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43th international Bicom bioresonance congress papers from Bicom Regumed Germany. 2 to 4 May 2003, Fulda, Germany Regumed Institut fiir Regulative Medizin, 82166 Grafelfing

Bicom Multisoft One year’s experience using Bicom Multisoft

Dr. med. Paul-Gerhard Valeske, Kempten INTRODUCTION Computer technology is nowadays widely used by those of us working in “naturopathy” and “complementary medicine”: BicOm functions are controlled by computer; electro-acupuncture and testing for allergies, toxic, miasmatic and other stresses can be detected and treated electronically. Has computer technology lived up to its promise? Ideally, I would […]

Surprises revealed in the course of therapy by case histories

Michaela Garbotz, Naturopath, Leipzig INTRODUCTION Ladies and gentlemen, I should like to tell you about some instances from my practice as surprising revelations from patients’ case histories always give me inspiration for their cases. When I first started up in practice in 1994 I had no inkling of what was in store for me, of […]

BIOSAFE: radiation field neutralisation and frequency adapted electromagnetic interference suppression for individual sleeping areas

Dieter Schafer, Building Biology Practitioner and Dowser, Aachen INTRODUCTION Following 25 years’ experience working with energy fields and cleansing workplaces and sleeping areas of adverse health effects, my work now, alongside training building biology practitioners, primarily consists of testing the area around patients’ beds using 36 different checkpoints. In doing so, I always collaborate with […]

Identifying and removing therapy blocks caused by radiation stress

Dr. med. Jurgen Hennecke, Aachen INTRODUCTION When we started to become heavily involved with treating allergies over ten years ago, we noticed with some patients that allergens which had been treated successfully reappeared after a few weeks. Following intensive investigation, we detected that two energetic blocks were responsible for this: scar interference fields and/or stress […]