Highlights of my 20 years’ experience with bioresonance therapy; then and now

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, GR 72100 Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Dear colleagues!

It’s not only when we look at children that we realise we are getting older or have grown old — in medicine too time never stands still and progress is being made all the time. Fortunately, we have no way of knowing at the outset to what extent many perceived advances may turn out to be backward steps years later. I say fortunately because otherwise many improvements or innovations might simply never have come about had we been deterred from carrying on with our development and research because of the frustration that inevitably occurs when things don’t quite turn out as you thought they would.

Things are somewhat different, however, in the case of bioresonance therapy. Here we can talk of continuous improvement, advancement and progress. When I proudly received my first device, more than 20 years ago, I had no idea of the range of conditions I would be able to treat with it in the years to come and just how much I would accomplish with it. Everyone initially starts out in therapy, just like playing the piano, with the equivalent of scales and little beginner’s pieces. The modern user now has things easier because there is an enormous choice of programs and so many individual possibilities for testing and treating have been developed, and it is much more fun. It still gives me great joy even now when I have to make a real effort with a patient to find as quickly as possible that crucial aspect which is the root cause of the problem. That gives the therapist the feeling that he himself is important and it is not just a matter of pressing knobs on an instrument. The patients also appreciate this, because they get the feeling they are in safe hands, despite the use of high technology medicine.


Beginner’s luck

I can remember how laborious my first attempts were back in June 1980. The first really exciting experience for me was a patient suffering from diarrhoea who became pain free shortly after a single treatment. A patient with constantly recurring migraine improved after her first treatment and was pain free after 3 further therapy sessions. When I look back now, I think it must have been beginner’s luck in the case of the migraine patient. Long term recurring conditions are generally not healed quite so easily. Yet these tend to be the exceptions that prove the rule.

Frequency bands

At that time I started bioresonance therapy with large frequency bands. We could use only all the frequencies below 100, 250, 500 or 1000, 2500, 5000 or 10,000 Hertz, or then with all the frequencies simultaneously above the relevant adjustable basic frequency. The therapy times had to be adjusted very sensitively and this called for good testing skills to achieve good results with patients. Fortunately, my intuition helped me out more and more and I had very successful results at that time too.

BICOM® 2000 with modulation mat

Things are a good deal easier for modern therapists and many problems have been ironed out because we can penetrate more intensively and deeper into the organism using the BICOM® 2000 and by working with the modulation mat. This effect is particularly beneficial, for example, in the case of program no. 570. Normally, the thin flexible applicator at the input is placed on the lower edge of the back of the head and the articulated strip is placed on the sacrum/coccyx area. Earlier when treating defence weaknesses and seeking other positive effects from this program, often 10 —15 minutes was needed. With the new device and the modulation mat, which you lay as the output up from the coccyx, this takes place much more rapidly and is more far reaching.

Secretes, excretes

Another major breakthrough came when using the patient’s own secretions and excretions — the information contained in a drop of blood took on particular significance. The spin tester is still very important to me for determining stresses resulting from geopathy or some other form of radiation. This I use before all else because I have observed that the direction of spin changes very positively during a treatment session. For me, this is always a sign that the regulatory mechanisms and the healing process are really on course. On the other hand if the direction of spin of the blood does not change much, when measured following therapy, you can in every case assume that there is a regulatory block and that additional measures are required. Although this type of behaviour is found only during the first therapy session, it is always very revealing.

„Blood cleansing”

Last year Frau Heine introduced you to my method of „blood cleansing”, which I am sure has also helped you in your own practices. This individual setting is used whenever the organism is doing all it can to fight a disease but just lacks the energy required for a real breakthrough.

This type of treatment using a single drop of blood aims at confronting the living being with itself, so that it can come to terms with itself again and stand up to the disease.

As a result of this setting, further psychotherapeutic measures are often not required. A particularly good effect is produced with this individual therapy when the small modulation mat used for this is laid transversely across the kidney region and accompanying multiple pulses are applied; whether in a building up or attenuating sequence needs to be tested each time.

Another way of helping the patient to come to terms with himself is to test and to treat through the potentising series. One colleague described how she had obtained best results when potentising with a H+Di setting, and, in addition to using blood, she sometimes used the thin flexible applicator placed on the forehead of the patient as the input.

Birth Trauma

An outstanding effect can also be achieved with blood when treating birth trauma, irrespective of whether these are purely psychological or organic in nature.

Jaw and pelvic problems often result from birth trauma.

I obtained this information from a dentist colleague who attended a variety of courses in East Asia. For many years now, I have tried to find an easy to follow approach to therapy and this is now available with the new BiCom 2000.

To perform the therapy, you require, at the input, the square flexible applicator upright on the region of the sacrum/coccyx and, at the output, the modulation mat from the thymus region downwards to below the navel (the phosphorus point needs to be reached). A microscope slide with 8 drops of blood is placed in the input cup! To obtain these, you prick the patient once sharply in the left hand ring finger and press the finger 8 times onto the slide. At the end of this procedure not much blood is visible, but there is more than sufficient for this form of treatment.

The program which is required for this therapy is called number 422: „Improve vital capacity”.

Not only can birth trauma be corrected very effectively with this treatment, but spinal column problems often respond in an outstanding manner on this setting.

Morning saliva

A major step forward came a few years ago when I discovered that general cleansing of the organism via the mucous membranes can be initiated via information obtained from morning saliva and in particular that a large number of unknown allergens can be neutralised in this way. It still surprises me just how much is retained in the mucous membranes in the way of information and toxins and that all it needs is Ai information under the chin in order to bring it under control.

In addition to this you will certainly also know of the possibility of building up intestinal flora via certain nutrient points, using OMNIFLORA for example. Here, it is still very important that the points in the face are treated directly with the gold finger but after that you can continue to work with the small modulation mat laid transversely across the abdomen. This saves you using the remaining points and penetrates even more deeply into the walls of the stomach and intestine.

Inoculation damage

I was also glad when I discovered the thymus program as a means of neutralising damage resulting from inoculation and this has been of great assistance over the years. Generally, this program, no. 428, is responsible for a person finding his/her own central point again, from which he/she has often been displaced as a result of inoculations. Given that nowadays children are given a frightening range of inoculations at an ever younger age, this is an extremely important program. If work with the BICOM® 2000 device, instead of the applicators suggested in the manual, you should apply the square flexible applicator as the input to the thymus region and lay the smaller of the two modulation mats down from the nape of the neck. Although the input and output in this case are placed the other way round from the conventional way, the results are superb. When using this program, it was always very advantageous to also apply the double forehead strip applicator and I would recommend that you test to see whether it might usefully be applied in addition to the modulation mat.

Nutrient points

An extremely important moment for me was when I first started translating the nutrient points learned in a kinesiology seminar for use with the BICOM®, i. e. finding possibilities of restoring in full the metabolism of individual nutrients. This is aimed on the one hand at ensuring that a patient will in future make maximum use of all the ingredients in a foodstuff. On the other hand, therapy at a specific point also has the effect of opening up old stores in a careful and regulated manner which leads to deposited materials such as mercury being removed from the organism. If the corresponding therapy oscillation is then also given in drops or water, this helps the elimination process in an ideal way. In addition to the initial 27 test and therapy points, I found many more over the years, plus the corresponding settings. This was and still is for me an extremely important factor in the treatment of all problems. How often have I found that even quite acute complaints can be improved very rapidly just by dealing with nutrient issues previously overlooked.

Any colleagues still experiencing problems pinpointing the higher tissue points now have a wonderfully simple alternative in the form of the new modulation mat. You lay the small modulation mat from the 7th vertebra upwards over the corresponding tissue point which tested weak and up to the shoulder joint, run the multiple impulses for just 2 minutes initially (stimulate at the c-d point — attenuate at the a-e point) and then run program no. 922 or 923 as normal. The input applicators are still, as before, the spiral applicators on the hand on the opposite side from the particular tissue point being treated.

I achieved very impressive results with a boy of around 5 years old who was far too excitable. On testing the nutrient points, with the patient in various states of excitement, I felt that the mercury point tested weak. After treating the higher tissue points, „mercury” was left as the only remaining weak point which indicated to me that this boy had an actual lack of mercury. Although he behaved like „quicksilver”, he did not have enough of this trace element available in his body to regulate his metabolism. On talking to his mother, it turned out that she had all her amalgam fillings removed during pregnancy. The growing boy naturally defended himself against the accompanying amalgam flooding and screened himself against it, with the result that his organism was unable to deal with it later in life.

The therapy was so successful in this child that the colleague who had brought the child to me for treatment thereafter received all the maladjusted children from the boy’s nursery for therapy. This caused her no end of problems but it also gave her a lot of satisfaction. If only it were always so easy to help a person overcome his problems.

Pain tratment in sportsmen

Another notable achievement for me was treating pain experienced by a sportsman. In the middle of a tennis match he fell so awkwardly that he could no longer put weight on one leg because the pain was so severe. The X-ray showed that nothing was broken so we were able to concentrate on tissue regeneration and pain elimination. The appropriate therapies were run on two days, one after the other for several minutes, these being the program for „Injuries of all types” + „Cell regeneration” + „Deformities”. With the injuries program, both a bottle of water and also a salve were individualised so that the patient could nurse himself quickly back to health at home. I later learned from his wife that he was playing tennis again two days later. Although I would always advise my patients against taking such rash actions, this once again demonstrates how quickly our therapy can work in extreme situations.

I had a very similar situation with a medical student from Vienna with very severe joint problems who could scarcely walk because of the pain. I carried out systematic tests and discovered that in her case geopathic stress and a completely disrupted metabolism were the main causes of the illness. In addition, I also had to teach her that in the first instance you have to drink enough and that you should not wear just black and white clothes, but also lighten up with a little colour. Since she totally rejected the colour red, which I had found tested well for her on the MULTICOM device, I introduced the corresponding colour oscillations into two bottles of water and BICOM drops so that she would acquire the colour her organism needed through internal consumption of the therapy information and also via foot baths. When, after three weeks, she came to the fifth and last therapy session she was so well that she was able to walk in high heels. It dismays me to see such things in a patient whom I have just helped back to health because I believe they have failed to grasp the real issues.

I was also pleased with results with an Austrian skier who, following a serious fall when hanggliding a few months earlier, still had such severe problems with her balance that she could not even walk on foot unaided. After a few treatments with BICOM® combined with the MRT device, she had progressed so well that she was able to start slowly with trampoline exercises to help regain her balance. Before that we repeated cross crawl exercises together and also conducted memory training based on kinesiology theory. After 4 months’ treatment, during which the program for „Lateral balance”, thymus treatment and an increase in powers of resistance were required, she stood for the first time on skis, though with mixed feelings, but after just a few seconds all her old enthusiasmcame back and she was frightening her friends again with her daring.

Heart problems

Notable success was also achieved with a man who had suffered a heart attack and was treated, under medical supervision, using only the BICOm plus homeopathy. Here, I discovered a very special phenomenon which even now I still find very impressive. After the first emergency therapy and directions for the patient to rest, I tested all 40 acupuncture values twice weekly in the patient, with the surprising result that the measured values were, almost without exception, outstandingly good, which did not help me in the least. After about 4 weeks of intensive treatment all the measured values then suddenly started to „go crazy” and this lasted for a few days before values returned to normal. What was happening here? In my opinion, the organism was indicating, through the extreme values, that it had everything in hand and, once the danger was finally removed, the body was able to initiate a normal reaction and start the final healing process. I have often observed this curious phenomenon in the organism; many cancer patients have marvellous measured values at critical moments and these only start to get out of kilter at the start of the recovery phase. Now, I am happy when a patient presents with poor measured values because then I can assume that the organism is ready to fight against the illness.

On the other hand, good measured values are very suspect in the case of a seriously ill person. That means that he has to be tested very carefully and therapy has to be undertaken systematically and with a great deal of sensitivity.

Treatment via the ankle

A few years earlier the program on „Activating zest for life” had been produced. I was alerted to this program by a seminar on „Prenatal foot treatment”. The reactions of some of those attending the seminar impressed me so much that I wanted to do something similar but in a simpler and less time consuming manner. This has also been possible using BICOM®

The region from one ankle to the other corresponds to the previous phases of a lifetime and thus I began to develop, with some success, the program almost certainly better known to all of you as program no. 900. At first I applied therapy only with what is now the 2nd stage, but after a dramatic response from one seminar participant I then began to prepare the organism for subsequent treatment by including a 1st stage.

This produced such good results in overall wellbeing that someone from America thought that a mini instrument with just this setting should be developed so that everyone could build themselves up every day. People have very curious ideas. In order to achieve permanent well being, you have to do a little bit more than simply charge yourself up with frequencies every day.

Quadrant balance

The possibility of a, when one or two quadrants are too low, is quite new. Due to the modulation mat, this energy deficit can now be compensated for very rapidly, to be precise using program no. 991, which we normally use to transfer a foodstuff To compensate for an energetically weak quarter of the body, the large flexible applicator, at the input, is laid transversely on the stomach solar plexus region and the patient is allowed to lie on the modulation mat in such a way that either the areal coccyx or the 7th cervical vertebra is reached, depending on whether the upper or lower quadrant is too low. It is recommended that you test whether any dampening or stimulating multiple pulses should also be used. The gemstone frequencies contained therein may sometimes bring about a small miracle. In addition, reference is made to applying multiple impulses of 1-1000 Hertz or vice versa again quite briefly in the brainwave region, which produces additional outstanding effects.

A colleague reported to me that, to compensate for a quadrant which deviates clearly from the norm, she had also tested a potentising program, to be precise directly on the quadrant itself and in this case with A, and the treatment had been successful.


Dear colleagues, this is no more than a brief excerpt from my many years of working with bioresonance therapy. I would call on you all to apply these therapies and do your own research so that these outstanding opportunities for treatment are available to even more people.

Thank you for listening.

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