Environmental stresses: the body’s toxin warning

Dr. med. Petra Maack-Wantzen, doctor, Ingelheim, Germany


The term “Health” in the broadest sense refers to the proper functioning of all regulatory circuits and mechanisms in harmony with body, mind and soul.

We are constantly exposed to environmental factors that often place considerable stress on the body’s regulatory mechanisms.

Systematic therapeutic approach

In Sissi Karz’s systematic approach to therapy, the regulation of these disruptive environmental influences is part and parcel of “initial treatment”. “Second treatment” can only come into play when the body is capable of functioning properly – (body’s information channels) followed by “third treatment” (metabolism and nutrient points).

Several “initial treatment” sessions may be needed before the body learns to cope with these disruptive external influences.

The detoxification organs are affected more than others. Support for the liver and kidneys, intestine, skin and lymph system leading to detoxification of the fatty tissue and connective tissue matrix coupled with an enhanced endogenous defence system are essential and entirely feasible thanks to the various programs and program links available with the BICOM®.

Extent of environmental stresses

The causes of environmental stresses can be roughly classified as follows:

1. Metals and heavy metals
2. Environmental toxins such as sprays (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides) and poisonous substances found in the home
3. Synthetic substances such as the numerous artificial products found in preservatives, and in vaccines too.

A range of bioresonance treatment options have long been available for the management of these major stresses and
I will not elaborate on them further in this paper.

The fourth group of disruptive environmental influences that is coming increasingly to the fore involves ozone, radioactivity, radiation exposure and electrosmog.

Experiences with specific programs

Ozone exposure

H 4.5
Frequency sweep 3 s 
Continuous operation 
Individually test time

Input: magnetic hammer on the navel or flexible square applicator on the thymus 
Output: flexible applicator on the left forearm via points lung 7 and lung 9 (memory in wrist region)

In 1995 I was trained in EAV at one of the Regumed seminars. After that I also tested, whenever I felt there was a need, the SP 4a to distinguish between geopathy and radiation exposure and their corresponding therapies – at that time program 700 and 701 respectively.

More often than not, despite the “right” symptoms being present, no reduced or increased value was measured. Instead “rock solid” exact values, such as “normal”
50 were obtained.

During that time the French were carrying out atom bomb tests, initially above ground at Moruroa Atoll, from 13.2.1960 in the Sahara and then from1975 underground at Moruroa Atoll. Some 193 tests were carried out at depths ranging from 600 to 1000 m, and met with ever more strident protests, initially in Australia and then more and more so back in France and Europe. The last test was carried out on 27.1.1996.

Having been made aware of the issue by the public debate, I included the theme of “Radioactivity” in my kinesiological testing.

In this way a bioresonance program was developed initially for interference generated by radioactivity.


Ai = 26
3.7 kHz
Continuous operation
Individually test time

Input: 10 spiral applicators on the fingers of both the left and right hand
Output: magnetic hammer just before the apex (region of the large fontanel) (mat along the spine)
Input cup: Radium bromatum D 12

Yet a combined stress from geopathy and concomitant radioactivity was always observed in patients with “rock solid” SP 4a values.

Possible explanation: radioactivity from radioactive fallout via the atmosphere, geopathy due to atomic bomb effects working “backwards” through the earth.

Therapy based on the radioactivity program alone was not adequate for combating combined interference.

Hence when testing the individual
parameters kinesiologically on just such a patient, a new program was developed which remains unchanged to this day and is even included in the latest BICOM® BICOM optima® device:

“Combi program” radioactivity plus radiation exposure

H = 1
Frequency sweep 3 s
Continuous operation
Individually test time, range from 3 to 38 minutes.

Input: magnetic hammer just before the apex (region of the large fontanel)
Output: flexible square applicator on the thymus, mat along the spine
Input cup: Radium bromatum D 12
Output cup: test, e.g. imprint on memory chip or non-medicinal globules

This program then shifted the fixed 50 value at SP 4a to give values slightly below or slightly above.

Treatment with this combined program was still often required even after French atom bomb testing came to an end in January 1996. Over the years we saw how it often
tested as a priority stress in many patients for many weeks following a major earthquake somewhere in the world or whenever Castor radioactive material transports were taking place. Not much information is ever disclosed about nuclear incidents at the time they occur – there may have been a correlation – but too much time has elapsed to make a definite connection.

At any rate, now I would like to take a closer look at some of the other links.

For a number of years I have noticed a “syndrome” comprising several health disorders sometimes presented individually and sometimes presented on a large scale involving all components:

“Environment syndrome”

1. Similar to flu-like infection that lies dormant in the bones (sometimes for weeks) and does not lead to symptoms localised in the ENT region or bronchi, as is usually the case, and does not ever trigger a high temperature
2. Similar to acute hay fever, but
independent of weather conditions or location
3. Similar to acute gastro-intestinal symptoms
4. Existing problems “come to the fore”
5. Sleep disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, often described in extreme cases as “hopeless, helpless, powerless”.

Kinesiological testing always highlights an interference (either alone or in combination) caused by the environmental stresses discussed above,

• Radioactivity
• Radiation exposure
• Earthquake
• Nuclear power or nuclear fuel transports
• Solar storms,

and the afore-mentioned combined program helps without exception in such circumstances.
Meanwhile, in my practice this has led to a basic central program entitled, “Initial treatment after Sissi Karz”. My patients
have learned to think about this themselves when they feel the symptoms of “environment syndrome” coming on. No- one has to worry “what on earth is wrong with me” when conventional medicine fails to detect anything, as we have sometimes seen with serious health disorders.

“Environment program” 

H = 1
Frequency sweep 3 s
Continuous operation
Individually test time, range from
3 to 38 minutes.

magnetic hammer just before the apex (large fontanel)

flexible square applicator on the thymus, mat along the spine

Input cup:
Radium bromatum D 12

Output cup:
test, e.g. imprint on chip or non- medicinal globules

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