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Articles on bioresonance and other health related subjects.

Bioresonance Therapy – Rheumatic Disorders

Rheumatic disorders are a family of diseases that affects a patient’s joints, as well as the connective tissue around the joints. There are more than 100 different types of Rheumatic Disorders, as reported by Everyday Health. Many types of arthritis also form part of the Rheumatic family of disorders, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. The American […]

Bioresonance Therapy and Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system provides the body assistance with getting rid of waste, toxins and several other unwanted materials. Live Science explains the function of the lymphatic system as a system that transports white blood cells throughout the entire body. These white blood cells are contained in a fluid called lymph. There are several lymphatic disorders that can […]

Bioresonance Therapy and Liver Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates a total of 39,230 new cases of liver cancer within the United States for the year 2016. They also estimate that around 27,170 of these cases will result in death. The number of patients diagnosed with liver cancer has grown by 300% between 1980 and 2016. During the years 2003 […]

Bioresonance Therapy and Holistic Medicine

Natural Healers report that around 33.2% of American citizens opt for holistic or alternative medical options. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health expands these figures by reporting that 38.3% of adults within the United States uses alternative health treatment options, while 11.8% of children within the United States are also reported to use […]

Bioresonance Therapy for Mildew and Fungi Contamination

Mildew is known as a type of fungi that usually forms in moist environments. FEMA reports that while mold may be an environmental necessity in nature, it can pose as a physical threat to humans due to the diseases and illnesses that can be caused by them. A news release in 2014 reported that around […]

Neurological Illnesses and Bioresonance

Neurological disorders ranging from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s disease affect up to one billion people worldwide, according to the United Nations report. It is estimated that about 6.8 million people die each year due to neurological illnesses. In Europe alone, the economic cost of these illnesses was estimated at about 139 billion euros. Furthermore, the impact […]

Can Bioresonance Treat Cholesterol?

  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 73.5 million adults in the United States have LDL or bad cholesterol. This accounts for 31.7% of the population. Furthermore, less than 29.5% of the adults with LDL cholesterol have their condition under control. Individuals with high total cholesterol have twice the risk for heart […]

Migraines – Bioresonance Therapy

Introduction The rise of civilization and the exponential modernization of the global economy has undoubtedly benefitted the human race in countless ways. However, these advancements are only made possible as more individuals undertake added burden and stress to constantly meet increasing expectations. At the root of it all, the human mind plays a fundamental role […]

Weight Gain – Bioresonance Therapy

Introduction Personal weight control is a global issue that everyone can relate to. The scary thing about uncontrolled weight gain is that it can be triggered by many factors and affect anyone around the world. Regardless of their race, gender and ethnicity, problems with weight management are bound to arise. To further complicate matters, once […]

Bioresonance Therapy and Depression

Introduction The human race has made giant leaps and bounds throughout the centuries to established itself as the most dominant living species on Earth. This is largely due to the extensive use of scientific discoveries that paved the way for modernisation of the world. The global population has moved away from ancient traditions of manual […]