Effective cleansing via the lymphatic system

Marina Hahlweg, non-medical practitioner, Berlin


Ladies and Gentlemen,

When I started to work with BIcom therapy I read the RTI volumes of the colloquia with interest. I tried many things, copied them, and finally found my own successful method. And this I can tell any beginner: It works for the good of your patients!

But the following thoughts always disturbed me:

  • I do not like taking medicines. And many other people also do not like taking them.
  • After at most three days I forget to take medication. And even more so if I was supposed to take it three times daily.
  • Whoever works full time will also be in this position. (Is medication for removing poisons taken to the office?)
  • I do not like alcoholic medication. What happens to dried out alcoholics, who do not tell me that they have a problem? And what happens to children?

How can we detoxify patients in spite of this?


On my long quest I found something that works fast for me and my patients!

I wrap up each patient, large or small, in a compress using a crossover technique. This causes lymph drainage of the whole body while the muscles are supported. I succeed in reducing accumulated water (buildup of lymph water) even in one treatment. Patients „stink out” in my practice in the true sense of the word. Different acids can be smelled. At first I wondered about this. Some patients smelled of whey, others of nicotine, even very old deposits could be smelled in individualcases. One female patient smelled of the chemicals used in her work place and in addition she smelled sour. After the treatment she said: „I feel very clean, light and without tension in the shoulder region, and everywhere.” Patients say this and similar things.

I noticed that especially patients who smell of whey literally suck up water from the compresses. „Why? What does milk do?” I asked myself. It is mucus, and cheese, yoghurt, quark, full cream milk chocolate, etc. are made from it. These patients have a shortage of water. What are the implications of a lack of water for many diseases (e. g. nerve and muscle diseases, high blood pressure)? A lack of water means that there is a decrease in biochemistry and in stimulus conduction.

Amongst other things, I use brine containing hydrogen carbonate and can report the following:

Hydrogen carbonate liquefies sticky mucus. Viscous mucus cannot bind water. It dries out and causes stiffness. Hydrogen carbonate probably changes this structure, water can be stored, the mucus can dissolve. The tissues of these patients are often very flabby and they often have a serious degree of cellulite. They do not give the impression that they suffer from a water deficiency, and still the water is extracted from the compresses.

Hydrogen carbonate neutralises acidic substances and is important for the body’s own buffer substances. It alleviates inflammations like swelling and redness.


Together with the compress of the whole body the patients get BICOM therapy:

Input: headphone applicator on the right Output: headphone applicator on the left (or vice versa)

First session

During the first treatment session I treat the following foods simultaneously: milk, lactic acid (right left according to the ampoules of Mr Nemeth), wheat, yeast, egg, egg-white, vitamin C, pork. I use programme 999, 999-A, 998, 997, 993, 994, 191-192 for this. The therapy time is often longer than an hour, since the compress stays on for this length of time. I take note of reactions: When it no longer tingles or something like that, I change the programme.

The reaction of patients is usually a clear loosening up. They can move better. The compress works better than massage. The patients sleep deeply and are more active again. Their muscles loosen up. Movement restrictions decrease, etc.

The patients react in different ways to the removal.

  • Kidneys: increased urination, smells strongly
  • Intestines: bowel movement more often than usual
  • Stomach: in some cases occasional nausea

All symptoms last about 2 to 3 days after a treatment session.

It is important to drink a lot. Patients notice that they feel better if they drink more. They grow wiser.

Often an additional regulation of the symbiosis is necessary.

Further sessions

The second treatment is about 14 days later, and only BICOM® therapy is used. If necessary I recommend further treatments further apart.


Girl aged 9

Her ears/nose were full of mucus, breathing difficulties, migraine attacks, walks on the tips of her toes.

  1. BICOM® therapy.
  2. Milk, lactic acid right, left, egg, egg white, yeast, wheat, vitamin C.
  3. Compress together with BIcOm therapy.
  4. Compress together with BicOm therapy.
  5. The patient now stands with the feet placed normally on the ground, the muscles loosen.
  6. Compress

The patient is able to walk and run normally again.

Patient aged 45

He was sent to me by a colleague because I work with BICOM® therapy. Disc operation, has a permanent sensation of pins and needles and twitching in his legs.

  1. Compress and BICOM® therapy for the disc operation using programme 581, 915, 910. The patient was without complaints for a whole week thereafter.
  2. BICOM® therapy I tested a milk incompatibility and treated it following Dr Hennecke via the acupuncture points with programme 999 until no further reactions were present. Finally programme 530, until there were no further reactions.

The patients had no further problems after this treatment.

Female patient aged 26

She wanted only a compress. She also mentioned that she often has diarrhoea.

I found a milk incompatibility which was treated immediately. Symbio Flor was prescribed (for a longer period).

  1. Compress and BICOM® therapy My standard treatment: milk, lactic acid right, left, egg, egg-white, yeast, wheat, vitamin C.
  2. BICOM® therapy Milk, lactic acid right, left programme 999, 999-A, 998, 997, 993, 994, 191-192.
  3. Standard BICOM® therapy Afterwards the patient went to France on holiday. She had no complaints, except after drinking beer. („ I often had migraines as a child.”)
  4. Intensive BICOM® therapy for wheat allergy/incompatibility.

The patient studies in Paris without physical restrictions.

Female patient aged 72

Sleeping disturbances, distended stomach, heavy legs, walking problems.

  1. Compress and BICOM therapy, standard treatments.
  2. Absolute avoidance of dairy products. Prescription of Symbioflor.
  3. BICOM® therapy milk, lactic acid, left, right, vitamin C. The patient feels better. The circumference of the stomach was reduced. Her skin grew tauter. The sleeping disturbances disappeared to a large extent.
  4. Compress and BICOM® therapy according to symptoms.

The has resumed hiking and feels well. She has changed her diet completely.

I try to explain as much as possible to my patients. Many things must be said repeatedly. But finally this simplifies things for everyone. Give your patients reading matter on bioenergy therapy by Martin Keymer, Reinhold D. Will and Dr Norbert Schmedtmann for their information.

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