Bioresonance from Shilpa Shah (age 40 – female)

My daughter is 2 years old now and she has only seen her paediatrician once or twice (since the check after birth). Neela has practically replaced him.

Keiya had several food allergies (about 8) and we knew it was the case because she got a nappy rash when she had them. She now has only one left to treat. She is such a happy healthy child – eats well sleeps well and generally very peaceful. Each treatment seems to work within 4-48 hours – and she goes back to her old self. The bioresonance treatment and the support it gives me has allowed me to let Keiya be 100% vaccine free and still trust that whatever illness she may catch she will be able to heal herself with the treatment.

I myself had digestion and constipation issues my whole life it seems. For a few years (2002-2005) I could not eat any pasta or pizza – I suffered terribly from gas, constipation and bloating when I did. I was on a strict diet to avoid the suffering and I felt tired all the time. My father would complain to me “you’re always tired!” I could only eat half portions because I got full too quickly.

Since this time Neela has treated my large intestine several times and removed damage from vaccines etc – she has also treated allergies to milk and yeast – and I am a different person! I can eat anything and everything with very little problem. Anytime I catch a bug, get too full of electromagnetic smog or feel uneasy at all I go for a treatment – and its amazing what comes up! Sometimes fungal infections or pesticides in the water. Once I had the rotavirus which I hear is impossible to treat in conventional medicine – I had suffered for two weeks and after the bioresonance treatment I was better within a day!

My father, my husband, my mother in law and my dad all now go for this treatment – oh – I forgot to mention my dog who is over 14 (past his sell by date). The vet keeps threatening to come and put him down but after several treatments from a distance he is like a cat with more than 9 lives! He bounces back and acts like a puppy.

It’s a magical machine and Neela’s approach to the treatment is very special indeed (her intuition, the use of the meridians, her determination to find the root cause of the problem and her use of the Dr Reckeweg homeopathic remedies). It is something I wish to invest my time and energy in my  future career. I work as a life coach and hope one day to combine my work with the bioresonance so that we can balance mind, body, emotions etc and all enjoy great health and peace of mind!

Shilpa Shah