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Permanent cold and watering eyes for months

ENT specialist: BICOM® bioresonance method – a good way to offset lower revenues as a result of the health reform For more than three years I have been working in my ENT practice with the bioresonance method. Despite initial misgivings about whether this therapy really pays for itself, the successes I have had using this […]

Help with asthma

A mother reports: The Management team at Regumed received the following letter from the mother of a child suffering from asthma. Dear Frau Brügemann, Herr Brügemann, my name is Nancy Langhein-Mayr and my daughter was treated using the BICOM® device and it has brought about unimaginable improvements. I am absolutely fascinated about this method and […]

Fireman rescued from severe asthma

A good feeling, being able to help patients Bioresonance has been extraordinarily successful in the treatment of asthma too. Adults and children who have suffered from asthma for years are well again thanks to BICOM® therapy. And this was also the case for a 48-year-old fireman who had suffered from asthma for a number of […]

“I no longer have an allergic reaction to cats”

Sam now loves to play with his cat: allergy free When we went on holiday last summer to a farm in the Czech Republic my children discovered a tiny, half-starved kitten in a stable. It had obviously been neglected by its mother. It was in a pitiful state. We fed it up until it was […]

Patients suffering multiple allergies and unable to work

Female patient: “I never would have thought life could be so good.” At the start of March last year a 36-year-old female patient came to my practice after hearing a presentation on bioresonance therapy that I had given in the local adult education centre. She was suffering from multiple allergies and was taking high doses […]