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Seminar and Workshop on BICOM CTT

CTT workshop with Sabine Rauch
16th October 2019 @ 9:00 am – 18th October 2019 @ 12:00 pm
Radisson Blu Hotel Leeds
No. 1
The Light the Headrow
Leeds LS1 8TL
David Franklin
Seminar and Workshop on BICOM CTT @ Radisson Blu Hotel Leeds | England | United Kingdom

So you have some of the testing and therapy kits from Regumed, digital or ampoules BUT you don’t fully understand how the 5 elements work, how the elements interact with each other if to test in a basic or more advanced way? This is the course for you as you will be personally mentored by Dr Rauch who created a number of the kits for the company. 2.5 days of instruction and workshop

  • the 5 elements
  • how to find the main stresses (allergens, viruses/bacteria/parasites/vaccination etc.)
  • how to find therapeutic blockages
  • which stresses need to be treated as priority and which stresses are secondary
  • how to treat the stresses
  • how to combine the CTT test technique with the therapy systematic (TPF)
  • how to stabilise your patient using the CTT
  • how to use the BICOM CTT Test Kits for diagnosis
  • which answers can we get by combining ampoules when testing
  • how to use the BICOM CTT Test Kits for therapy
  • how to remove therapy obstacles
  • how to treat the different stressors found
  • how to combine the CTT therapy with the therapy with patient substances  frequency patterns
  • how to perform stabilizing therapy according to 5 element theory
  • which therapy steps can be combined, thereby saving time
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