Decades of suffering from ice-cold feet

Successful treatment convinces sceptical scientist of its efficacy

When I decided to start using BICOM® bioresonance therapy in my practice, my father was really annoyed and reproached me for it. A retired maths and physics teacher, he simply couldn’t accept that his daughter could spend money on “vibrational medicine.” He thought it was a lot of humbug.

I was not to be deterred though and one of my first patients was my mother, who suffered from permanent shaking, similar to Parkinson’s. After three BICOM® treatments my mother was visibly better. My father noted this change with incredulity and one day asked in passing what I would do with this device for his permanently cold feet.

My father has suffered from ice-cold feet since he sustained a war injury, when he was shot in both knees. I replied that I would first need to treat his scars with the ‘scar elimination’ program already stored in the BICOM®. To my complete amazement he said: “Ok then, let’s do it.” I told him that he would probably not feel any improvement after the first treatment, because the injury was so old.

I treated his scars with the BICOM® and then applied the ‘circulation of the lower half of the body’ program.

Two days later he called me and told me, in a completely bewildered voice, that for the first time since the war he had warm feet again.

He was overjoyed! Now he also wanted me to use the BICOM® to treat his trigeminal neuralgia, which he had been suffering from for more than seven years. We managed to get this under control too with bioresonance.

He is now a complete convert and is fully behind this therapy. Recently he told me: “If I wasn’t 90 years old I would take up bioresonance as a career …”

He is fascinated by this therapy, tells everyone his story and at the age of 90 is learning with great interest about the biophysical background to bioresonance therapy.

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