BIOSAFE: radiation field neutralisation and frequency adapted electromagnetic interference suppression for individual sleeping areas

Dieter Schafer, Building Biology Practitioner and Dowser, Aachen


Following 25 years’ experience working with energy fields and cleansing workplaces and sleeping areas of adverse health effects, my work now, alongside training building biology practitioners, primarily consists of testing the area around patients’ beds using 36 different checkpoints. In doing so, I always collaborate with therapists who, working in tune with me, neutralise therapy blocking radiation in the body using the bioresonance device.

I examine all terrestrial radiation, radio frequency radiation and the radiation fields of all electrical and metal objects around the bed. I then determine the best place to sleep in the room, what technical measures should be taken and, using kinesiology, test and check radiation neutralisation frequency adapted to the particular situation and its position within the room.


Earth radiation/geopathy

The term “earth radiation” is usually interpreted negatively, yet the Earth has a field which radiates positively and which Man needs. Geopathy is taken as radiation occurring as a result of the Earth’s anomalies which has a negative influence on Man.

Ionising radiation from watercourses and their magnetic properties stem from frictional energy generated by resistance as the water penetrates the ground.

It should be noted that most dowsers still ignore angle radiation although it has been technically proven. A sleeping area near a watercourse is not free from radiation


Geological faults arise through tectonic shifting of the earth’s crust, through earthquakes or through underground mine working. The energy radiated by a fault represents the strongest form of radiation given off by the Earth. Faults such as this can also emit gamma radiation which varies according to location and can be measured technically.

In addition, we consider various grid systems, such as the global grid (also known as the Hartmann grid), the diagonal network (also known as Curry Line), the Benker system and other terrestrial anomalies.

Electromagnetic smog

In addition to the naturally occurring magnetic field, vibrational medicine believes that self organised electromagnetic and electrical fields block therapy.

Electric alarm clocks, TVs, hi fl systems located by the bed or placed by a neighbor the other side of the wall from the bed are the most frequent cause of stress. Tension on the earth connection, water pipes or heating systems in a house frequently brings measurable fields into the room. Moreover, radiation fields from power cables in the pavement, street lighting, railway lines and high voltage lines often affect the area around the bed even if they are some distance away. Only rarely does a supply isolation switch by the bed help the situation in any way.

These days, young people’s rooms are high tech labs. As well as exposing the sleeping area to radiation at night, all the computers and electrical equipment in the room impairs the young person’s immune system. Since a second room is very rarely available for sleeping in, the only solution here is frequency adapted radiation neutralization.

The same goes for the workplace. Here we frequently find numerous pieces of equipment emitting heat, together with photocopiers, high voltage cables under the floor and often inappropriate lighting systems. Together they create a day long “radiation fire” of several 100 nT and several 100 mV, which affects the human nervous system which operates at just 70mV, the blood whose iron content reacts to magnetism and the cluster structure of the water within the body. In the process, the human body is not just subjected to a negative attack but also consumes energy trying to protect itself from this radiation

For this reason, it is not just the area around the bed but also the workplace where interference should be suppressed with frequencies adapted to the particular situation. This is particularly important for the therapy room as frequency adapted therapy must not be manipulated by energies which also exert an influence. We have obtained excellent results here with the BIOSAFE.

Radio frequency radiation

Another radiation factor to consider is radio frequency radiation. Apart from the fact that the bed’s sprung mattress with its numerous “antennae” receives this radiation and our bodies then resonate with it, it is almost impossible to get away from pulsed radiation waves and mobile phone radio masts.

The handy cordless phone, which also operates in pulsed mode, intensifies the radiation not only because we hold the handset (in other words the transmitter as well as the receiver) right against our head but also because the cordless radio station is located in our own home. The further this station is positioned from the bed, the better. Consequently, it is recommended that only corded phones are used, yet these are unpopular as they are supposedly awkward. It’s absolutely essential to suppress interference from mobiles and cordless phones!

Microwaves also operate in the high frequency range. With their magnetic fields they heat each cell by reversing the poles in a flash using frictional energy. In our view, incompatible with healthy eating.


In these modern times new technical devices, which alter our previously natural field, are constantly being brought onto the market.

The next big step concerns the new Universal Mobile Telephone Systems radio waves (UMTS). The 20 000 odd high frequency radio antennae currently built are to be increased to around 60 000 within the next 5 years.

So we shall make readjustments with our frequency adapted radiation neutralisation devices (BIOSAFE and GEOSAFE E). We recommend that our patients have the area where they sleep retested every five years not just for this reason but also because earthquakes create new geological faults which can also alter watercourses.


I have developed some of my own standard explanations following years of experience “on the spot” with patients and their sceptical partners who do not believe in all this. Not quite perfect medically speaking, not quite logical physically speaking, not quite correct biochemically speaking, yet easily understandable for most people.

I back up these explanations on the spot with technical measurements which are audible and the kinesiological test which demonstrates to the sceptic how his strength differs with and without changes or the interference suppressor. In this way I have always succeeded in getting patients to follow my instructions and produced results for them. I should like to present a shortened form of my sample explanations:

(At this point I work with the illustrations from L. Weidel’s book “Strahlungsfelder” [Radiation

1. Why isn’t all this common knowledge?

All words have an origin. The German word “GEHEIM” (secret) comes from “geh Heim” (go home). This means that not everyone should know about a particular thing.

All ancient Celtic energy points and also all old churches and mosques are built on points of the earth’s magnetic force. People are aware of the subtle positive bioenergetic charge and the priests secretly exploited it for these fields with their intensive vibrations also strengthen spiritual energy. As this can be detected with a dowsing rod, dowsing was generally classed as magic and outwardly condemned by the church. That is why the church never spoke of this ancient secret knowledge.

Today too there are a number of social groups which have no interest in broadcasting this knowledge.

2. How does the body respond to magnetism?

Every individual has iron in their blood enough to make a couple of nails. If we placed sufficient quantity of iron filings by a magnet we would see how iron responds to magnetism, and a similar thing happens in the body.

If our blood particles are clumped together as a result, it is harder for the blood to flow and it also loses the ability to bond with oxygen. The body reacts to this with various diseases.

3. How does the body respond to electrical impulses?

All the body’s functions, including communication between the cells, are based on electrical impulses. For example, colour recognition in the eye: we do not see colours but light waves reflected by various objects with different wavelengths. These hit the eye, are converted into electrical impulses and reach the brain as absolutely weak electrical impulses. If our bioelectric glandular system gets interfering radiation in it, then it reacts logically with “incorrect commands” to our body.

Bioresonance therapy is able to normalise interfering radiation in the body and is also highly successful. However, if the treated person lies down again in a bed affected by radiation, then therapy is boycotted.

(You can photocopy these examples for your patients.)

Time and again I encounter patients who changed therapists following bioresonance therapy which proved unsuccessful as radiation stress was disregarded. Only when the next therapist tested the sleeping area for radiation stress and had it eliminated was therapy successful.

It is an inescapable fact that radiation fields can block any delicate therapy and so even bioresonance therapy.


My experience with “interference suppressors”: since, in the past, I have worked for over 10 years with every possible kind of interference suppressor and am always coming to homes which have already been “suppressed” by other practitioners of building biology, yet the therapist could still detect various forms of radiation in the body, my own experiences brought me to the following conclusion.

Various mats used as bed underlay also remove positive earth radiation. Materials such as cork, copper or special fabric covers absorb solely the ionising radiation from watercourses and become saturated after a relatively short time, so that they soon become “interference mats”. Some manufacturers have realised this and divert this radiation through leads to the domestic earth connection or heating system. If these mats are then measured with technical apparatus, it is frequently observed that they often really are “live” as the earth connection was live. Moreover, not all mats protect against electromagnetic smog and radio frequency radiation.

Magnetic mats distort the natural field — try laying a compass on them: north south deviations of 180° less than 5 cm apart! Is that natural?

There is technical proof that silver fabric protects against high frequencies. Yet if this is tested kinesiologically, the individual’s system can be seen to be impaired as all the positive cosmic radiation is also kept away.

In addition, there are a number of technical devices, pyramid systems and other designs on offer. All these things are effective to some extent, yet these are all artificial fields which, on the one hand, are always the same and, on the other hand, are not frequency adapted in any way. How can the manufacturers of these products know which different radiation fields in every single home produce which different radiation mixes? Can you heal every disorder with the same combination of vibrations?

I also frequently come across informed interference suppressors, whether stones or oils which, after being subjected to radiation for a while, seem to have lost their effect, like homeopathic remedies placed on the TV set.

Every piece of help is a help even if it only helps to a certain extent but is still appreciable. I used to operate this way until I got to know something better:


All interference radiation, whether from radio frequencies, electromagnetic smog or watercourses, represents different wave lengths and brings about radiation which, through different components and intensities, has a totally different composition everywhere that patients sleep. As a logical consequence, radiation neutralisation needs to be adapted to the individual situation encountered at the particular bed.

Zeiss Brillentechnik has discovered that each crystal has a different structure. Thus each different crystalline structure is able to refract a different wavelength because of its own angle of refraction. I use a piece of cut glass, which produces a rainbow from a sunbeam, to demonstrate this to my patients.

Esoterics say they have “suppressed the interference” in their computers with rose quartz. Yet rose quartz has only one crystalline structure and can therefore only deal with one wavelength. However, since the computer — and I’m just using this as an example — produces any number of wavelengths, we need a vast range of angles of refraction, for you cannot make music with just a triangle — and you definitely cannot replace an orchestra.


It’s not my truth, but that of the patient which is crucial at the place where they sleep. Since you test and check the patient once I have suppressed the interference, I work out the appropriate mix of frequency adapted counter oscillations on the spot by using kinesiology on the patient and also determine the best location this way.

So I don’t make “sleeping area medicine” for the patient but use them to produce a mixture to counteract the spot which is affected by radiation — regardless who sleeps there.

The method works by combining over 20 natural substances with different physical angles of refraction (interference radiation, see graphic below).

Suppression is best achieved by determining the frequency range (material), intensity (quantity of material) and BICOM optima®l location actually at the bed. To prevent the substances becoming charged, further purifying stones and anti-blocking stones must be added to the mixture. We call these variable mixtures GEOSAFE E. There are 20 different variations. Yet we can also prepare an individual mixture on the spot using an ingredient test set.

Since it is not always possible to find somewhere to sleep that is 100 % free of radiation by moving the bed (water angle radiation, radio frequency radiation, neighbour’s magnetic field, etc.), it is nevertheless still possible to suppress interference everywhere patients sleep with this method and create the desired 6500-7000 Bovis units (vital oscillation unit named after the physicist Bovis) of positive vital energy. The CHI (Feng Shui) at a spot can also be increased any amount using this principle up to the energy point appropriate to the individual.

frequency spectrum

Electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation cannot be “spirited away”. So, even after interference suppression, they can still be measured IN THE AIR with technical equipment yet they can no longer be detected IN THE BODY medically, regardless whether by bioresonance, electroacupuncture, blood count or even biotensor or kinesiology. This suppression is not based on information which is erased with time — it operates with long lasting effect according to physical principles.

If initial exacerbations occur

When we change the area around the bed bioenergetically, 90 % of people sleep well again within a few days and are fit in the morning. 10 % experience the change in energy as an initial exacerbation as their body’s cells are accustomed to the nightly struggle. In such cases, we recommend carrying out BICOM® therapy immediately and placing the ball further away from the bed for the first few nights.

Quote from: Applied Kinesiology by Robert Forst, YAK Verlag 1998:

“Prof. Popp is considered an authority in the field of energy which cannot be measured physically. He also developed sophisticated measuring devices for this type of energy. He believes there are no measurable electromagnetic fields around substances such as homeopathic remedies, essences, precious stones, etc. which could have an effect on the body. He believes that the effect is possibly caused by a kind of “echo” phenomenon, whereby the human body’s electromagnetic field acts like the ultrasound signal transmitted by bats to manoeuvre their flight according to reflected vibrations. The various electromagnetic fields possibly passed through the remedy in skin contact with the body and returned to the body unaltered. This returning electromagnetic field could contain information specific to the remedy. It might cause changes in the basic substance which oscillate further through the body thus causing the changes picked up by the muscle test.”

electromagnetic field

To create a bioenergetic resource for therapists to use in their therapy rooms, together with colleagues I checked and tested kinesiologically a mixture consisting of 18 different substances. The purpose of the test was to provide BICOM optima®l radiation neutralisation and bioenergetic assistance for therapists operating in practices exposed to AVERAGE radiation.

Admittedly we have again only created a standard mixture but this time for a clear starting point: a radiation free area around the BICOM® device.

Following around 1500 instances of using the BIOSAFE, we have received a good deal of positive response. Only 3 times was someone not satisfied and we tackled this by producing a mixture adapted specifically to the individual situation. We now want to work on this nearly 99.5 % success rate by providing further clarification within this presentation.

Many BICOM® therapists reported to Regumed that they now take the BIOSAFE with them when they go to bed and, as a result, sleep much better, feel fitter in the morning and find minor physical problems have disappeared. I personally say: “Then these therapists were lucky that the mix of vibrations was the right one”. If they had needed a different proportional mix as they have a different radiation mix where they sleep, the BIOSAFE might possibly not have helped them.

Creating a health promoting radiation free place to sleep is to serve God.


To inform your patients, written in an easily understandable style and available in German, English and Dutch “Strahlungsfelder” [Radiation fields] by Luise Weidel (available from the author, see Appendix at the end of this volume).

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