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Therapy Tips about Bicom therapies using Bicom 2000, Essential Oils and Bicom Optima

Nutrient point therapy for susceptibility to infections and colds

We recommend the following tried and tested programme settings to increase the resistance to infections: 1. Basic therapy 2. Possibly treatment of the elimination organs and therapy blockages 3. Program sequence 10005 “Resistance, increase the powers of” possibly also 3003.0 und 570.1 (for stabilizing the immune system) + substance complex “Increase the powers of resistance” […]

BICOM® therapy for school and exam stress

exam stress remedies

Every child and adolescent reacts individually to stress. Symptoms can be physical and/or psychological. The most common physical stress symptoms include: Headache Stomach ache Nausea Diarrhoea Sleep disturbances Eating disorders (loss of appetite or overeating) The most common psychological stress symptoms include: Anxiety Nervousness Irritability Aggressiveness Dejection These symptoms are often accompanied by a conspicuousness […]

The Large Intestine Meridian

Large Intestine Meridian drawing

1. Flooding of the meridian Recommended for shoulder pain, toothache in the lower jaw, trigeminal neuralgia, facial headache, facial nerve paralysis, paralysis of the upper body, bronchial asthma, gastritis, Crohn’s disease, duodenal and ventricular ulcers, eczema, atopic dermatitis, febrile illness, constipation, rhinitis or sinusitis. In flooding the meridian, the start and end points of the […]

Styes and Chalazions (Inflammation of the eyelid)

Stye on the top eyelid

Styes and Chalazions are glandular inflammations of the eye and are differentiated as follows: Stye: bacterial infection in the sweat / sebaceous gland on eyelid Chalazion: non bacterial infection, cyst due to blocked sebaceous gland on eyelid They are generally considered harmless, but are bothersome and can recur repeatedly if not treated properly. Styes are […]

Baker ́s cyst – Treatment with the BICOM® method

Baker's cyst at the back of the knee

Baker ́s-cyst (also known as a popliteal cyst) It is a protrusion at the dorsal (back) side of the knee joint between the gastrocnemius muscle (medial head) and the semimembranosus muscle. It usually develops in connection with damage within the knee joint, for example in the case of a lesion of the medial meniscus, arthritic cartilage changes […]

Bioenergetic Testing of Scar Interference Fields

Scars can be both a cause of disease and a blockage to therapy. It is therefore necessary to treat the patient’s scars. How does the therapist know that the scar is an interference field? Through bioenergetic testing it is possible to determine if a scar is interfering and if it has already been treated, whether the treatment […]

Diagnosing & Treating Intracellular Pathogen Loads

Viruses, bacteria or parasites can attack and invade cells of the body. These cells then act as host cells for these intracellular pathogens. This has enormous advantages for the pathogens, including protection from the host’s immune system, partial protection from antibiotics as well as nutrient supply. The invasion of cells also enables the pathogen to […]

BICOM-Therapy® as Support for Somatic Symptom Disorders

Topics such as stress, exhaustion and burn-out are an integral part of everyday practice. The consequences of all this stress is often vegetative dystonia, which in turn can lead to somatic symptom disorders. Somatic symptom disorders are physical complaints that cannot be traced back to an organic disease or cannot be traced back at all. […]

Scars as an Interference Field

Scars can be the cause of a disorder as well as a therapy blockage. It is therefore very important to treat a patient ́s scars. Scars can be interpreted as an interference field if the scar area is numb, itchy, painful, very pale or red. Weather sensitivity of scars also indicates it as an interference field. The […]