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Hyperactive and permanently full of cold

Hyperactivity: 7-year-old girl Success with Bicom therapy leads to waiving of panel status Integration of bioresonance in my practice worked really well. Many of my patients were already aware of alternative treatment methods. When I am no longer able to help patients with conventional medicine or other naturopathic methods I put my trust in bioresonance […]

Treating AD(H)S with the BICOM

Hyperactivity: Fidgets and dreamers In her naturopathic practice Jessica Rüther works primarily with children with behavioural difficulties. The main focus is children suffering from AD(H)D (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I gave a presentation on my experiences of this at the 2007 International Bicom Congress in Fulda. Here is a short recap. Thousands of parents of […]

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