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Scientific studies about Bicom therapies using Bicom 2000 and Bicom Optima

Fröhlich’s Interpretation of Biology through Theoretical Physics – Liverpool University

“Herbert Fröhlich FRS: A physicist ahead of his time” G.J. Hyland & P. Rowlands (Eds.) The University of Liverpool, 2006.  Chapter 7: pp. 91-138 (2nd edition 2008. Chapter 7: pp.107-154) Fröhlich’s Interpretation of Biology through Theoretical Physics. Cyril W. Smith (Salford University – Retired) Abstract Fröhlich had already considered biological problems in relation to theoretical physics  in the 1930’s. […]

Cancer cell proliferation is inhibited by specific modulation frequencies

This is an extract from this article from the US National Library of Medicine Background: There is clinical evidence that very low and safe levels of amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields administered via an intrabuccal spoon-shaped probe may elicit therapeutic responses in patients with cancer. However, there is no known mechanism explaining the anti-proliferative effect of […]

Research for Electro-smog Devices

Electro smog devices

Report on biophysical testing of the REGUMED Protector device and its protective effect when exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted eg. by Wi-Fi or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technologies, mobile radio transmitters, mobile phones, smartphones, wireless DECT phones, and geopathogenic zones Submitter: REGUMED Regulative Medizintechnik GmbH, Hans Cornelius Straße 4, DE-82166 Gräfelfing Date of issue: August […]

Clinical study on the use of BICOM resonance therapy on overstrain syndrome in top sportsmen

Dr_ med. Breda Jesensek Papcz, Dr. med. prim, Joze Barpvic German translation and adaptation T. Rome and R. Moyses Introduction The organism’s biophysical processes are fundamental characteristics which are present in all organisms and are superordinate to biochemical processes. The frequency range extends from very short to the extremely long wave range. The body creates […]

Biophysical allergy therapy, Retrospective study from a medical practice

P. Schumacher Summary ft Moyses Introduction Between September 1989 and October 1990, Dr. P. Schumacher of Innsbruck carried out a study of around 200 allergy patients which will be summarised here. In his book Biophysikalische Therapie der Altergieni [Biophysical allergy therapy], in which this study is described in detail alongside numerous other useful tips on […]

Transfer of molecular information using a bioresonance instrument (BICOM) in amphibian trials

Erfahrungsheilkunde Acta medica empirica Journal for medical practiceOffprint (vol. 44, issue no, 3/1995) (controlled blind study) By: P.C. Endler, M. Citro, W. Pongratz, C.W. Smith,Vinattieri, F. Senekowitsch Summary Two independent double-blind studies, performed in Austria and Italy, demonstrated that bioinforrnation can be scanned and transferred by a bioresonance instrument (BICOM), The metamorphosis of tadpoles could be […]

Tests on the transduction of acetic acid information via an electronic amplifier

Erfahrungsheilkunde Acta medica empirica Journal for medical practice Offprint (EHK7/1998) Peter Kreisl Summary The transfer of bioenergetic information facilitates a new scientific approach to the specialist area of biology, in particular methods of medical diagnosis and therapy. This paper demonstrates that, by transferring acetic acid information to inorganic salt solutions by means of an electronic […]

Bioresonance Therapy Corrects the Immunodeficiency Of Chernobyl mice

Sakharov D., Savtsova Z., Indyk V., Kovhsyuk S., Voieikova I., Zaritskaia M., Orlovsky  A.,  Serkiz Ja., Kavetsky R. E.  Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology, and Radiobiology of the National Academy of Science of the Ukraine Lednyickzy G. Hippocampus Research Facilities, Central Division, 1031 Budapest, Nardi tit 67, Hungary, Tel/fax: 36-1-1884865 Abstract: The investigation was carried […]

Prospective randomised study to check the results of treatment using endogenous electromagnetic fields, in the case of slight liver cell damage

Introduction The fundamental question of how a living organism such as a human being, which is composed of an astronomical number of cells, is able to coordinate BICOM optima®l function and above all the entire life cycle (cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, etc.) of each individual cell in such a way that the integrity of the […]

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