Courage in treating tinnitus

Ingo E. Bauer, Naturopath, Speyer


Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to have the opportunity this year to report once again on our work at the Centre for Diagnosis and Therapy in Speyer.

It is hard, at a colloquium such as this, to present the theme in a way which will interest all therapists. The old hands amongst you will be hoping to find new starting points for your problem patients, yet newcomers should also be able to take away with them therapeutic techniques which ideally they can put into practice as soon as they get back to work. I’d be interested to know if I have managed to provide something for everyone.

But now to the theme of my paper: “Courage to treat tinnitus.”


Some 150 different causes of tinnitus are known in science. Most occur in combination. Often consecutively too, which considerably aggravates the condition.

However, the most frequent causes are:

  • circulatory disturbances
  • dental foci
  • ototoxic processes
  • viral infection
  • bacterial infection
  • fungal attack
  • auto-immune reactions
  • medicines
  • metal poisoning from teeth
  • environmental toxins


  • Infusions of preparations which stimulate the blood flow
  • magnetic field therapy in the head area
  • Ginkgo preparations for improved blood flow in the brain
  • dental extraction, even complete removal of own teeth
  • amalgam cleansing
  • pressure chamber treatment
  • injections with organ sera or thymus.

What has been the success rate? You already know. Our patients keep coming to us having been told by their therapists: “You’ll just have to live with it.”

Once a disorder is declared incurable, then nobody looks for new ways to cure it.

The next approach is to attenuate the symptoms.

  • Masking the noise
  • Autogenic training
  • Stress management
  • Antidepressants


In the same way that our friend chance often helps the police solve a case, in medicine too we arrive at new approaches in therapy by chance (because we chance upon them).

35 year old Frau K. came to us about 18 months ago having been diagnosed with tinnitus. Her case history revealed that she had already been receiving infusions to improve the blood flow for 2 weeks with no noticeable change. The fear that she might never be rid of the noise in her ears prompted her to consult a naturopath as well.

Her question, whether we could offer any treatment that day as she had received the latest infusion 2 hours previously, spurred my inquiring mind into action.

Since we examine vital blood under the microscope in our practice, I was particularly interested in the state of the blood following an infusion.

You can see the result beginning at top right. First, however, a positive example of what blood should look like in the dark field (figure 1).

dark field (figure 1)

What we see here are erythrocytes. As you all know, they carry the oxygen around the body thus supplying the body’s cells and organs with oxygen.

The erythrocytes are 4 times larger than the smallest capillaries in the ear. In normal conditions as in figure 1, the erythrocyte can fold up and flow through the capillaries, thereby delivering oxygen to the surrounding tissue.

So, now to the images of our patient. What we see here is the erythrocytes agglomerating (figures 2 and 3). This occurs whenever the whole body is over-acidified and insufficient alkaline minerals are absorbed through the intestines. This happens whenever the body is deficient in healthy intestinal bacteria or fungi colonise the intestines. The erythrocytes then release bases from their cell membrane, leading to a change in charge potential and the erythrocytes becoming attracted to one another.

When under stress, which triggers tinnitus and a massive release of adrenalin, the body requires more bases to buffer the acids. In our experience these bases are not available in tinnitus patients. So far, we have not encountered one tinnitus patient with a healthy intestine.

Since the erythrocytes transport oxygen over their entire surface and we can see the agglomeration in figures 2 and 6, it is clear that only the oxygen at the edge of the erythrocyte clump can be released to the tissue. With the resulting under-supply of the tissue.

dark field (figure 2)
dark field (figure 3)
dark field (figure 4)

By clumping together in roll formation, the erythrocytes lose the ability to fold together. Consequently vessels become obstructed. Resulting in a blockage. The whistling or pulsating noises often mentioned by tinnitus patients are also due to the increased viscosity of the blood and the vessels being partially blocked.

dark field (figure 5)
dark field (figure 6)

If protein concentrations such as those in figures 5 and 6 are also observed, then the problem is even more acute.

So, dear colleagues, where does the problem lie now? Is it a problem with the vessels or with the viscosity of the blood? In the past, the approach was always to treat the vessels.

Our approach is to restore the flow properties and functioning of the blood.

First we arranged for the patient’s stool to be examined. The result: Candida albicans 106 (norm 101 – 102 ) and no physiological bacterial flora detected.

We treated the patient with the BICOM 2000 using our mycosis therapy program. The study is being published in Fulda. Available on the Internet at:

The control result confirmed: no yeasts or fungi detected and physiological bacterial flora distributed normally.

We also administered Syxyl’s Basosyx to provide the urgently needed minerals.

You can see the change in the blood count in figures 7, 8 and 9.

It can be clearly seen that the roll formations have broken up, the viscosity has improved.

Admittedly clump-like erythrocyte agglomerations can still be identified, yet the flow properties of the blood have improved to such an extent that the patient reported a marked improvement in the tinnitus.

Figures 8 and 9 also show the formation of a filit network to which the erythrocytes adhere. This indicates that the kidneys are not excreting correctly.

This was the next stage for our BICOM 2000, the programs for elimination. Programs 430, 970 and 480.

dark field (figure 7)
dark field (figure 8)

With blood in the input cup and the magnetic mat as the output. We treated the patient once a week for 4 weeks.


You can see the result in figures 10, 11 and 12.

These figures clearly show the erythrocytes swimming separately, not overlapping, in the blood serum. The marginal accumulation does not represent an adhesion. We will see this a little later in the video clips. The filit network formation is no longer evident. The white structure (arrow figure 10) is an extremely active granulocyte.

From this point on our patient had no further problems with her incurable tinnitus.

The flow properties and functional ability of the blood had been restored.

dark field (figure 9 & 10)
dark field (figure 11 & 12)

The next step was to find out the factors which were still adversely affecting the body.

We then proceed by testing with EAV and the appropriate therapy programs.

Our best results were obtained for tinnitus using the lymph and nervous system measurement points.

First we measure the normal values e. g. Ly 60 and Ns 58.

Then we input 3 programs into the BICOM 2000, e. g. circulatory disturbances in the head area 502

tissue block 951 and 927, start the therapy program and test and check the lymph and nervous system point.

If the points improve to 50, then the patient needs these programs.

This is one of the big advantages of the BICOM 2000 that we can use it any time to make a quick and reliable diagnosis.

We can immediately answer the question whether our patient is geopathically disturbed. Input program 700 geopathy correction, start therapy and test and check. If the condition is corrected, then the patient is given therapy.

The following table (top of right column) should give you a guide as to which programs to consider. It does not list them all as I do not want you simply to copy the model. It should just stimulate your ideas as to what to consider. The best thing is to take the list of follow up programs and just read it through.

These programs can be tested in less than 8 minutes and provide a clear picture of the patient’s condition.

Main test programs
dark field (figure 13)
dark field (figure 14)
dark field (figure 15)

Following this success and word getting around that sufferers do not have to learn to live with tinnitus, an increasing number of patients came to us with this indication.

We checked the blood and stools of all these patients. The results were the same for all of them, with a few minor exceptions:

  • Erythrocytes clumped together in roll formation,
  • intestinal fungal infestation and
  • insufficient healthy bacterial flora.


  • Mycosis systematics and building up healthy intestinal flora
  • Then programs 430, 970, 480 once a week for 4 weeks.
  • Then test out individual stresses and the corresponding therapy.

Jan Moestel’s tinnitus test* set has proved useful for targeted searching with specific problems.

Finally, I should like to show you a few video clips to explain the true implications for blood circulation of the blood being too viscous.

(Video clips)

Thank you for listening and I do hope that my lecture has given some colleagues a new outlook on treating tinnitus patients.

I should be grateful for any feedback on this lecture.

Your colleague
Ingo E. Bauer

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