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