Bicom Optima very user friendly

BICOM® Optima – Even more user friendly

Clearly structured and self-explanatory screen navigation makes it very easy to get started with BICOM® bioresonance without requiring extensive previous experience.

Among the options which can be called up via the main menu are the following:

1. Over 1000 preloaded treatment programs arranged alphabetically and by subject groups (the applicator positioning for each treatment program is displayed diagrammatically)

2. 220 useful program combinations (program sequences) for fields such as allergy, human, dental and veterinary medicine, etc.

3. Over 400 preloaded substance complexes

4. EAP testing in diagrammatic form

Main menu

menu of the bicom BICOM optima®

Menu for substance complexes

Substance complexes in the bicom

Electrode positioning

Electrode placement

EAP test readings


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