Chemotherapy uses various cytotoxic drugs to help reduce tumour size and destroy cancerous cells in the body. Unfortunately, this can create side-effects that are very unpleasant for the patient.


Side effects of chemotherapy can include difficulty sleeping, fatigue, nausea, stomach ache, muscular pain, headache, loss of fertility and damage to the peripheral nervous system. It can also make patients more susceptible to infections, anaemia and bruising and bleeding. Many people find that their appetite decreases and they may have a sore mouth and disrupted bowel habits. Skin and nail problems can develop and hair loss is common. Patients may become forgetful and anxious or struggle to concentrate.

BICOM® Programs to be Used 

Chemotherapy  Min N°/Seq.  Pag  
Cancer treatment after chemotherapy  26  PS 10090 21 
Cancer treatment after chemotherapy supporting    32  PS 10089 21 
Geopathy balance  
Electro smog + radiation  

Bismuth point 18.3  828.1  17 
Activate vitality 
Vaccination prepare/correct 



Supplements to take 

Vitamin D, probiotics, anti-parasite such as ginger/echinacea  

Other therapies 

It is important to get plenty of rest, though a little light exercise is also beneficial. Reducing stress and work load will put less of a strain on the body. A balanced diet is important to encourage repair and recovery; this should include fruit and vegetables and healthy sources of fat such as nuts and avocado. To prevent anaemia, the diet should include enough iron from foods including leafy greens such as kale. Antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce risk of infection and other medication is sometimes used to lessen nausea, diarrhoea and constipation. Support groups are available so that patients can talk to others who are also going through treatment and will understand how they feel.

Experiences and case studies 

In one study involving 68 children with leukaemia, 33 patients received bioresonance therapy alongside pharmaceutical treatment, while the other 35 were treated with pharmaceuticals alone. Most of the children who received BICOM® therapy were more active, had better sleep, and showed improvement in their weight and appetite. They also showed a quick improvement in the symptoms of poisoning associated with chemotherapy.