Case history and diagnosis: important in ensuring success and a promising therapy plan

Marcel Riffel

  1. Bioenergetic findings

Ideally a patient sends us a medical history in advance and where possible a medical and examination report/laboratory results by email. Then we are informed in advance about the reason for the consultation. Our receptionist explains to the patient that any medication he/she is taking should also be brought along to the examination appointment.

When the patient comes to our clinic, he/she is given a medical history form, shown in the Annex, and asked to fill it in.

At the beginning of every bioenergetic therapy we obtain a bioenergetic diagnosis. To do this, it is necessary for you to know how to carry out bioenergetic testing. Here in the practice we work mainly with the Biotensor but also with kinesiology.

Over the years I have developed an examination procedure which can be carried out easily in 60 minutes. During the hour the patient is informed about what the treatment involves, which foodstuffs if any, must be avoided, how long abstention lasts, what costs will be incurred and if necessary any other therapeutic means — other than BRT — I would recommend.

Before I start testing I explain to the patient that from a physical perspective, every substance (including each cell) has quite distinct radiation, oscillation information, a wavelength and frequency pattern. All the concepts mean the same thing.

I explain to the patient that this oscillation information goes into the input of the BRT device and is amplified in the device by a factor of X (similar to regulating volume) and is then output as information on the plate/tensor test aid or the mat. We now have what we would term an oscillation field, or resonance field, between the patient and the plate/mat.

Next we simply test for resonance. I explain to the patient that I am looking out for which substances resonate with his/her body.

In this way we can now test for stabilising substances (A program), or stressing substances (Ai program). Depending on which program we are setting in the BICOM, we can find out which medications resonate with the patient and which substances stress the patient.

As it is the background stresses (i. e. the pathogenic stresses) which are important in terms of our therapy, I explain that we compare the patient to a “stress barrel” in order for us to identify exactly those pathogens/allergens acting as background stresses and responsible for his/her symptoms.

I then explain that when the oscillation matches both an A and an Ai program too, this gives rise to a resonance phenomenon between the patient and the plate. ie within therapy we are fundamentally searching for a resonance phenomenon. What this means in terms of subsequent treatment, how this might appear and what foodstuffs the patient must avoid, I am only able to say after my bioenergetic test.

Patients actually understand this information really well and so start to gain trust in BRT for the first time.

Before the test is started we carry out the familiar preliminary tests from kinesiology and using the Biotensor (presented by Simone Maquinay in Fulda in 2014 and reproduced in RTI Volume 38).

  1. Procedure based on bioenergetic findings

Below you can see listed the sequence in which I proceed with a patient in every day practice.

  • Check 5 Elements human (192) to see where the patient’s primary stressed element is, and which are the supporting elements, or if there is any “Energetic Conflict”.
  • Check all my available pink trigger ampoules (192) (I have put together my own extra set) to see in which sub-test sets I need to search. In my approach the main stressed element is not in the input cup.
  • Check all sub-test sets (usually 191, but also 192), indicated by the pink trigger
  • Check Ly 2 (Lymph outflow point upper jaw/lower jaw) to avoid possibly overlooking a tooth that may be stressing bioenergetically. This is only checked using the
    Biotensor, which is connected with a blue cable and the button applicator. Here I am looking for an interference field. If we see an up and down movement of the biotensor, we need to check the tooth test set (192).
  • Always check Candida, wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, amalgam/mercury, salicylic acid, EBV, histamine, intracellular stresses, drug additives, MCS. I usually do this using kinesiology. This frequently involves native products.

Please always consider possible couplings for the substances listed in red below.


  • Should moulds be an issue, I always check, besides the CTT test sets, the Inhalation allergens test set from Schumacher.
  • Scars are checked/discussed from head to foot jointly with the patient. If the patient is able to remember all of his/her scars, we test using kinesiology to enquire whether “All the scars relevant for therapy have been found”.
  • I have saved all scar programs (910, 927, 900, 341.4, 3432 (integrated in the new BICOM optima®)) in a single scar program series. During the test I am looking for scars. If the patient resonates with one of these programs (blood in the input cup), then I know that these superordinate scar stresses must be treated without fail.
  • With the geopathogenic stresses, the familiar CTT ampoules are checked (WLAN/DECT/Bluetooth/UMTS)/earth radiation/watercourses/e-smog / radio stresses plus various ampoules from Dieter Schafer.

When checking with the above ampoules, always think in terms of possible couplings with viruses too.

Furthermore, programs 700, 701, 702 and 471 (integrated in the new BICOM optima®) are checked in addition, and also the programs for prana therapy from the Hennecke family from the last Congress in 2016 (see RTI Volume No. 40 from last year 2016).

  • Whoever has a spin tester will now be able to test the blood’s direction.
  • Depending on the patient, Bach flowers, Rosalind flowers, chakras (and where available miasmas and nosodes too) plus the medications taken by the patient are checked.
  • Since the BBC was introduced last year, I have been using this scan system to support my bioenergetic diagnostic findings, since November 2016. However, 60 minutes will then no longer be enough to make a bioenergetic diagnosis. For the present I am unable to say definitively whether I will use the BBC (BICOM® BodyCheck) every time for initial diagnosis or whether I will use it during the course of therapy. I still have to decide what works best based on my own experience.

Patient results:

Patient resultsRiffel Practice medical history form

Riffel Practice medical history form

Information on medication(s): (please also write the name(s) of the medication(s)

Information on medication(s)


New programs

5,4 Hz               3432 (1063)

Elimination of scar interference/lower abdomen complaints
Specialist field Releasing energy blocks

H/H = 10.60/constant amplification/wobble = NO/continuous mode/

I: scar being treated, or lower abdomen/O: large modulation mat/duration =12 min

8,3 kHz     471 (1034)

Earth ( radiation stress (Benker line + Curry intersection)
Specialist field Releasing energy blocks

H/constant amplification/H = 4.4/wobble = NO/interval mode/
Input: 2 adhesive applicators both temporomandibular joints + adhesive applicator SP 4a or thymus
Output: modulation mat/Input cup: Blood/duration = 11 min

The numbers in brackets (1063 and 1034) are the numbers under which I have saved these programs in my BICOM BICOM optima®. In the new BICOM optima® these two programs are saved and integrated under numbers 3432 = Elimination of scar interference and 471 = Earth radiation stress.

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