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Hyperactive and permanently full of cold

Hyperactivity: 7-year-old girl Success with BICOM® therapy leads to waiving of panel status Integration of bioresonance in my practice worked really well. Many of my patients were already aware of alternative treatment methods. When I am no longer able to help patients with conventional medicine or other naturopathic methods I put my trust in bioresonance […]

Treating AD(H)S with the BICOM®

Hyperactivity: Fidgets and dreamers In her naturopathic practice Jessica Rüther works primarily with children with behavioural difficulties. The main focus is children suffering from AD(H)D (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I gave a presentation on my experiences of this at the 2007 International BICOM® Congress in Fulda. Here is a short recap. Thousands of parents of […]