Hyperactive and permanently full of cold

Hyperactivity: 7-year-old girl

Success with BICOM® therapy leads to waiving of panel status

Integration of bioresonance in my practice worked really well. Many of my patients were already aware of alternative treatment methods. When I am no longer able to help patients with conventional medicine or other naturopathic methods I put my trust in bioresonance therapy.

I now treat more than 50% of my patients with the BICOM® device.

I mainly treat allergies, chronic sinusitis etc. I have successfully treated over 100 allergy patients with the BICOM®, including a number of food and pollen allergies. Our success rate is over 90%.

By using bioresonance in my ENT practice I have changed the focus of my work:

I have a lot more problem patients than previously. The good thing is that I am now in a position to help them.

The success achieved with the BICOM® device allowed me to give up my panel doctor status in 2006. I make a very comfortable living and I work now in a calmer environment with greater success and that is very satisfying, both for patients and for me as a therapist.

Here is a typical case study:

7-year-old Julia was hyperactive and always full of cold all year round. Although she is a very clever girl, her scholastic achievements leave a lot to be desired. She was treated for a number of years with antibiotics, but without any appreciable success. Then she came to my practice. I tried first of all with homeopathy, which brought about some improvement, but there were always relapses.

Then I decided to treat her with BICOM®. I tested with a biophysical test procedure and discovered that she was allergic to milk, wheat, rye, eggs, pork, sugar and a few other substances. The BICOM® treatment lasted some months, because of several longer holiday-related breaks. Julia continued to improve. Happily her schoolwork also improved greatly. Now she is an A-grade student in her grammar school. Her parents were really relieved and very happy.