Diagnosis and therapy of degenerated cells with inclusion of BICOM® CTT (Combined Test Technique)


Participation in the following seminars:

  • introductory seminar
  • seminar “practice oriented therapy systematic and effective allergy treatment”
  • seminar BICOM Combined Test Technique (BICOM CTT)

Good command of tensor test technique.

Seminar goals:

In this seminar you will acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary to treat tumor diseases and autoimmune diseases with confidence within the framework of a holistic therapy plan.


Subjects taught include:

How does degeneration of cells come about?

How does a healthy organism defend itself against it?

What is the meaning of “apoptosis”?

How can I bioenergetically “highlight” tumour cells and make them stop their uncontrolled cell division?

How can I stimulate, support and stabilize the surrounding tissue in its immune function?

How to eliminate toxins that get released when taking these measures?

How important is the patient’s attitude when treating degenerated cells?

Which are the practical steps for diagnosis and treatment?

Which additional therapy measures are helpful?


Seminar venues and dates:

Ambleside, Cumbria, English Lake District:

9 – 11 November 2017 (2 1/2 days) – confirmed dates

Ambleside Parish Center, Vicarage Road, Ambleside LA22 9DH, Lake District, England, U.K.

Seminar price:

£ 425.00 (if number of participants is 5 or more)

£ 495.00 (if number of participants is below 5)

Booking deadline:

6 October 2017

Surcharge for bookings made after this date and if payment is received after this date: £ 50.00 per seminar