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Word of mouth recommendation in the waiting room

basset hound with healthy eye after bicom therapy

Client Name: Sabine Nissen, vet More opportunities than those offered by conventional medicine We mainly use BICOM® bioresonance with allergies and all kinds of injuries but also with eye diseases, for example. It is also ideal for offering protection from ticks. For this, we store the therapy information on what is known as a BICOM® […]

Bicom bioresonance is the last resort for many animal owners

sick British kitten on a table in bioresonance clinic

Client Name: Stephanie Dziallas Holistic animal healer I had already heard about bioresonance while training as a naturopath treating both animals and humans. It was clear to me from the outset that I should get a BICOM® device as soon as I opened my own practice. And I have now been working with BICOM® for […]

“As far as I’m concerned, bioresonance has been the greatest discovery of my life”

Client Name: Sabine Lauermann-Bittner Sabine Lauermann-Bittner, vet: In 1989 I opened a small animal practice and, since then, have accumulated a wealth of professional experience. I am a second generation vet and continue to practice my profession enthusiastically and with pleasure. I integrated bioresonance therapy into my practice because I found conventional medical diagnosis and […]

Not a moment’s regret about buying a BICOM® device as…

Bicom vet treating horse using the bicom

Client Name: Dr Jochen Becker …it treats the causes instead of suppressing the symptoms! I have had my own practice for 20 years and over this time have noticed a shift in the disorders affecting my animal patients. While initially I tended to treat acute cases such as high temperature, injuries, etc. and got along […]

Kidney failure in cats

Cat with kidney failure treated with bicom bioresonance

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Jochen Becker Treatment with BICOM® bioresonance One of the most common diseases in cats, especially with increasing age, is definitely chronic renal failure or CRF for short. The first clinical symptoms of this disorder to be noticed include intermittent diarrhoea, vomiting and general malaise as well as a dull, generally […]

Wryneck in rabbits

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Elke Deus Wryneck, or spasmodic torticollis, occurs relatively frequently in rabbits. Unfortunately, there are only limited opportunities for treating this indication with conventional medicine and in most cases, the outcome is not satisfactory. Cortisone preparations, antibiotics, Panacur and vitamin D provide only limited relief for the condition. Genuine success is […]

Eosinophilic pododermatitis

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Karen Eigenbrod Bioresonance rather than foot amputation Eosinophilic pododermatitis Monty the cat was brought to my late surgery by his desperate owners. Monty was suffering from eosinophilic pododermatitis. The owners reported that the cat had now undergone two operations at the university hospital but that these had not brought any improvement […]

Leishmania infantum cured with bioresonance

Client Name: Charlie Holtermann – VET Leishmania infantum LEISHMANIASIS NEED NO LONGER BE A LIFELONG INFECTION Meet Coffee the rescued podenco, diagnosed with leishmaniasis in 2015, there is currently no conventional treatment for this disease. But Veterinary Surgeons in Germany have bee very successful in treating for leishmaniasis for the last decade. This case comes from […]