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40th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Nefiodow, L.On the threshold of the sixth Kondratieff. The health market — the future driving force of the economy from 2000
Brügemann, H.A new era dawns in BICOM resonance therapy
Will, G.Biophysical therapy of mildew fungi contamination
Hennecke, J.New findings on allergy therapy — testing and new therapy methods for seldom encountered blockages and energy deficiency
Potthoff, K.-F.Practice study of BICOM 2000
Beike, A.My observations on BICOM 2000
Asbach-Gawenda, LEffectiveness of BICOM therapy proven with dark-field photographs of three different cases
Lund, Ch.Neurological illnesses, causes and treatment methods using bioresonance therapy
Roth, N.Therapies in changing times — ideas on a complex concept in bioresonance therapy
von Braunschweig, G.Bioresonance therapy as an invaluable tool in a successful practice
Sievert, H.Auto-immune diseases as a result of increasing immune damage — status identification background burdens and a concept for a practically proven diagnosis and therapy system
Ganswindt, Th.Vaccination burdens in veterinary medicine, effects and therapy possibilities of BRT
Keyrner, M.Is promising tumour therapy possible in spite of unavoidable traditional medical interventions?
Maubach-Chandra, V.Integrating BICOM therapy into a dental practice
Hahlweg, M,Effective cleansing via the lymphatic system
Wehnemann, W. M.Your back, your fate?
Heine, K.Old/new practical experiences. New programs from Mrs Karz (Crete)
Kreisl, P.Presently discussed hypotheses on the nature of bioenergetic information
Hey, E.The status of BRT in holistic medicine
Baklayan, A. ECancer, metastases and their treatment considering parasitic burdens

41st BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Baklayan, A. EPractical tumour therapy with consideration for the internal milieu using BRT
Mielke, K. J.The people’s illness, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – Pathophysiological context of causes of IBS – Treatment of IBS using bioresonance therapy, BICOM
Scherwitz- Joscnhans, E.Childhood allergies and nutrition
Lange, G.Employing orthomolecular substances successfully in the fight against infectious diseases, chronic inflammation, allergic disorders, arteriosclerosis and cancer
Mielke, K.J.The common complaint of heartburn – Pathophysiological context of the causes of the dominant symptom of reflux disease, heartburn – Therapy for reflux disease using bioresonance therapy, BICOM
Schwarze, A.Building biology as a condition of successful bioresonance therapy?
Baklayan, A. E.Which previously unheeded factor plays an outstanding part in cow’s milk allergy?
Schroeder, R.Latest findings on the causes of hyperkinetic syndrome (ADHD) and the importance of a holistic naturopathic approach to treatment
Karz, S.Highlights of my 20 years’ experience with bioresonance therapy; then and now
Sievert, H.Bioenergetic diagnosis for therapy using the BICOM 2000 — A practical case with autoaggressive disease as an example
Keymer, M.New ways of looking at allergic diathesis and establishing links with our allergy therapy, autoaggression diseases and tumours
Popp, F. A.Recent findings in modem physics and a possible connection with bioresonance therapy
Mersmann, L.Biophysical basis for separating physiological and pathological frequency patterns
Heine, K.The unrivalled accuracy of bodily secretions and excretions in bioresonance therapy
Glantschnig, AA very successful treatment for chronic udder inflammation in cows
Dachs, E.Regressive vicariation thanks to BICOM 2000 – documented with reference to darkfield images
Kaul, M.Previously overlooked components of bioresonance therapy in physical and rehabilitative medicine
Bauer, I. E.Evidence of the effectiveness of BRT by means of decoder dermography
Hennecke, J.Simplified application of proven therapy programs with the BICOM 2000
Karz, SFrequently overlooked possibilities to successfully help with BICOM bioresonance therapy

42nd BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Neurohr, R.Biological effects of “light”
Baklayan, A. E.The cholesterol problem and its treatment
Balakireva, O. V. Netschay, I. V.New approaches in the treatment and rehabilitation of bronchial asthma patients (combining bioresonance therapy and Detensor therapy)
Brügemann, H.The new BICOM Multisoft program — Another milestone in BICOM bioresonance therapy
Valeske, P.-G.The new BICOM Multisoft program — practical trial
Hamcke, B. T.BICOM therapy – keeping it simple and notes on macular degeneration
Baklayan, A” E.Useful empirical values for the treatment of asthma
Asbach-Gawenda, L.Successful treatment with the BICOM 2000 supported with dark field images
Sievert, H.Further aspects relating to hereditary toxic stresses for the successful treatment of chronic disorders
von Braunschweig, G.Conservative tumour therapy for the elderly and the importance of central control
Martin, S.Study of the early diagnosis of relapsing breast carcinoma
Lund, Ch..Rheumatic disorders — dealing with initial exacerbation“ Interesting neuropathy case studies
Hennecke, J.Extended bioresonance therapy incorporating the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) — energetic basis for allergic diathesis
Sextro, R.Drug allergies and intolerance — neglected aspects
Nigrnann, UlrikeThe HCl (hydrochloric acid) point and its significance for metabolism and immunity
Goebbels, C.Experience of using bioresonance therapy in veterinary practice
Baumann, A.-K.Study of the elimination of mercury from the human body by means of bioresonance therapy
Hermes, K.The fidgety child — bane of both parents and teachers but an opportunity for your BRT practice
Bauer, I. E.Courage in treating tinnitus

43rd BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Felsch, H.Water as an information carrier – Principles, medicinal and physical effects
Sievert, H.Classic and everyday children’s illnesses in practice
Baklayan, A. E.Opening up new dimensions for BICOM bioresonance therapy – spin tester –
Bauer, I. E.Stroke: Early diagnosis, treatment and aftercare using BICOM bioresonance therapy
Valeske, P.-G.BICOMmultisoft® Pilot – One year’s experience using BICOMmultisoft® Pilot
Schäfer, D.BIOSAFE: radiation field neutralization and frequency-adapted electromagnetic interference suppression for individual sleeping areas
Hennecke, I.Identifying and removing therapy blocks caused by radiation stress
Baklayan, A. E.Documented cases of successful cancer therapy and recent discoveries in cancer therapy
Rohrer, W.Treating rheumatic disorders successfully using the BICOM 2000
Gaizweiler, A.New documentary evidence for biophysical diagnosis and therapy
Fiedler, J.Veterinary practice findings
Asbach-Gawenda, L.Relationship of certain viruses, bacteria and fungi to certain chronic diseases and the effect on therapy
Matthey, G.Diagnosing and treating rheumatism and fibromyalgia
Garbotz, M.Surprises revealed in the course of therapy by case histories

44th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Prigge-Jugsch, A.Treating bronchitis effectively with BICOM bioresonance therapy
Baklayan, A. E.Cancer therapy — a new hypothesis
May, C.Treating tumours in animals
Maubach-Chandra, V.What can be achieved with amalgam elimination
Goder, T.M. Goder, F.-G.Success in treating resistant pathogens and infections which do not respond to clinical treatment with BICOM resonance
Hennecke, J.Treatment of thyroid disorders with BICOM therapy
Sievert, H.Structured approach to therapy using BICOM 2000, including patients presenting difficult clinical pictures
Baklayan, A. E.The significance of underlying intracellular stress in chronic, rheumatic and neurological disorders
Morkos, H.Treatment of serious neurological diseases of children showing two cases including video demonstration of cerebral palsy (CP)
Angene, H.Treating skin disease effectively, particularly neurodermatitis and psoriasis
Lange, G.An effective addition to BICOM bioresonance therapy with hyperactive children
Peña Marvez, R.Treatment of pathologies including cerebral foci with the BICOM 2000, including demonstration
Medved, A.Treatment of psoriasis with BICOM 2000 in the sanatorium
Garbotz, M.BICOM Babies

45th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Felsch, H.The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003 — what are the implications of these new discoveries for BICOM bioresonance therapy
Asbach-Gawenda, L.Treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis with BICOM bioresonance
Henrichmann, SIncurable illnesses — extraordinary cases treated succesfully
Barrie, A. und Barrie, A.Successful BICOM treatment of central nervous system disorders in children
Baklayan, A. E.Results of treating intracellular infestation by Borrelia and other micro-organisms
Baklayan, A. EResults of a pilot study into the link between blood parasites and cancer and their successful treatment
Sievert, H.Practical application of the 5 element theory using concrete examples
Brügemann, H.The fascinating development of bioresonance therapy: Discoveries, research, ideas and hard work
Niggli, H.Zero point energy and bioresonance — Subatomic communication in the biophoton field of cells
Kajasi, A.Use of bioresonance therapy in ophthalmology
Fiedler, J.Treating skin disease in animals (dogs, cats, horses) effectively
Yuan Ze, and Wang HaiyanThe clinic results of BICOM 2000 bio-resonance device
Hennccke, J.Successful treatment of liver disorders and liver diseases using bioresonance therapy
Karz, S.Treating spinal and joint disease with BICOM bioresonance and BICOM chips

46th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Brügemann, H.Introduction to the BICOM Congress 2006
Hennecke, J.Experience in treating bronchial asthma
Schwarze, W.Treatment of post-traumatic pain and vertebral pain syndromes without side effects
Sievert, HThe significance of the acid-base balance in BICOM practice
Pacber, W.Borreliosis treatment in veterinary medicine with parallels to human medicine
Maquinay, S.Individual pain therapy using the body’s own information
Klammrodt, A.Vaccine damage and its repercussions — Diagnosis and therapy with BICOM
Kramer, D.Experience of testing and treating degenerated cells with the BICOM Combined Test Technique
Hug, D.Some instructive cases from the field of sports medicine
Seeger, M.BICOM bioresonance therapy and imprints of the foot zones on the plate applicators
Ahrens, C.Integration of bioresonance methods — Experience a financial viewpoint
Wang J. Lu S.J.Clinical study of treatment of allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis using BICOM 2000
Brügemann, H. Schuder, S.The significance of the tooth-organ relationship in diagnosing functional and organic interferences
Baklayan, A. E.Specific environmental toxins in relation to the syndromes asthma, Parkinson’s and diabetes

47th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

H. Brügemann and Mrs. H. BrügemannOpening of the Congress
Dr. G. S. HanzlChanging thought structures in postmaterialistic science and the consequences for new medical ethics
H. BrügemannNew scientific documentation on the BICOM bioresonance method
Dr. J. HenneckeTherapy for headaches
Prof. Dr. C. W. SmithFrequencies: Effect, functions and meaning for the living organism
J. WehrhuhnTreating broncho-pulmonary diseases
U. RitzA good anamnesis saves time
Prof. Dr. Feng Yi Zhen, Liu Li Ping and Wong Jin RongClinical effect, safety and mechanisms of BICOM 2000 system to asthma in children
M. RiffelTherapy of the spine via the tooth and jaw region
J. RütherFidgety Philip and littl dreamer; treatment of ADHS with the BICOM
Dr. R. OesterleTreating the causes of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
Dr. E. BeereutherBICOM – the efficient addition to dental pratice
A. Barrie PhD, D. A. BarrieChronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
Dr. F. DenzingerAtaxia and ataxic lameness in a horse practice
Dr. Ö. KiranIn 124 cases of herrniated discs: Bioresonance therapy instead of operating
A. Prigge-JugschEffective pain therapy instead of painkillers
H. SievertImproved quality of life through adjuvant tumour therapy
Dr. M. JaecksAllergies and fluoride

48th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

H. Brügemann and Mrs. H. BrügemannOpening of the Congress
Prof. Dr. S. SchulzInformation — our immaterial life principle
Dr. J. HenneckeMenopausal syndrome — successful treatment with bioresonance
Prof. M. KolbezenHolistic treatment of sports injuries
Dr. W. RohrerCoupling — a possible extension in testing with the Combined Test Technique (CTT)
K. HeineUsing endogenous substances best advantage with BICOM bioresonance therapy
Dr. G. RummelStandardized method of treatment for allergy induced disorders
Dr. B. FleischerDiagnosis and treatment of borrelioses-related disorders – various stages and manifestations
Dr. S. RauchIntegrating the eight extraordinary meridians in bioresonance therapy
J. FiedlerAn excursion through the veterinarian BICOM practice
I. PatzUse of The BICOM cupping applicator therapy to treat hypertension
Dr. J. LahodnyCarcinoma aftercare using bioresonance method
S. HänniEchinococcosis treatment using the bioresonance method
S. DziallasTreatment of infectious diseases in veterinary medicine
S. KarzPromising opportunities for treating parasites using blood and saliva
H. SievertBackground stresses and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

49th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

H. BrügemannIntroduction
Prof. em.

Dr. H. Pieischmann

The boundaries of scientific knowledge
H. BrügemannThe significance of deep frequencies and ways of stabilizing patients during treatment
S. KarzExtended therapy programs bring even more effective treatment
Dr. J. Hennecke,

S. Maquinay

New effective BICOM therapy combinations which save time – (not just) with difficult patients
Dr. D. StanchinaAllergy patients who appear to be resistant to therapy
R. HaussmannInfectious diseases and the BICOM method
N. LindnerTreating chronic inflammatory bowel diseases with BICOM and Multisoft software
Dr. S.von JordansBorrelia — in dogs, cats, horses, and ferret too
M. GrunefeldBICOM therapy in pediatric practice
M. RiffelBioenergetic therapy of the shoulder joint
Dr. E. BeereuterUsing information from the extracellular fluid for BICOM therapy
Dr. Ö KiranSuccessful tumor therapies using the bioresonance method
T. SchankBorrelia infection — what next?
Dr. A. HarteLeopards can´t change their spots — skin disease in veterinary surgery
A. Prigge-JugschSimple ideas for treating common acute and chronic syndromes, e.g. otitis, bronchitis, sinusitis
A. RijsbermanTerrorists in the immune system

50th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Dr. J. Hennecke

S. Maquinay

New experiences with low deep frequencies and the second channel
Dr. P. SeftelFocus on tinnitus — a real torment
Dr. C. WolschnerNutrient points according to Sissi Karz — using them in practice for diagnostics and therapy
Dr. W. RohrerPost-traumatic & post-operative problem cases in orthopedics
A. MeyerSuccessful and effective anti-smoking therapy
Dr. Ö. KiranPolyneuropathies
J. RütherVaccinations: ingredients, heavy metals, implications
S. KarzBiological treatment of metabolic disorders
Dr. A. BuffEfficient mycosis therapy using the BICOM® Optima
Dr. H. WagnerBorrelia infection — the latest widespread disease?
Dr. S. von JordansVaccine blockages and their impact on animals
Dr. B. IrmlerDetecting the main interference fields using ear acupuncture points
Ch. HermannTumors: holistic diagnosis and therapy
Dipl. Med. B. FleischerMitochondropathies — a challenge for holistic medicine

51st BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Hans BrügemannWelcome and opening the Congress
Prof. Dr. Norbert HarthunTechnology-Therapist-Patient: A subtle combination
Dr. Cornelia WolschnerTolerance of dental materials and their influence on patient health
Sissi KarzSuccessful therapy using the symmetrical amplification sweep
Norbert LindnerAcne — a problem not confined to puberty
Dr. Petra Maack-WantzenEnvironmental stresses: The body’s toxin warning
Dr. Willy HammerschmidtHyperactive children – a major challenge for all involved
Ralf KieseleInfectious diseases: Acute, chronic, protracted or masked
Dr. Georg Müller“Foot eczema” in horses?
Christiane HerrmannMultiple Sclerosis — does this diagnosis have to spell doom?
Dr. Barbara lrmlerLosing weight with BICOM®: simple treatment using the body´s acupuncture points
Dr. Uta Schmieden-LindnerThe culprit isn’t just found in the intestine Pancreatitis, gastritis, enteritis & Co
Marcel RiffelTeeth as overriding interference fields in musculoskeletal disorder
Jörg FiedlerUse of deep frequencies and the second channel in veterinary medicine — the HOW and WHY!
Ilona PatzThe menopause: hormone therapy is not always essential
Dr. Sinan AkkurtHaving the courage to treat advanced stages of cancer using the BICOM®
Dr. Karen EigenbrodThe crux with the cruciote ligament with dogs
Dr. Eberhard WenzelUsing bioresononce in on ENT practice: Remove polyps without operating?
D. Sumer Leynep KarabeyAutistic spectrum disorder

52nd BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Kans BrOgernannWelcome and opening the Congress
Prof. Dri-Ing. Konstantin MeylDNA and cell communication via magnetic scalar waves, a possible basic principle of the Bioresonance Method?
Dr. Jurgen HenneckeThe role of the Epstein Barr virus in chronic diseases
Dr. Sabine RauchNew possibilities in using CTT with the BICOM® Optima
Dr. Simon AkkurtEpilepsy in childhood
Dr, Petra Maock-WontzenInfants and children: First confrontotion with the chemical hammer
Dr. Jochen BeckerGingivitis: an outoimmune disease using the example of a cat
Dr. Willy HammerschmidtWhen the back hurts – our supporting structure and its problems
Andreos GeierStop the burn out
Sissi KarzEffective possibilities of a point therapy
Dogmar SiebertHIV: Making life easier – prolonging life
Dr. Vera Maubach-ChandraAmalgam clean-up – the beneficial therapy for multiple sclerosis patients
Gory Lim Wei KhoonAggressive children and the Herpes virus
Dr, Jarg ReibigHistamin intolerance – a disorder with many faces

53rd BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Hans BrugemannWelcome and opening the Congress
Prof. em.
Dr. Herbert Pietschmann
The modern intellectual framework and its limits in 2 medicine
Hans BrugemannInsights from research and practice
Dr. Jürgen HenneckeWhy treat only ill people? Bioresonance as a form of preventive health care
Marcel RiffelDifferent options for treating painful knee conditions
Dr. Sinan AkkurtMigraines and headaches
Bettina DecherMould – hidden beneath the tip of the “allergy“ iceberg
Dr. Sabine Rauch, Olle SvenssonMeridian therapy in the low deep frequency range
Sissi KarzProfound influence on the body through targeted treatment of the individual regions of the jaw
Dr. Jochen BeckerDiseases of the spine in horses and dogs
Marianne ThalmannThe tumour patient in a BICOM® practice
Dr. Esra KirseverTreatment of dilated cardiomyopathy with BICOM® bioresonance
Dr. Ernst BeereuterBICOM® therapies in conjunction with scientific and 102 alternative dentistry
Norbert LindnerThe healthy therapist: self-treatment option
Dr. Wolfgang RohrerThe inner fire: hormonal control as the basis for efficient bodily function
Dr. Ferdinand DenzingerTreating equine sarcoids as an illustration of tumour therapy
Brigitte JonczykMacular degeneration
Dr. Sümer Zeynep KarabeyGluten-sensitive enteropathy / Coeliac disease – a lifelong affliction? A study of over 50 cases

54th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Hans BrugemannWelcome and opening the Congress
Prof. Dr. Gunter M. RotheModels and experimental findings relating to the “memory” of water and their significance for the bioresonance method
Dr. Jurgen HenneckeSalicylic acid — a problem substance for allergy sufferers
Norbert LindnerThe vegetative nervous system: New approaches in the treatment of symptoms relating to vital functions
Dr. Sinan AkkurtLung cancer: New prospects for treatment
Dr. Cornelia SchumacherComplex treatment of urogenital disorders using 42 bioresonance
Alexander A.C. RijsbermanNanoparticles — an abstract danger to our health
Simone MaquinayTips & tricks for successful testing
Dr. Sumer Zeynep KarabeyTraces in the face — organ-related facelifts using 75 bioresonance
Marcel RiffelNew options in the treatment of pathogenic substances
Marianne ThalmannOrthomolecular substances: sensible use during BICOM® treatment
Dr. Jutta SchreiberPeriodontitis — the most common infectious disease affecting the oral cavity. Basic principles for successful treatment
Dr. Esra KirseverBioresonance — an approach to the treatment of intrauterine fetal pathologies
Dr. Bianka CarstensTherapy options for treating chronic respiratory disorders in horses
Irene KolbeHerpes in different guises: successfully treating viral stresses caused by HPV, Epstein-Barr and Varicella zoster
Dr. Uta Schmieden-LindnerSignificant therapy results when treating serious auto-immune conditions

55th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Hans BrugemannWelcome and opening the Congress
Professor Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Steffen SchulzHolistic medicine as scientific world view
Dr. Jurgen Hennecke and Simone Maquinay-Hennecke
Pathogens and poisons — a dangerous interrelationship. Testing and treating combinations of stresses
Marcel RiffelTreatment of Hamer foci using the PowerApplikator and expansion module 1
Dr. Esra KirseverTreating at-risk pregnancies using the BICOM®
Norbert LindnerBICOM® cupping therapy — available for diagnostic procedures too
Christiane HerrmannLinking physical symptoms to individual teeth
Dr. Matthias Arnold
Bioresonance in implantology
Iris Fischer-RohrsChronic inflammation and the significance of milieu regulation
Alexander A. C. RijsbermanResistance to antibiotics and the bioresonance method
Irene KolbeViral and bacterial diseases: changes in blood in dark
field imaging during bioresonance treatment
Dr. Sinan AkkurtQuicker and more effective treatment using a specific BICOM® cupping therapy, for example in cases of herniated disk, cancer, etc.
Dr. Sabine RauchHashimoto’s thyroiditis: New aspects in diagnosis and therapy
Dr. Helga Oberwittler Idiopathic cystitis illustrated in cats and dogs (also applicable to human medicine)
Bettina DecherWhat role does the lymphatic system play in the treatment of chronically ill patients?
Dr. Michael WagnerExcellent success in the treatment of restless legs syndrome

56th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Dr. Ludwig HaslerLife – resonating theatre
Dr. Jürgen Hennecke, Simone MaquinayHenneckeModern Chakra therapy – new aspects of therapy for chronically ill patients. In cases of lack of energy, lowered resistance and hormonal imbalance
Sven PetersPain-free: Using the Golgi points to treat heel spur, coxarthrosis and tennis elbow
Dr. Esra KirseverEffectiveness of BICOM® Bioresonance in palliative care of cancer patients
Irene KolbeRaised blood sugar: Diabetes mellitus – autoimmune diabetes
Dr. Cornelia WolschnerCraniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) – the chameleon of dental medicine
Jana Böseler-AdlerViral stress in cancer: presenting a complementary therapy concept
Dr. Thomas HellerNocebo effect: Every word is important
Hans BrügemannIs there a more easily understood and accepted term to explain how bioresonance therapy works?
Esther RöderAn emotional rollercoaster: ADHD in children and adults
Dr. Barbara IrmlerMonitor the progress of therapy easily using ear acupuncture points
Norbert LindnerMale menopause: fate or opportunity?
Matthias JacobTherapy of environmental stresses with an individual frequency
Dr. Sabine RauchThe endocrine glands – energy inter-relationships and therapy options
Wilma MeuwissenPsoas muscle as a key to physical and emotional wellbeing
Erika KalbfleischMobility problems: when the musculoskeletal system is blocked – in dogs, cats and humans
Marcel RiffelIntegrating bioresonance therapy in an existing allopathic treatment
Dr. Michael WagnerEnvironmental toxins and nanoparticles: tiny cause but major effect
Brigitte JocherWhen hormones get out of control: restoring hormonal balance

57th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference

Prof. Dr. Herbert PietschmannThe “Life” missing since Descartes
Dr. med. Sabine RauchChronic illness caused by the Varicella zoster virus
Sven PetersThe Temporomandibular Joint – New Treatment Options
Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-LindnerCancer — a successful alternative therapy approach
Irene KolbeEye-related conditions: Macular degeneration, impaired vision & herpes zoster ophthalmicus
Eva PaulyChronic borreliosis — a multisystem condition
Periklis KarakosEpidemiological and Cytogenetic Study of the Bioresonance Effect on Human System
Hans BrUgemannA bridge between quantum physics and bioresonance
Dr. Jurgen Hennecke, Simone MaquinayDifficult case studies: Allergological and toxicological detective work
Dipl.-Psych. Hans-Peter KuhlUnlocking solution-focused potential — bioresonance in the field of psychology
Dr. med. Wolfgang RohrerGained in practice, for use in practice: Tips and tricks for practitioners 
Marcel RiffelCase history and diagnosis: important in ensuring success and a promising therapy plan
Dr. med. dent. Rudolf BracherPre- and post-operative treatment
Sibylle Arnold-WissertLow-deep frequencies for shock and trauma cases — treating post-traumatic stress syndrome
Dr. med. Annette JohnsonFibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases
Dr. Christina Eul-MaternTreatment of endocrine disorders in dogs and horses using the Regumed® BICOM optima® device
Gisela WendlerBioresonance and miasmatic stresses: New opportunities for diagnosis and therapy

58th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference


Dr med. dent. Helmut HufEvents in the invisible realm. An approach to explaining holistic biology theory
Sibylle Arnold-WissertAdrenal fatigue — the stress syndrome of the 21st century
Norbert LindnerRecognize somatoform disorders with the BICOM BodyCheck and treat them successfully
Cordja BotheBICOM BodyCheck and bioresonance: An approach to treating multimorbid patients
Jurgen Hennecke, MDChlamydia — the chameleon of the pathogenic germs
He LinAutism Spectrum Disorder
Hans BrugemannInformation — the universal building block of the Universe?
Dr. med. Sabine RauchAwareness and bioresonance
Erika KalbfleischTumours and growths: ways of combining individual therapy modules
Cassandra MougiakouStrengthen the center — the stomach and its key position for health
Claudia LepperWhat effects do organs and the psyche have on the malposition of the spinal column?
Jorg ReibigThe many faces of intolerance: Histamine, lactose, fructose
Irene KolbeVasculitis — new findings and therapy options
Jenny BlondelPolycystic ovary syndrome: A hidden epidemic
Brigitte WiesendangerA new approach to ADHD therapy
Ori Wolff, MD,Extended application of nutrient points
Esther RoderMultiple sclerosis: Drug-free — a possibility with bioresonance?
Sven PetersTherapy options for severe spinal disk prolapses

59th BICOM® Bioresonance Conference


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter C. Dartsch, Dipl. BiochemistThe use of cell cultures in medical research
Norbert Lindner, NaturopathStem cell diagnostics using the BICOM® BodyCheck and possible applications in bioresonance therapy
Pavia Koieluhova, MD Fontana s.r.o.New options for the treatment of young children
Esther Roder, NaturopathBICOM BICOM optima®® and BICOM® BodyCheck before and during pregnancy
Jurgen Hennecke, MDLess is often more overtreatment, treatment rhythms and therapy breaks
Silke Nunner, NaturopathHemopyrrollactamuria (HPU) a common metabolic disorder with far-reaching effects
Dr. Michael WagnerHormone replacement therapy during the menopause and with stress management
Sven PetersEffective use of endocannabinoids in bioresonance therapy
Petra Heier, NaturopathUrticaria
Dr. med. Sabine RauchA new concept: prevention using BICOM® therapy and lifestyle changes
Irene Kolbe, NaturopathSkin and mucosa disorders. A search for clues …
Ron HavenaarHidden bacteria diagnosis and treatment of mycoplasma
Angelika Prigge-Jugsch, NaturopathCase studies for use in practice
Dra. Med. Linda RahadianIn-vitro study of house dust mite allergy
Dr. med. Wolfgang RohrerWhen healing is no longer the primary aim — BICOM® therapy in palliative care
Murat Goksel, MD, Prof. of NeurosurgeryLow back pain and bioresonance therapy: Personal experience of a neurosurgeon
Dipl.-Med. Birgit FleischerChronic infectious diseases as both the cause and result of mitochondria! damage