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Bioresonance Therapy and Asthma

Introduction According to statistics provided by the Asthma UK Health Organisation, there are currently close to 5.5 million people in the United Kingdom receiving treatment for asthma. This cohort consists of 80% adults and 20% under the age of 18. Comparing this statistic to the total population in the United Kingdom, asthmatic conditions affect 1 […]

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs and bioresonance

A lady in the USA has just been found to be carrying the first antibiotic resistant bacteria, a top health official has reported that this could be “the end of the road” for treatments using antibiotics. This particular antibiotic-resistant strain was discovered in April 2016 in a 49 year old Pennsylvania woman’s urine. Department researchers […]

5 Reasons Why Bioresonance is the Medicine of the Future

Bioresonance is the Medicine of the Future

  Looks at the cause of illness – not the symptoms Diagnosis using conventional medical techniques is essential and very important. In most cases, the diagnosis describes the clinical picture but does not reveal the actual cause of the condition. For example, Chronic Fatigue is just a slightly more technical term to describe being tired […]

Treating Tinnitus with Bioresonance

Do you experience ringing in your ears? The chances are high that the ringing you hear is caused by tinnitus. Although it is harmless, sounds and noises you hear can be quite frustrating and they can affect your quality of life. Individuals who develop tinnitus report lack of sleep and irritable behaviour due to inability […]

Bioresonance Frequency Explained

Bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive therapy invented in 1977 in Germany by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, Erich Rache. The rest is practically history. The word of this new groundbreaking therapy spread in Europe and soon after, the entire world. Nowadays, bioresonance is practiced worldwide by doctors as well as by individual, certified practitioners. In […]

Glossary of Terms

Allergen A substance foreign to the body, triggering the production of histamine and specific antibodies. The conventional serum preparations are not useful for biophysical testing. Instead native substances are used. Allergen-Resonance Test The adequate information of any allergic disposition is exclusively determined by the biophysical oscillation pattern of the allergen (= frequency, frequency pattern and […]

Book extract: Allergies and treatment protocol

Introduction This book sounds like a modern fairy tale. All people and names are fictitious. Similarities with living persons are not coincidental, but rather intended. Treating Allergies through Oscillation – What is this? First of all, it is a somewhat helpless description for a previously unknown phenomenon in the medical field. There are patients with […]

Dentist play a vitally important role in the nations health

Dentist play a vitally important role in the nations health, This dysfunction of the immune system is triggered by various factors, including allergenic, inflammatory or toxic dental materials. Anaerobic: usually refers to bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen. They are more apt to produce the toxins that create diseases. Bad diseases. They are […]

Allergy therapy with bioresonance

Rationale behind the BICOM® bioresonance method Despite decades of intensive research the aetiology of allergies is not fully understood.  At best it is generally accepted that allergens and other environmental factors induce complex immunological processes which may then in turn cause allergic symptoms.1 The causal allergy treatments developed on this basis are laborious and often […]