Bicom Optima – Basic Module

1. Basic Module

Treatment with frequency patterns produced within the body or by substances:

input and output bicom

With this module frequency patterns from the patient’s body, from secretions or excretions or from substances (e.g. pollen, viruses, heavy metals) are fed into the BICOM® device via an input applicator. Depending upon the patient’s symptoms and the BICOM® program selected, these frequency patterns are modulated to create treatment frequency patterns which are then applied to the patient via the output applicator.

New Feature on the Optima

Special feature:
135 new programs have been developed in the low deep frequency range between 1 and 25 Hz and preloaded ready for use. As a result, it will be possible, for the first time, to detect and treat blocks at the regulatory level with far-reaching effect.

Low deep frequency range between 1 and 25 Hz

Extract from a paper by H. Brügemann, presented at the 2009 International BICOM Congress in Fulda.

“… It is no secret that a series of important rhythms having a considerable influence on our regulatory systems – and hence on our health – lie in the low-frequency range. The most important is probably the Schumann wave. The physicist Prof. König accurately calculated the frequencies of Schumann waves. The lowest frequency is 7.8 Hz. Significantly, the hippocampal wave, which exerts a decisive influence on brain function, shares the same frequency, i.e. 7.8 Hz.”

Other brain waves also lie in the ultra-long wave range:
delta waves: 1 – 3 Hz
theta waves: 4 -7 Hz
alpha waves: 8 -13 Hz
beta waves: 14 – 30 Hz

These are frequencies radiated by the brain, i.e. by the control centre of the body, which naturally have a decisive influence on all bodily processes. If interference occurs in these frequency ranges it can be assumed that this will have an adverse effect on the body’s own regulatory system and consequently on our health.

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