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Extended application of nutrient points

Ori Wolff, MD, Orthopedic Specialist From a scientific perspective, what are the nutrient points used in Sissi Karz’s bioreso­nance therapy? Are they scientifically explicable, reproducible? Are there perhaps other nutrient points? Are there useful connections to other areas? Fundamentally, is there possibly a broader vision for the way in which bioresonance therapy works? Here, it […]

Multiple sclerosis: Drug-free — a possibility with bioresonance?

Esther Roder, Naturopath What is multiple sclerosis (MS)? Multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the central nervous system (CNS), through which the components of the nerve fibres are destroyed — as well as myelin, also known as the myelin sheath. They become inflamed and can harden permanently, so that the nerve’s function —namely, […]

Therapy options for severe spinal disk prolapses

Sven Peters, Naturopath In order to ensure that the treatment of herniated discs with BICOM is successful, we need to address a few structural basics. A good level of background knowledge is im­portant for the subsequent placement of applicators. In conventional medicine, pro­lapses are generally separated into 6 degrees of severity. Degree 1: Clear pain […]

Strengthen the center — the stomach and its key position for health

Cassandra Mougiakou, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine Dear colleagues, Today, I face the challenge to address the quite common subject of stomach problems and I will hopefully give you some new and useful information. My goal is to relate to the stomach, not only as a very important organ, but also to the metaphorical stomach, […]

What effects do organs and the psyche have on the malposition of the spinal column?

Claudia Lepper, MD, Specialist in general medicine From 1998, I ran a “normal doctor’s surgery as a family doctor and general practi­tioner” for approximately 8 years. As I had been taught throughout my studies and ed­ucation, I supplied my patients with pain medication, blood pressure medication, anti­biotics, etc. At least once a week, I welcomed […]

The many faces of intolerance: Histamine, lactose, fructose

Jorg Reibig, MD, Specialist in Paediatric Medicine   Intolerances (lat. intolerantia, from tolerare “endure”, “tolerate”) are a causally diverse group of metabolic diseases which occur due to inadequate processing of supplied or released substances. The cause is often an enzyme defect or deficiency. With food in­tolerances, the body is not able to process certain substances […]

Polycystic ovary syndrome: A hidden epidemic

Jenny Blondel, Naturopath Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder that causes weight gain, insulin resistance, menstrual problems, fertility problems, acne, hair loss, and hirsutism. Many women feel stigmatised maybe because the stereotype is a heavy overweight woman with diabetes. The disorder is not new, but it is in­creasing at an alarming rate. Two […]