Building biology as a condition of successful bioresonance therapy?

Alfred Schwarze, Naturopath, Bad Segeberg


The last time I stood here was eight years ago in June 1993. Even then I knew that I would be taking a back seat for a while.

At that time, I asked myself the question: „ Why doesn’t bioresonance therapy work on all patients with the same energetic diagnoses?”

Looking back I remember the date 7 January 1992. That was when my horse collapsed following treatment with the BICOm therapy device. On 5 January I had treated several nosodes, including „encephalitis”, with therapy setting „Ai”, „amplification 64 times”, frequency sweep 3 seconds, „continuous mode”, ,therapy time 15 min”. There then began a tense time for me. I obtained unbelievable reactions and success with many patients in those days using test programs 191 to 194 (frequency sweep 3 seconds). My findings were the last and decisive step on the road to Martin Keymer’s Cross-linked Test Technique.


I shall now report the individual stages of my progress:

1. In 1993 I began manipulating the BICOM® device by increasing the amplification. The healing reactions in some patients appeared to be intensified.

2. In 1994 I bought a frequency generator and conducted therapy tests on horses and on my own body. I witnessed reactions which encouraged me to get a more powerful frequency generator. From July 1995 onwards I used this device the whole time. In some cases the healing reactions were even stronger than I was used to with BICOM® therapy. I thought I’d made a breakthrough, although this later proved to be the wrong conclusion.

3. At the same time I gave up testing resonance with the biotensor as this produced too many incorrect results. I had to manage without this valuable test method for five whole years. At that time, my practice was affected by stress from extreme alternating electrical fields at the place where I treated patients, powerful electromagnetic wave radiation from digital cordless phones (DECT Standard) since 1994 and PVC flooring. I know for myself that these disturbing factors in themselves or in combination made me more sensitive. As the person carrying out the test, I played a crucial part in the sensitive control pattern of the resonance test with the biotensor. The test results were therefore distorted by the disturbing factors prevalent at the place where I made my diagnoses.

4. In 1995, after abandoning the resonance test, I carried out hair mineral analyses on my patients. Where stress was present, I then targeted this with bioenergetic treatment. Success was pre programmed. But, of course, not everyone had heavy metal stress or disturbed mineral metabolism.

5. From 1996 I also began dealing with toxins in the home environment. I went to the homes of my patients and took samples of prominent materials (carpets, fungi, wood panelling, vinyl wallpaper, etc.). The ensuing treatment and accompanying renovation work brought even more success.

6. In February 1999 I met Uwe Lochner, a naturopath and exponent of building biology from Hembrechts. I learnt for the first time about what building biology had to offer. I immediately realised how important building biology can be, both in preventing and treating disease. In October of the same year I attended the „Basic building biology seminar” (IBN) under Wolfgang Maes. I then immediately ordered the equipment and began measuring. This was followed by the „Followup seminar — air” in March 2000, the „Measuring techniques seminar” in April and the „Followup seminar — radiation” in October. By the end of April 2000 I was making more or less complete investigations on the basis of the Standard der baubiologischen Mefitechnik [Standard for measurement techniques used in building biology]. The severe or extreme stress I detected in my patients’ home environments was eliminated. Subsequent bioenergetic treatment brought just what I had been seeking: Effective therapy which works on all patients with that particular problem!

7. Since I May 2000 I have been working in my practice which has been largely freed from electrical stress and domestic toxins. I now observed that patients exposed to severe or extreme electrical stress in their domestic surroundings displayed excessively strong and uncontrolled reactions to therapy with the frequency generator. I also observed this when operating the BICOM device off the power supply (not earthed) with the magnetic hammer. I achieved the desired result operating the BICOM® device off the battery.

8. In June of the same year I tested out the resonance test with the biotensor once again in the suppressed workplace. Surprisingly the results were so good that I was glad to be able to resume this valuable test method again. I now treat using the BICOM® device with programs 191 to 194, tested out with the biotensor. The appropriate ampoule (material, nosode, fungus, radiation, etc.) goes in the input. Therapy time is determined with the resonance test.


I have drawn the following conclusions from these results:

1. Identify stresses!
2. Eliminate stresses!
3. Treat disease and feelings of ill health using BRT on the basis of the results obtained from 1 and 2!


I should now like to present a summary of the Standard der baubiologischen Mej3technik SBM- 2000 to indicate the diversity of my work.

A Fields, waves, radiation (electrobiology)

Man is a product of his environment. All living organisms function like an electrical system. Their molecules and atoms are electrically polarised elements. As charge carriers, the cells are poled (dipolar); they emit radiation of different frequencies and absorb electromagnetic impulses.

Radiation can upset the control centres of the nervous, hormonal and immunological systems and cause or intensify a number of diseases (particularly chronic disorders).

„Al” Alternating electrical fields (low frequency)

Alternating electrical fields develop exclusively through voltage. It is very easy to provide protection against them using conductive materials and earthing. They cause artificial current conduction, charge reversal and cell and nerve irritation in the body.

„A2″ Alternating magnetic fields (low frequency)

Alternating magnetic fields develop exclusively through current. Virtually the only way to protect against them is with magnetically conducting materials (soft iron, mu-metal). They penetrate the human body unchecked and, as the frequency grows, increasingly produce (induce) eddy currents and voltage inside the body. If the currents exceed a certain threshold, then nerves and muscle cells may be stimulated or sensations of light flashes may be perceived. They are considered by some to be responsible for a wide range of biological effects from hormonal imbalance to cancer and investigations are currently being conducted into this.

„A3 Electromagnetic waves (high frequency)

High frequency fields exert force effects on electrically charged or polarised particles: They cause charges to shift. They may interact (resonate) with the applied frequency. Low frequency modulation, particularly pulse modulation, affects the biological system

„A4″ Constant electrical fields (electrostatics)

We talk of electrostatics when constant electrical fields develop through constant electrical voltages on plastic surfaces or synthetic fibres. The natural balance of air ionisation and of the healthy atmospheric environment is seriously disturbed by electrostatics. The electrostatic field affects vesicular breathing and thereby the whole oxidative metabolic process and immunisation.

„A 5″ Constant magnetic fields (magnetostatics / earth’s magnetic field)

The body’s magnetism has a particular significance in the transmission of information and for the control of vegetative processes. There is a link between fluctuations in magnetic field and metabolic processes, which can be explained by the enzyme system being affected. It has been discovered that the human body produces artificial electrical voltages in the magnetic field.

„A6″ Radioactivity (gamma radiation / radon)

Radioactive radiation causes activation (radical formation) of atoms and molecules within the cells of the human body with undesirable chemical reactions occurring in biomolecules, proteins and nucleic acids. An increased number of mutated cancer cells which are capable of living and reproducing develop within irradiated human tissue. Their inexorable growth adversely affects the human immunological system and can lead to destructive dysfunction in unaffected organs.

Radon is a radioactive gas and a powerful alpha emitter. When air containing radon is inhaled, approximately 25 % of the radioactive gas is absorbed by the body. Short lived radon decomposes directly in the lungs, dissolves in body fluids and disperses throughout the whole body.

„A 7″ Geological disturbances (earth’s magnetic field, earth’s radiation)

Geological disturbances result from water flowing underground or other geological conditions such as faults and slips. Within these disturbed zones measurable differences exist between the earth’s natural radioactive radiation and the flow density of the earth’s natural magnetic field. Disease may develop or become aggravated through the body becoming weakened; the recovery process is impeded or delayed.

B Domestic toxins, harmful substances, atmospheric environment

,,B1″ Formaldehyde and other poisonous gases

Formaldehyde is mainly found in chipboard and other wood based materials, but also in some insulating materials, detergents, disinfectants, preservatives and cleaning agents, in textiles, vehicle exhaust gases and in cigarette smoke. Humidity and warmth encourage the release of formaldehyde into the atmosphere within the room. Formaldehyde can irritate the respiratory tract, skin and mucous membranes, cause headaches, trigger allergies and is suspected of causing cancer. Hair loss and kidney damage have also been observed in some cases.

„B2″ Solvents and other highly volatile harmful substances

Highly volatile harmful substances are also frequently termed VOC (volatile organic compounds). Their volatility stems from the fact that they disperse relatively rapidly in the air and also rapidly disappear again if adequate ventilation is provided.

„B3″ Biocides and other nonvolatile harmful substances

Nonvolatile harmful substances: Organic molecular compounds, which tend to be emitted far less than highly volatile substances, are the most prominent of the biologically risky domestic toxins.

Nonvolatile harmful substances are mainly absorbed through the skin (direct physical contact with material treated with biocide) and through inhaled and ingested contaminated dust and then accumulate in the respiratory tract and in the mucous membranes.

„B4″ Heavy metals and other organic harmful substances
„B5″ Asbestos and other fibres
„B6″ Atmospheric environment

Health, vitality and emotional well being are dependent on good air quality. A disturbed atmospheric environment cultivates disease, passivity, a depressant effect and nervousness. Temperature, humidity, pressure, movement, carbon dioxide, small ions and atmospheric electricity are important.

C Fungi, allergens, particles

„Cl” Moulds and their spores and products of metabolism

Moulds (thread fungi): Most kinds of fungi are beneficial. They utilise perished matter and are an important part of an efficiently functioning ecosystem. Moulds tend to represent (not just) a risk for the respiratory tract, for bronchi, lungs, paranasal sinus and nose.

„C2″ Yeast fungi and the products of their metabolism

Yeast fungi are rarely spread through the air, but tend to be spread through body fluids and are absorbed directly (in food). They prefer to colonise (not just) the digestive tract from the oral cavity to the small and large intestine.

„C3″ Bacteria and the products of their metabolism

Bacteria are important for the organism and, depending on the type and quantity, are necessary for health. They help maintain an intact immunological system and ward off pathogens. There are several billion bacteria and several hundred different types of bacteria present in the intestines alone. Bacteria can also be pathogenic. It all depends on the type, number and location.

„C4″ House dust mites and other allergens
„C5″ Particles (coarse and fine dust, suspended particles)

House dust dries out the mucous membranes and leads to persistent respiratory and ocular complaints. Dust becomes a problem inside buildings when rubbed off textile surfaces and carpets or when insulating materials are inadequately sealed in. Vacuum cleaners and air conditioning and ventilation systems can also considerably increase fine dust levels.