Foreword to RTI Volume 2010 

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing


I am proud of the fact this is already the 50th Congress on bioresonance therapy even though it is still a relatively new form of medicine.

We started back in 1979 with the very first congress in Bernried, on Lake Starnberg, with some 20 people taking part and over the years this number has grown to over 500 participants from every continent. This is what makes our motto for this congress ‘Helping millions of patients around the world back to health’ so realistic.

In this congress volume you will once again find interesting papers containing a whole series of tips and experiences which may well help you in your own practice.

You may ask why 50 congresses have already been held when bioresonance therapy has only been around for 30 years. The reason is that in the first few years two congresses took place each year – one in spring and one in autumn. An abundance of research and experience has been presented during these 50 congresses.

This is a good opportunity to thank all those who have given presentations during these congresses and to attest to the fact that they have significantly contributed to the further development of bioresonance therapy. In many cases this also required no little courage. When you have never given a presentation before and asked to stand in front of an audience of this size, it really is an enormous challenge.

My thanks also go to all those who have attended these congresses and through their participation have demonstrated huge interest in this new form of therapy.

Let us carry on making this valuable BICOM bioresonance method available to a wider audience by continuing to treat patients so successfully.