Diagnosis and treatment of borreliosis-related disorders – various stages and manifestations

Dr. med. Brigit Fleischer, Bernau nr. Berlin, Germany 

Dear Colleagues,
Dear BICOM® Users,

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my ideas and experiences with you and I am pleased to report on my work with the BICOM® 2000.

I run a small private practice in the country, working as a GP and naturopath. In addition to bioresonance I work with dark field microscopy and isopathy after Prof. Enderlein as well as with traditional homeopathy, manual therapy, acupuncture and applied kinesiology.

Taking the example of the various forms taken by borreliosis and its “chameleonlike” behaviour, this gives us, I believe, a clear insight into the system and logic underlying BICOM® therapy and, in particular, the Combined Test Technique (CTT).

This disease has already been discussed in this forum and you are familiar with the symptoms. Similar to syphilis it feigns various organ manifestations, ranging from skin complaints, “summer flu” to nervous complaints similar to MS. Some colleagues make the comparison with miasmatic stresses.

There are reports of an increase in the number of infections and I have this impression myself. As representatives of naturopathy we think holistically and always ask “why.” Why is it this person has developed a Borrelia infection?

You will all be familiar with Claude Bernard’s remark: “The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything.”

What created the type of milieu that results in acute or chronic infection:

  • chronically disturbed acidbase balance
  • stress
  • heavy metal stress/toxic metal stress
  • pharmaceuticals which have a toxic effect
  • xray radiation and other stresses through free radicals, electrosmog
  • poor diet

The complex and prolonged effects of such factors, which are in part caused by our modern lifestyle, change the milieu and in most cases result in the development of acute and/or chronic disorders.

Only in an organism with a weakened immune system and disturbed milieu is there a possibility of infection. It is not the infected tick that is the problem but rather the dysfunctional system.


Case 1: 37 year old female patient

This patient came to me experiencing paresthesia at the back of her head and also because of pains she had been experiencing for one year in her cervical spine.

Her GP had prescribed manual therapy, but her symptoms remained and she started having problems with concentration. After around 2 hours of normal everyday stress she had to have a break. She could no longer concentrate. This lady was always very active and runs a small business. She and her family eat very healthily and follow the recommendations of a naturopath. The patient was desperate and feared she was suffering from an incurable neurological condition.

I weighed up my diagnostic options and decided to use BICOM® and the CTT.

Testing indicated a primary impairment of the Earth element and the spleen/pancreas meridian as well as a metabolic disorder and a chronic CNS disturbance.

I found both “heavy metal” and “YinYang balance” stresses.

In a further test I found mercury, amalgam, mycotoxins, various fungi, bacterial toxins, Borrelia and a further stress caused by water veins and radio waves.

In the first session I followed basic therapy with treatment using only the detected ampoules from the 5element kit. After testing with the BICOM® I administered intramuscular vitamin B12 as well as Chlorella pyrenoidosa and zinc orally.

In the second session I treated using

  • basic therapy
  • followup therapy liver, detoxification 430
  • mercury, amalgam with 192
  • water veins, radio waves with 192
  • Earth element with the spleen/pancreas meridian, metabolism, sensory organs with 192

It wasn’t until the third session that I began treating the mycotoxins with program 192 and the tested fungi 191.

In this session, it was necessary to treat the water element with the kidney, paranasal sinuses and lymph meridian. It was only after this that the patient could tolerate treatment with the borreliosis ampoule and elimination of the bacterial toxins. Elimination of heavy metals, mercury, amalgam was then repeated.

As a followup therapy another liver detoxification was necessary (program 430/431). The geopathic stress reappeared. Measurements taken by a dowser at the patient’s home concurred with this finding.

Urged on by her family and for her own peace of mind the patient underwent a neurological scan. Nothing abnormal in MRT or EEG. Antibody titer confirmed in the blood. The cerebrospinal fluid was clear.

The MRT examination proved stressful for the patient. Her symptoms became more pronounced and the neurologist prescribed her a 10day course of antibiotics.

During the following appointment at my practice the treatment, or rather correction, of these influences was the main priority:

  • Open up the elimination organs
  • YinYang balance
  • Eliminate antibiotics
  • General elimination
  • Electrosmog

The patient slowly recovered. Initially her powers of concentration and memory improved and then her physical robustness returned.

As an accompanying measure which carried on once the bioresonance therapy had finished, she took antioxidants, an antiparasitic mixture and a preparation containing effective micro organisms and Asian healing fungi.

Some six months after first presenting she was able to function properly again.

I chose this example because it so typically shows the strain on the body’s own regulatory and compensatory abilities once various typical stresses accumulate. The immune system of a previously healthy and healthconscious young women was strained to the limit.

This was manifested as follows:

  • demanding lifestyle
  • mercury stress from amalgam fillings, food
  • mycosis
  • additional stress after moving to a house containing geopathic stresses
  • mobile phone use
  • unrecalled contact with borrelia

All these influences are what are known as “glutathione robbers” and deplete our glutathione reserves. Glutathione needs to be at a sufficient level to ensure Th1Th2 balance in the immune system.

We are familiar with the detoxifying effects of reduced glutathione, whereby with its SH group it can intercept heavy metals, form a complex and eliminate this via bile with the stool.

We also know the correlation between heavy metal stress and mycosis. The mycotoxins formed place further stress on the liver and glutathione synthesis. The vicious circle has begun, runs its course and the balance of the immune system is disturbed. Once this has occurred further, relatively minor stresses can cause problems and so limit the body’s ability to fight infection.

The next case study was very different.

Case 2: 42 year old female patient

In December 1992 this sporty patient suffered from acute pain and swelling in her ankle joints, later moving to her knee joints and hands. The typical signs of inflammation were evident and took the form of pain, redness, swelling and heat as well as increasingly restricted movement.

The patient underwent rheumatological treatment. Since none of the laboratory tests indicated rheumatism, fibromyalgia was initially suspected. Eventually increased liver values and Borrelia antibodies were found. The patient received several courses of antibiotics. Her symptoms did not improve, however.

Afterwards she came to me for treatment and I did everything available to me at the time, from intestinal cleanup to diets and intestinal symbionts, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic support for the liver as well as neural therapy.

The acute symptoms eased somewhat but the overall situation remained unsatisfactory.

In 1996 I acquired a BICOM® device and began trying out possible treatments on the patient: interference field search, heavy metal elimination, build up intestinal flora, increase resistance to infection …

Her quality of life improved considerably. The patient was able to do sport again, cope with everyday situations and her lab values (liver) also improved. Nevertheless, Borrelia infection appeared in weakened form with inflamed joint symptoms.

In 2004 I began using the “Combined Test Technique” (CTT) with my recently upgraded BICOM® 2000 device. I tested the patient with it and found:

  • Stresses in the wood element with an effect on the major joints, liver and bile ducts

Causes of stress:

  • Heavy metals, chemical stresses, bacteria
  • Mycotoxins, Aspergillus mix
  • Bacteria: borrelia infections and the necessary stabilisation

Treatment was as follows:

  • Basic therapy: after conductance, attenuating
  • Followup therapy: Liver, detoxification 430/431
  • Ampoules from the 5elementkit as tested

After basic and followup therapy, in the second session there followed:

elimination of heavy metals, mercury, amalgam, mycotoxins, Aspergillus and finally borrelia infections and bacterial toxins.

In the meantime I practised dark field diagnostics after Prof. Enderlein. During a check in April 2005 I found a minor endobiont infestation affecting numerous erythrocytes. There was no indication of liver stress, no roll formation.

The patient completed a ca. 6week isopathic therapy after Enderlein and has felt good ever since. Every 6 months she comes for BICOM® testing as a form of prophylaxis.

The first significant signs of progress were seen in this patient after bioresonance therapy began. It improved her general state of health and she was able to successfully cope with the onset of menopause.

She was only finally free of symptoms once the CTT was used.

It was a long, but positive journey. It doesn’t bear thinking about how she would be getting on today if she had continued to be treated with Piroxicam, Prednisolon, and perhaps when experiencing phases of illness, receiving “rheumatological” treatment in the form of antibiotics.

The third case study turned out just as I like it to for people who come into contact with Borrelia infections:

Case 3: Patient with tick bite

The patient noticed tick marks, observed the location of the bite, noticed an erythema and came to my surgery.

I offered him a choice between bioresonance therapy and/or antibiotics. He opted for the biological method and I began work with the CTT.

At this early stage it was important for me initially to strengthen his immune system’s willingness to fight infection, i.e. detect accumulated, “civilisation”stresses and remove them. I regularly find heavy metal stresses, mycotoxins, vaccination stresses and scars. As the infection was acute, I selected program 950 “build up resistance to infection” as followup therapy, then opening the elimination organs via CTT and strengthening the disturbed element/meridian.

During the first session I also found that the Borrelia ampoule matched. I only started treating this in the second session with 191, based on a test using the tensor.

After the third session the patient no longer displayed any symptoms. A laboratory test for BorreliaAC and inflammation parameters were negative after 6 weeks.

Although I highly rate applied kinesiology, during my work with the BICOM® 2000 I tested using the tensor (with the device connected).

I use applied kinesiology as a safety measure in followup tests to check the homeopathics or orthomolecular substances found and, more frequently, as a pretest for new patients.

I find dark field microscopy to be a very useful addition to therapy checks, particularly in dealing with chronic illnesses. It shows up cell wall deficient (CWD) forms, kidney and liver stresses as well any chronic hyperacidity. It also gives the patient more confidence and peace of mind if they can see in black and white just how successful the treatment is beyond their own subjective improvement.

When working with the BICOM® I particularly like the systematic structure of CTT and the biological logic behind it. When guided step by step using our preferred test method (tensor, EAV, kinesiology), checking repeatedly for stress, priority, treatability and the chosen programs with their individual settings, the device will guide us from the diagnosis stage through to treatment.

As is so often the case with chronic conditions I find a heavy metal stress behind the Borrelia infection. In some cases mercury and titanium, for example, have damaged the mitochondria, which leads to a shortage of reduced glutathione.

One of the consequences of this is a reduction in the formation of NO gas (NO = nitrogen monoxide).

NO gas was discovered in 1998 (Nobel Prize for Medicine). It is capable of killing cancer cells, viruses, fungi and intracellular germs in the body. A shortage of NO gas reduces cancer defences (apoptosis), the ability to destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria and makes it easier for CWD bacteria to form in the erythrocytes. These in turn consume glutathione. The deadly combination of a heavy metal stress and a disturbed acidbase balance is particularly common.

I believe that if the “acid base balance” program tests as necessary, this is a stronger indication of tissue hyperacidity than merely determining the pH value of the urine every now and then.

I was recently able to observe the direct effect of amalgam on the symptoms of neuroborrelia.

A further case study

Case 4: 40 year old female patient

Her problems began in 1993 after she was bitten by a tick and she has since suffered from symptoms ranging from an erythema migrans rash to cardiac rhythm deficiency, muscle and joint complaints through to problems with concentration and general exhaustion. The patient was unable to work. After her GP prescribed her antibiotics she looked for alternative methods herself. She had heard about Dr. D. Klinghardt via the Internet and carried out her own heavy metal elimination based on his recommendations (zinc, Chlorella algae, bear’s garlic) and she felt slightly better. The main problem was that she still had difficulty concentrating, suffered weakness, muscle pain in various places and acute premenstrual syndrome. After searching once again for help she learnt about bioresonance therapy and came to me (again via the Internet).

That was in October 2006.

I began CTT as described and found that amalgam was still present as a stress. (Testing led me via the water element with disturbances in the kidney and dental regions to the two remaining amalgam fillings).

Therapy took the form of the CTT method and the patient’s condition stabilised. After a lengthy period of unemployment she was able to complete shorter studies before embarking on a more challenging training course.

In Summer 2007 she decided to have the remaining amalgam removed. Immediately the Borrelia symptoms she had complained of before returned, albeit in a lesser form.

As a precautionary measure we arranged a bioresonance session and were able to offset the symptoms.

We also supported the mercury elimination with Chlorella pyrenoidosa. The patient immediately felt the benefits. The dose of bear’s garlic was added later as a supplementary treatment. These substances and all other orthomolecular products were given after individual testing in each case.

Prescribed information on dosages and length of therapy cannot be applied to individual cases. Thanks to the test options available to us, we need not rely on a procedure based on statistical data.

For my part, I agree with Dr. Klinghardt’s recommendation not to give nosodes when treating borreliosis.

He warns that this merely displaces the borreliosis into the CNS. For me, using nosodes is not an option because of their similarity to the miasma stress.

When treating borreliosis patients I test all stresses again at the end of a course of treatment. If the test with the Borrelia ampoule is negative I give a few drops of coriander (Cilantris) and check again.

This would then unmask any Borrelia still Patients who suffer from complaints such present in the CNS. as this and finally overcome them are more than happy to accept this recommendation.

As is the case following every chronic disorder, I recommend that the patient has regular checks using the BICOM®.


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