Chronic borreliosis — a multisystem condition

Eva Pauly

Quote from one of my patients: “Ms Pauly, it has not been easy to find you …”

You will all know patients with a long history of suffering, a bulging patient record file, many consultations with specialists, general exhaustion with symptoms of unclear aetiology.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Firstly I would like to thank my teachers, pioneers and colleagues as well as all the seminar leaders and speakers from previous years and also the staff at Regumed. Because of the sound training they have given, it is possible to diagnose and successfully treat complex diseases. Once again many thanks for this.

My training as a naturopath started more than 10 years ago and is by no means completed. Through adult education in community colleges, I have been working as a lecturer in the field of Personal Development, with the focus on forgiveness and self-forgiveness and also in the health care sector too with a focus on preventative care. I have been working with the BICOM® BICOM optima® in my own practice for several years now. Since 2015 I have looked closely into systematic Borreliosis therapy.

Basic principles

Borreliosis or Lyme disease is the most common bacterial infectious disease in Europe. It was first recognised in 1975 in Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA after a mysterious outbreak of arthritis in young people. In 1982 Willy Burgdorfer isolated spirochetes which can live in the digestive tract of ticks and which react with the immune system of affected humans: Borrelia burgdorferi. Since than several dozen subspecies of the genus Borrelia have been discovered, which are transmitted by insects. Other suspected transmitters include horseflies, mites and mosquitoes. Transmission through bodily fluids has not been ruled out and the question is still under discussion. Borreliosis occurs in five continents. All European countries are affected and in particular the countries of Central Europe and Scandinavia. At the present time 65,000 to 80,000 cases are officially recorded each year in Europe. The real figure could well be much higher. The reason for this is the fact that Lyme disease has a variety of symptoms which are difficult to classify. In Europe and the USA it is the most commonly unrecognised and misdiagnosed infectious disease (diagnoses include for example amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and rheumatism).

Symptoms of chronic borreliosis

Borreliosis in an inflammatory disease. Early manifestations of localised tick-borne infection mainly involve the skin, whereby a red expanding skin lesion (erythema migrans) only occurs in exceptional cases. In the later stages the inflammation can spread to the joints, nervous system, heart and other organs and tissues. Principal manifestations are in the skin, joints and nerves. The chronic skin inflammation ACA is found primarily on the distal parts of the limbs with livid discolouration and swelling (acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans) and the inflammation of surface lymph vessels (lymphadenosis cutis benigna) are considered evidence of the presence of disease.

When patients are given a list of possible symptoms following diagnosis, they often recognise many more of their own symptoms. In many cases these were previously not mentioned at all. (See Annex)

Life stages

all microscope images are kindly provided courtesy of the Dr. Rath Research Institute:

  1. The nymph stage is the spirochete form of Borrelia bacteria, immediately after infection.

Fig. 1

  1. The round form stage is the protective mechanism stage, i.e. when the bacteria are under stress, particularly when antibiotics are used.

Fig. 2

  1. The biofilm stage describes the deposits of bacteria colonies, intra and extracellular, with depleted cell wall or without cell wall, embedded between connective tissue Biofilm clusters frequently occur embedded in muscular and joint structures, but can affect any other organ or tissue. Thus Borrelia bacteria persist for years or even decades in the human body. Weakness of the immune system, apoptosis of the cells involved, and shock or stress, can reactivate the bacteria. The bacteria can divide and redevelop from the biofilm stage. The image shows Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii in the biofilm stage.

Fig. 3



  1. The unmask CTT ampoule (degenerated cells) prog. 192 (A), approx. 3 min or prog. Intracellular stress (Dr. Sabine Rauch: H+Di, low deep frequency, bandpass 3.6 Hz, wobble=yes, symmetric amplification sweep, amplification H 3.2, Di 15.0, amplification sweep = 50 sec., time = 3 minutes)

The therapy parameters have been correctly adopted, however with the Optima they cannot be set in this way. H is always 5 when Di is 15, where the amplification sweep is symmetric.


2a. CTT ampoule Borrelia (bacteria test set) prog. 191/197 (Ai) or Schumacher ampoule Borrelia prog. 170, from the ident test set.

In my practice I was often unable to detect Borrelia using this test on patients where the disease was suspected.

Nano test: I do obtain results with four other individual human pathogen ampoules: Borrelia afzelii associated with ACA, Borrelia garinii, both associated with lymphadenosis, Borrelia valaisiana and Borrelia japonica.

Within the framework of assessing initial energetic status, I have been using an in-depth strategy since 2015. In this way we can test for stresses from nanoscale metals (A. Rijsberman, RTI Volume 2014) that often remain undetected during laboratory-based procedures.

Program unmask

2b. then low deep frequency

Prog. 3074.0 (regulate nerve function) switched to Ai plus CTT ampoule Amyloid Beta in the input cup (according to Alexander A. C. Rijsberman, 2014).

Test: one after the other we test all available individual ampoules for the Borrelia species (B. burgdorferi, B. garinii, B. afzelii, B. valaisiana, B. japonica) or the CTT ampoule Borrelia (mixed ampoule), either by placing in the input cup or using the pick­up applicator.


  • With the setting from 2b) all detected Borrelia ampoules plus
  • One after the other any potential co-infections: Coxsackie viruses, Rickettsia, Chlamydia, babesiosis (EBV has also been found), and/or
  • Parasites

All are possible.


If I want to do my patients a favour (and myself too), I can determine the current location of biofilms by testing jointly using CU Orthopaedics ampoules and Borrelia ampoules. Both are tested and treated using Ai programs.

Prog. 191 (Ai), the UT Borrelia ampoule is placed in the input cup together with, for example, inflammation (!), vertebral blocks L4, L5, small joints, large joints, chronic nerve pain, peripheral nervous system or vegetative autonomic nervous system (I), or, or …

If a combination results in resonance between patient and plate, this generally increases considerably the willingness to cooperate.

Where a Borrelia stress is suspected during a course of treatment that has already started, a test may be carried out at any time. Treatment takes place in any event only after the usual priority clean-ups have been carried out and the patient’s condition has become more stable.

Procedure in therapy

Multiple stresses result in a deficiency in supply, chronic stress and immuno­deficiency. Borrelia are extremely skilled at survival and are able to evade the usually compromised immune system of infected individuals. They can cause antigens to mutate and in this way change and manipulate a patient’s immune response. Where the immune system is blocked, the Borrelia can proliferate unhindered. Persistent Borrelia can be reactivated years or even decades later especially at times marked by immune deficiency (shock, trauma, operation, stress, infection etc.). Parasites affected by Borrelia and co-infections with chlamydia, Rickettsia etc. are particularly challenging and can only be meaningfully treated using coupled therapy. Therefore the immune system under attack should be restored and at the same time the pathogens eliminated. This requires patience and the willing cooperation of the patient.

Antibiotics? It is scientifically proven that phytotherapeutic medicines together with vital substances are far superior to antibiotics in all stages of the disease. This applies in terms of reducing numbers of spirochete, round form and biofilm clusters, preventing damage to the organism and boosting the immune system.

Basic cleansing:

Therapy for blocks (geopathy, electro-smog, scars, foci, jaw, temporomandibular joint, metabolism, shock), 5 elements, eliminating organs, chronic central allergies, allergic stresses, salicylic acid, intestinal clean-up (gut-associated immune system, fungi, parasites), environmental stresses, parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, metals, inoculations, E-additives, …

Patient information sheet (see Annex 2) recommended to provide advice and act as a self-help aid: Vital substances, fresh green smoothies, hyperthermal baths (1 °C temperature increase in core body temperature boosts immunity ten fold), mental health (What is the illness telling me? What am I thankful for?), meditation, fresh air and exercise (the most cost-effect oxygen therapy), sporting activities or Yoga (connective tissue with good circulation holds no attraction for biofilm clusters), nutrition (vegan or vegetarian, gluten free, alkaline-rich, low-acid foods …)

Elimination of Borrelia:

Once the patient has become more stable, concomitant Borrelia therapy can be started, otherwise as final stage of basic cleansing (1.):

1st Step: Prog. 3074 switched to Ai (see Diagnosis)

Input cup: CTT ampoule Amyloid Beta plus all tested individual ampoules, if applicable all couplings. Test amplification and time. At the beginning low amplifications are usual. Amplification increases with the duration of therapy.

Output: (Place) the mat and if applicable additionally the magnetic depth probe placed on the affected area.

OC: tested phytotherapeutic preparation (Samento, Borro Immun, teasel root tincture, PhytoRoyal complex).

2nd Step: everything the same as in the 1st step, except that now program 191/197 is applied in order to finally eliminate the “coaxed out” borrelia. Test amplification and time.

3rd Step: Stabilisation with Prog. 192/198

Pink Elimination and Stabilisation ampoules from the CTT bacteria test sets (bacteria killer, cell protection against bacteria, strengthen immune system), CTT vaccines/Metals test set (intra and extracellular elimination) or CTT Orthopaedic test set (big joints, small joints, spine, ligaments, muscles, tendons), neurology/psychosomatic (Borrelia toxins)

Channel 2: Propolis, symptom-associated substance complexes e.g. from musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, arthritis), skin, TCM, neurology, cardiovascular, goodies, increase powers of resistance and/or a selection of phytotherapeutic agents available, healing fungi (Cordyceps, Reishi, Coriolus, Hericium), chakra flower essences (Marsh Fairy, Cell, Magnetic, Jacumbo Fairy, Medulla, Solar Plexus, Heart, Kidney, Liver).

The information from steps 1-3 is oscillated onto the preparation brought by the patient. This “informed”, customised preparation is taken gradually, test for times of day and maximum dose.

Every 4 weeks the preparation is updated by following steps 1-3 because the effect of the oscillated information fades, the amplification changes and some pathogens will no longer be detectable. Support with work at home.

Concomitant symptom-related treatment see Annex Programs frequently used in my practice:

Spinal blocks:

Sequences 10183: 3017.0 clear deep blockades 3077.0 (stressed nervous system: toxins, pathogens), 915 (spinal blocks)

Nerve calming: Sequences 10110: 3077.0 (stressed nervous system. toxins, pathogens), 911 (Nerve calming), 423 (Nerve calming)

For General stabilisation I use everything that I can to support patients with their exhaustion e. g.

1 insert here adrenal gland activation
2 insert here stress reduction
3 insert here intracellular stresses

Source: Dr. Sabine Rauch, Seminar: Thyroid — Adrenal glands — Autoimmune disease: Holistic relationships and therapy, 2015

Prana therapy: The combination of therapy for the pranic triangle and for the upper and lower energetic triangle has been termed “prana therapy” by Dr. Hennecke

4 insert here
5 insert here
The upper energetic triangle

6+7 insert here
The lower energetic triangle

8 insert here

Source: Dr. Jurgen Hennecke, Sabine Maquinay-Hennecke, RTI Volume 40, 2016 Schumann wave: 7.8 Hz

Prog. 192/198 or channel 2 with CTT stress ampoules, aura protection, elimination/ detoxification, CTT hormones test set/neurotransmitters (ATP, progesterone, adrenal gland, cortisone) pink ampoules from CTT degenerated cells (lowered resistance, building up the intestines, support healing, hormonal balance, stabilise immune system, killer cells, stabilise CNS, stabilise cells).

The healing process can come in waves, and in phases, with changing symptoms. Some mild symptoms can persist for some time after treatment.

The duration of therapy is based as a minimum on the cells with the longest life (6-8 months in the case of macrophages) and is frequently 9-18 months. In my experience this depends on the patient’s consistent support for the healing process, on thorough basic cleansing using the BICOM and on the patient taking his/her prescribed, customised preparation without interruption.

A final test is carried out: firstly test all the treated Borrelia ampoules individually as described (in Diagnosis 4 b) and secondly test on Ai using all potentiation programs.

Prophylaxis against insect bites (ticks, horse flies, mosquitoes) using BICOM (according to Dr. Jurgen Hennecke):

Step 1: Basic therapy
I: Plate left hand, blood, saliva,
O: Mat
OC: Skin oil

Step 2: Detoxification 970.5
I: Thymus, saliva, blood
O: mat

Step 3: Prog. 999 or 998
IC: Ampoules: Ticks, horse flies, biting flies
O: Ball applicators, mat,
OC skin oil

Channel 2: Chakra flower essence marsh marigold

Maintain intact immune system, (bioresonance therapy and/or self-help)

Follow-up control for Borrelia using the stated diagnostic procedures at regular, prolonged intervals for many years. Have biofilm clusters been overlooked that have since become active again? Re-infection?

Case studies

C.B, female, born 2009 nursery/primary school presented in May 2015: frequent abdominal pain, recurring infections of the upper respiratory tract, earache, exhaustion, skin rashes on the face, anxiety; she gives the impression of being very weak.

Testing: 5 element test set kidney, paranasal sinuses, lymph, milk, gluten, pork, parasites, moulds, Candida, Konakion, formaldehyde, labour-inducing drugs, Salmonella, Streptococci, Borrelia garinii, adrenal fatigue,

Therapy: as under 2. Milk (abstention therapy) no abdominal pain any longer. Further basic cleansing. Concomitant treatment: Stress reduction, intracellular stress, adrenal fatigue Autumn and Winter 2015 no heavy colds. From September 2015, Borrelia, Salmonella, Streptococci coupled, as of October only Borrelia garinii on Samento, from 3-fold up to the final 59-fold amplification. Since 11.07.2016 no further Borrelia were detectable. Finally inherited toxins every 4 weeks.

Alert, lively, just the occasional slight cold, happy at school and motivated.

Mr S. born 1978, (has a) recording studio: came to my practice in May 2015 because of allergies and hay fever, other symptoms: Ringing in ears for a prolonged period, pain in his right knee, since 2013 numbness left arm and left leg, since 2014 also has dizzy sensations and by 2015 a globus sensation in his throat, quickly exhausted (for all this symptomatic treatment from neurologist, ENT, radiologist, physiotherapist), 2010 antibiotics for Borrelia over a period of two weeks.

Testing: 5 element test set wood and metal, eliminating organs, hormonal disturbance, metabolism (glucose), milk, gluten, iodine, soya, pork, Candida, Aspergillus, mould mix, grasses, colours, aromas, sweeteners, spine+inflammation+ Borrelia (burgdorferi, garinii, afzelii), Am, Hg, Ko, Varicella zoster, EBV, adenoma, jaw 1.4, 2.8, 3.8, 5th chakra (throat), Imprints

Treatment: from 18.05.2015 basic cleansing, intestinal flora, viruses, milk, Candida, fungi, accompanied by spinal blocks, series 10183, adrenal fatigue and adenoma, (hay fever only for 1-2 days in exposed locations, generally better), from 01.07 start of Borrelia therapy on Samento, (from July K.S. stopped taking Thyronajod independently), no globus sensation any longer in the throat, back is better, dizzy feelings less frequent), parallel to this gluten and tinnitus, (Sept. 2015 still only occasional numbness in left arm, overall much better), in April 2016, no further Borrelia detectable.

Arm is better (plays guitar), residual ringing in ears is better but, in spite of imprint and tooth uncoupling, it is still present. No further concerns about tinnitus, which is not noticeable when listening/playing music.

Self-help: Galvanic mild electrical current, Yoga, dietary adjustment (8 kg), hyperthermal baths.

Ms E. born 1988, Social education worker: presented in February 2015 with a whole range of different allergies, extreme rotary vertigo, and labile immune system. In addition rheumatoid arthritis every year in the left knee since her youth. Cystitis. Rapid onset fatigue. Back pain.

Testing: 5 elements: Wood, water, metal, blocks, wheat, milk, pork, Candida, moulds, parasites, environmental toxins, metals, various Herpes viruses, Clostridium infections, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia, shock, spine, large joint, vegetative nervous system, polyps. No Borrelia tested (!) Prog. 191. Coupling: Moulds + milk + nuts + stone fruit + pip fruit

Therapy: Initially based on usual system There was plenty to do. Dizziness disappeared after the first session and has not recurred since. Can eat everything again, hay fever very much better, without tablets. No more cystitis. Catches colds less often and if she does, less severe than usual. In September 2015, annual arthritis in her left knee, crutches and painkillers. Now both Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii did test when I used the “Nano” program. Therapy on Samento. Autumn 2016 no crutches, only a “wobbly feeling” in her knee. Status Nov. 2016 Borrelia continue to require treatment.

Self-help: Good start with hyperthermal baths and vital substances. Unfortunately, Samento was not taken continuously in the early stages (e.g. while on holiday or moving house) and interruption in diet and parties have stressed the body. Stress in the workplace means less time for self-help measures.

Ms G. born 1969, Sports teacher: June 2015 presented with heel spur right side and degenerative patellofemoral arthritis 3rd grade, elbow pain left side when leaning on it with pain on palpation of a small swelling, likewise on the right heel medial; lack of motivation approx. every 3-5 days.

Testing: Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia afzelii, Borrelia valaisiana, Borrelia garinii, no couplings.

Therapy: “Basic cleansing” had been carried out in 2013, therefore immediate start of Borrelia treatment with Samento. By September 2015 only B. burgdorferi and B. garinii still tested. November 2015 no elbow or heal pain any more. January 2016 no heel spur. April 2016 Borrelia no longer detectable. Knee problems only with extreme exercise. Only occasional states of exhaustion now.

Self-help: Galvanic mild current, hyperthermal baths over the winter, sauna, Yoga, primarily vegetarian food, green smoothies often except during winter.

Ms S. born 1976, Secretary: currently unable to work, suspected diagnosis of MS since February 2016, inflammatory lesions in the brain. High dose treatment with cortisone  in February “makes everything much worse”, afterwards no more periods. She is gradually moving over to complementary medicine with TCM, vital substances, gut bacteria and Yoga. In October 2016 she presented in my practice, still experiencing dizziness, varying symptoms in her joints, right side knee, muscle aches, neck stiffness, back ache, impaired sensations, gastritis, diarrhoea, exhaustion, lack of motivation, difficulties concentrating and irritability. Recurring fungal infections.

Testing: Elimination, blocks, milk, soya, pesticides, parasites, aluminium, amalgam, mercury, copper, Borrelia, no Imprint, adrenal gland, various Herpes viruses, Candida, moulds, penicillin, Localisation: Borrelia + joints + peripheral and central nervous system + chronic nerve pain + inflammation

Therapy: 1st session: basic therapy, geopathy, E-smog, eliminating organs

Periods restarted “on their own” (contrary to her gynaecologist’s prediction), liver pressure and right knee are better. She is confident and looks refreshed.

2nd session:  as with 1st session and gradual introduction of Borrelia treatment: Ai 0.60-fold amplification, 3 min on teasel root tincture. (As at Nov. 2016).

To sum up, with chronic Borreliosis the key approach lies in both providing assurance and clarifying the pressing need for self-help measures, without causing anxiety.

I hope that you will find my paper useful in your work.

Thank you for listening.



  1. Symptoms of chronic borreliosis

Principal stress: Tiredness, fatigue, generally feeling ill, exhaustion and low staying power and difficulties concentrating.

General symptoms: Pain with no organ reference, weight gain, weight loss, sleep disturbances, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, disturbed vision, ear pain, hearing problems even tinnitus, dizziness and difficulties with balance.

Neurology: Tingling, burning, sensation of numbness, stabbing pains, shooting pains and neuritis.

Skin: Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans

Musculoskeletal system: Pain in the limbs, stiffness in the joints, muscle spasms, muscle twitching, muscle weakness, back pain, stiffness in the neck, neck pain, rib pain, restless legs, plantalgia, heel pain, arthrosis, arthritis and TMJ problems

Organs: Heart all cardiac symptoms such as tachycardia, skipped heart beat, palpitations, gastro-intestinal complaints such as gastritis, alcohol intolerance, bladder disorders, kidney complaints

Mental impairment: Irritability, mood swings, difficulties concentrating, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and disturbed consciousness

  1. Symptom-related programs

Increasing powers of resistance 10005
Activate vitality 900.1, lack of energy, debility 3035.0, 580.2, 583.1 Knee Joint (Arthrosis) 821.1
Eye problems 10020 Eye lense dullness 3008.0, overstrained eyes 524.1, poor vision 3100.0
Intervertebral disks 550.1
Stress from pathogens 3013.0, 978.1
Connective tissue weakness 3016.0
Bladder treatment 391.7, 390.3, 3018.0, 490.1, 3036.0, 950.3,
Blocks in tissue, regeneration 3040.0, 951.1, 915.2, 918.0, 3017.0, 3084.0
Burning sensation in the legs 3023.0, 3024.0
Elbow joint complaints 311.3
Depression 3927.0, 535.1, 428.3, 900.5, 125.4, 432.5, 911.4, 231.4, 230.4, 549.4
Ankle joint 391.4, 600.1, 3039.0, 821.1, 633.0, 530.11
Rheumatism in the joint 10057, Cervical spine complaints 3046.0, 533.1, 581.2,
Wrist 301.2, 519.2, 3076.0 (pain)
Skin and mucous membrane 3041.0, 3042.0, 350.4, 351.2, 930.2, 970.3,
Heart 280.5, 281.8, 901.2, 903.0, 906.0, 904.0, 3029.0, 960.2, 3045.0, 401.1, 524.3
Tachycardia 960.3
Hot flushes 3048.0
Immune system 3053.0, 953.0, 570.1, 428.2, 930.3 (lymph), 561.0 (intestines), 560.1 (intestines), 582.0
Carpal tunnel syndrome 301.3, 519.3, 928.0,
Knee joint 821.1, 633.0, 3056.0, 502.4, 371.2, 530.11
Headaches 3060.0, 3058.0, 3059.0, 710.2
Circulatory weakness, dizziness 3062.0, 240.5, 241.7
Sacrum, coccyx 211.2, 3065.0,
Lumbar spine complaints, sciatica 3065.0, 560.2, 915.1, 581.2, 970.8, 560.2, 911.7
Stomach 330.2, 331.3, 321.2, 534.2, 911.5, 960.7, 127.1, 10102
Muscles 3074.0, 941.3, 630.1, 460.8, 931.1, 941.3,
Neck pain 3072.0, 3073.0, 532.1, 512.0 (detoxication using earwax), 502.5, 3046.0, 533.2
Nerve calming 3077.0, 911.1, 423.5,
Ear pain 3013.0, 530.3, 500.6,
Rheumatic disorders 3036.0, 517.2, 340.3, 360.4, 121.2, 341.2, 911.7, 3085.0, 401.4,
Rib pain 3092.0
Dizziness 3098.0, 431.1
Tendovaginitis (wrist) 3099.0
Tennis elbow 3040.0, 632.0
Tinnitus 527.0
Soft tissue rheumatism 421.2, 3040.0, 401.5, 310.8, 400.3, 933.3, 221.6, 537.0
Spinal blocks 3017.0, 3077.0, 915.1, 581.2
Cell regeneration 3125.0, 3086.0, 839.1, 402.1
CNS disorders 3032.0, 30470, 940.2

  1. Patient information

Patient information for  ____________________________
Date: _______________________________________

Chronic Borrelia infection

You have been diagnosed with a chronic Borrelia infection, which is the most common bacterial infection found in Central Europe. The main symptoms manifest in the skin, joints and nerves. Other organs or tissues may also be affected. Because of the varied and changing symptoms, which are difficult to classify, the condition is often diagnosed for example as rheumatism, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ALS (Amytrophic Laterals Sclerosis) or Parkinson’s. Borrelia infection is the most frequently unrecognised and incorrectly diagnosed disease.

Multiple stresses result in a deficiency in supply, chronic stress and immuno­deficiency. Borrelia are extremely skilled at survival and are able to evade the usually compromised immune system of infected individuals. They can cause antigens to mutate and in this way change and manipulate a patient’s immune response. Where the immune system is blocked, the Borrelia can proliferate unhindered. Persistent Borrelia can be reactivated years or even decades later especially at times marked by immune deficiency (shock, trauma, operation, stress, infection etc.). Parasites infected with Borrelia and co-infections are particularly challenging and can only be meaningfully treated in combination.

Antibiotics? It has been shown that phytotherapeutic medicines together with vital substances are far superior to antibiotics in all stages of the disease. This applies in terms of reducing numbers of spirochete, round form and biofilm clusters, preventing damage to the organism and boosting the immune system

Therefore the immune system under attack should be restored and at the same time the pathogens eliminated. This requires patience and cooperation from you too. The healing process is usually an undulating process. Extensive treatment over a prolonged period is required (9-18 months until all cells are renewed) and this will require your full cooperation. The procedures marked with a cross are recommended for you:

  • Galvanic mild electrical current: apply current 2x 30 minutes daily
  • Hyperthermal baths…… .each week , Sauna………………. each week, steam bath
  • Nutrition: ……………… ml green smoothies daily, La Vita …. -…. -………. , / fresh pressed juices/vital substances from the company  ……………………….., lacto-fermented vegetables
  • Vegetarian, vegan, no cow’s milk products, no gluten, no wheat, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no sugar,
  • Mental health, relaxation, abdominal self massage, breathing training and meditation
  • Daily exercise in the fresh air………….. ..minutes………………. ,sport/Yoga
  • Regular and conscientious taking of the tested out and customised preparation…………………………………………………………………………. Gradual start with……………………….drops/capsules daily. If there are any problems with tolerance return to the tolerated dose and slowly increase again.

Drink plenty of fresh spring water/still water.

Sources and links:

Guidelines Neuroborreliosis DG Neurology (German Neurological Society)

In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of phytochemicals and micronutrients against Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii: Authors: A. Goc, A. Niedzwiecki, M. Rath, First published: 22 November 2015: (Phytoroyal Complex) (Healing fungi) (Chakra flower essences) (Vitality drinks)

www.wladic HYPERLINK “” (Borro Immun)

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