Clearing metals in body


Bioresonance, started in October 2010,

 we started with clearing metals in his body, there was improvement in awareness of his surroundings.

Our 2nd appointment, involved clearing of vaccinations, this assisted him to be still and not jumping when alone.

 Allergies went away, around the eyes and knees.

We then worked on the pituitary gland, scar elimination – belly button, eye operation scar, and circumcision, plus right brain activation. The was immense improvement with better coordination, writing and more active. 

We did Chakras, this helped in walking faster, running, more confident, voice projection. general well being, not lethargic.

We worked on re-energise, activated nerves, tissues and opened up blockages.

This programme together with the R54, has greatly helped Ian, in his writing, improved speech, the voice is projected, he is aware of his surroundings, plays and follows other children.

He is now participating in sports, swimming, running. His writing has improved, plus his addition, subtraction, multiplication.

We still work on his right brain activation.


Martha Njeru
for Ian Wahome 14 years, he suffered brain damage at birth