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Colds and Flu

Causes  Poor immune system is the most significant cause of all cases of cold and flu. This can be as a result of consuming a diet that contains too many animal-based foods and sugars and not enough vitamin D and iodine, resulting in imbalanced bowel flora. Stress can also deplete reserves of vitamin C, preventing […]

Chronic Fatigue

Causes This condition is closely linked to the immune system. It has been blamed on various viruses such as Epstein-Barr Virus (EPV), Cytomegalovirus, Brucella and Human Herpes Virus 6. Wheat can be a significant contributor and poor diets high in sugar will cause insulin to peak and disrupt bowel flora. There may be a deficiency […]


Causes  Chemotherapy uses various cytotoxic drugs to help reduce tumour size and destroy cancerous cells in the body. Unfortunately, this can create side-effects that are very unpleasant for the patient. Symptoms  Side effects of chemotherapy can include difficulty sleeping, fatigue, nausea, stomach ache, muscular pain, headache, loss of fertility and damage to the peripheral nervous […]


Causes  Candida is a type of yeast that is usually kept under control and therefore doesn’t cause any problems in the body. However, certain factors can cause this fungus to multiply rapidly and produce toxins, attacking the immune system and damaging healthy cells in the body by depriving them of oxygen. The major cause of […]


Causes  Some types of cancer can be age-related or caused by environmental factors or parasites. Diet is a major factor, especially when a person eats many animal-based foods, processed foods and sugary foods, without enough antioxidants. Dairy introduces excess oestrogen into the body. When cells are not getting enough oxygen, sugar fermentation occurs, which candida […]


There are four primary types of burn, depending on the symptoms and which layers of skin are affected: 1st degree superficial epidermal burn; 2nd degree superficial dermal burn; 3rd degree deep dermal or partial thickness burn; 4th degree full thickness burn.    Causes  Superficial burns may have been sustained from scalding water or exposure to the […]

Bone Disorders

Bone disorders can include osteomalacia, rickets and osteopenia (low bone mineral density), which can develop into osteoporosis (meaning porous bone).   Causes  For some people, ossification problems had occurred before they were even born, particularly if the mother was nutritionally deficient. Vitamin D deficiency and a poor diet, lacking in vegetables, are significant factors in this condition. […]

Behavioural Disorders

Behavioural Disorders can include Conduct Disorder (CD), Opposition Defiant Disorder (CDD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).    Causes  Statistics show that boys are more likely to develop a behavioural disorder than girls. Some people could be more likely to develop a disorder because of genetics or brain defects. Mental health problems, either of the child […]

Bee Stings

Causes  Many people experience some sort of allergic reaction after they are stung by a bee. Apitoxin makes up a major part of bee stings. Some of the peptides and enzymes that it contains cause histamine and cortisol to be produced and damage cell membranes. They increase inflammation by speeding up the pulse and dilating […]


Causes  Alcohol addiction usually starts off with the person drinking to switch off from the stresses of life and temporarily improve their mood. This gradually develops into a dependence on alcohol in order to relax. Yeast and fungal infections can cause a person to crave alcohol.   Symptoms  Smell of alcohol on the breath, isolation, depression, […]