Identifying and removing therapy blocks caused by radiation stress

Dr. med. Jurgen Hennecke, Aachen


When we started to become heavily involved with treating allergies over ten years ago, we noticed with some patients that allergens which had been treated successfully reappeared after a few weeks. Following intensive investigation, we detected that two energetic blocks were responsible for this: scar interference fields and/or stress from electromagnetic radiation.

Our treatment immediately achieved better and more lasting results if we tested these interference factors on each patient and, if necessary, included them in our treatment program.

The following approach has proved effective over a number of years:
If our energetic diagnostic procedure detects “radiation stress” in a patient, we offer a detailed consultation advising geobiological examination. If the patient’s workstation or place where they sleep has not been cleansed of harmful influences electrobiologically, the stress must be neutralised using special BICOM® programs before each BICOM® (or other “energetic”) treatment session. Once cleansing is complete, a final “elimination” session should be conducted on the stress. Recently we have developed additional strategies to regenerate energy in electrosensitive patients or those adversely affected by radiation, borrowing ideas from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Whereas ten years ago we detected stresses caused by geopathy or electromagnetic smog in around 20 % of our patients, now we diagnose these conditions in half of our patients.


1. Diagnosis and therapy via the acupuncture point SP4a on the left foot

Kinesiology: The tester holds point SP4 on the patient’s left foot with two fingers of one hand and carries out the muscle test with the other hand.

    • Weak muscle means radiation stress.

Tensor: goldfinger or button applicator on SP4a and connect to tensor with lead.

    • Negative tensor deflection means radiation stress

Electroacupuncture: measure at SP4a.

  • Pathological reading means radiation stress.

Input: button applicator on SP4a
Output: modulation mat on the back
Program: 700 (geopathy), 701 (radiation stress), 702 (diffuse radiation stress).

The correct program must be tested out. It is not possible to assign reliably according to the type of radiation stress. Recently we have been testing program 702 more than in the past (on patients suffering from pollinosis as well). The increase in mobile phones may possibly play a part in this. This program has also proved beneficial following long flights.

2. Diagnosis and therapy via the blood’s direction of spin

Patients with radiation stress have an excessive proportion of left-spin molecules in the blood. A drop of blood is placed in the cup of the spin tester.


Kinesiology: the patient holds a hand applicator which is connected by a lead to the blue socket of the spin tester.

    • strong muscle in “LD” [left-spin] position of the spin tester means radiation stress.

Tensor: the tensor is connected by a lead to the blue socket of the tensor. The ident test is conducted using a second drop of blood (or patient).

    • Ident reaction (oscillating up and down) in “LD” position means radiation stress.

Electroacupuncture: the blue socket of the spin tester is connected via a lead to the blue socket of the BICOM® device.

  • Improvement in pathological readings (especially at triple warmer meridian) in “LD-REFLEKTIERT” [left-spin reflected] position means radiation stress.

Input: drop of blood in cup of spin tester, “LD” [left-spin] position. The black socket of the spin tester is connected to the black (input) socket of the BICOM® device.
Output: modulation mat on the back
Program: 102 (Ai).

3. Diagnosis and therapy via information carriers (ampoules, Multisoft)

The oscillatory information of some homeopathic remedies correlates to a large degree with various types of radiation stress. For example,

  • testing the homeopathic remedy Silicea D60 or the organ preparation Pituitary gland D5 indicates stress from geopathy,
  • testing phosphorus D60 or Epiphysis D5 reveals stress from electromagnetic smog.
  • Radium bromatum indicates stress from radioactivity (pollinosis!).

The ampoules of the combined test technique [German abbreviation: KTT®] contain information from these homeopathic remedies and other substances providing pointers to different types of radiation stress. The “Parasites and environmental stresses” test set contains test ampoules for earth radiation, watercourses, electromagnetic smog, radio waves, radar beams, radioactivity, X-rays, ozone and UV light. The relevant information is stored digitally in Multisofi. It contains the survey tests Epiphysis D5 and Pituitary gland D5, 11 different frequency ranges for geopathy, 21 different pieces of information from electromagnetic smog (railway, mobile phone, PC, long-wave and microwave, etc.) and 11 different frequencies for radioactivity (caesium, cobalt, iodine, Chernobyl, etc.).

  • via KTT® ampoules: program 192 or 171 (A)
  • via Multisofi: program 191 or 170 (Ai)
  • Strong muscle, affirmative tensor movement, improvement in readings indicate the correct resonance with the appropriate information.

Input: test ampoule or Multisoft information Output: modulation mat on the back alternatively: magnetic depth probe on pituitary gland (forehead) in the case of geopathy or on the epiphysis (crown of the head) in the case of electromagnetic smog Program: 192 or 171 (A) with KTT® ampoules, 191 or 170 (Ai) with Multisoft, Test out amplitude and therapy time.

4. Diagnosis via therapy programs

Input: hand or foot plate or SP4a Output: modulation mat Program: 700, 701, 702

If one of these programs tests affirmative, this indicates the appropriate stress.

Beware: if the patient is suffering from another disorder, which coincidentally requires the same program parameters, radiation stress may be misinterpreted as positive. With all programs it is always beneficial to run BICOM® minerals and BICOM® oil and/or the BICOM® chip as well.

  • Minerals: take twice daily, test out the number of drops
  • Oil: rub in twice daily (SP4a, upper abdomen, forehead, crown of the head)
  • Chip: stick on (upper abdomen, coccyx).


The aforementioned programs can neutralise information from radiation stress in the patient’s energetic system, thereby removing a significant therapy block. This makes the patient more receptive to other energetic treatment approaches and only then are they “treatable”.

If the patient is suffering from major health disorders or diseases following years or decades of “ongoing radiation”, further “regenerative” and compensating procedures are required.

To understand these therapeutic approaches, we will digress slightly into certain aspects of “physiology” taken from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM; Fig. 1).

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Radiation stress is not described in the literature on TCM. In the past, before a house was built, the site was certainly examined by a dowser and interference zones were avoided but electromagnetic smog did not exist at that time.

So we have to look for corresponding factors. TCM distinguishes between interior and exterior causes of disease.

The exterior causes of disease include heat, cold, dampness and wind.

Today, Wind (FENG) covers not only meteorological events, but all “harmful substances” attacking the body from outside (“carried by the wind”) such as germs, parasites, toxins, allergens and electromagnetic radiation.

The most important organ system for defending against harmful attackers is the LUNGS.

The lungs control the boundaries between the external world and the internal world and are responsible for generating our “vital energy” qi (chi). The qi is passed on from the lungs into the meridians to supply energy to the other organs (nutrient qi) and provide the outer layers of the body such as skin and mucous membranes with defensive powers (defence qi).

The lungs use respiratory air (breath qi), food (food qi provided by the spleen) and constitutional energy reserves (source or genetic qi provided by the kidneys) as the source for generating general qi.

If the lungs can no longer provide sufficient defence qi, the body’s energetic “protective sheath” becomes porous and permeable and harmful substances (Feng) can penetrate unhindered. Nowadays we would talk about lowered resistance and immunodeficiency.

For example, immunodeficiency or an atopic disease would be described as “weakness in defence qi through weakness in the lungs and kidneys; as a result, accumulation of wind (Feng) in the lungs (asthma, bronchitis), in the nose (rhinitis, sinusitis), in the intestines (colitis) or on the skin (eczema, exanthem).”

This gives rise to the therapeutic principle: energetic support for the lungs and kidneys!

Bioresonance therapy gives us the opportunity not only to eliminate the effects of exterior factors (Feng) (allergy therapy, viral and parasite therapy, toxin elimination) but also to relieve our energetic defence system.

Causes of kidney qi weakness may be:

  • constitution, genetic factors (influenced to a limited extent by constitutional therapy)
  • disease and toxins from the mother during pregnancy (eliminate!)
  • vaccinations (eliminate!).

General measures to strengthen kidney qi:

  • thermotherapy (warm feet!), warm and salty food and drink

BICOM® therapy programs

1. Tonify kidney energy

la) Program 480
Input: both kidneys
Output: modulation mat

lb) Program 481
Input: bladder, both feet
Output: modulation mat on the back, then
Program 482
Input: both kidneys
Output: modulation mat on abdomen.
Both programs are used one after the other in the same therapy session.
Also effective with “organic” disturbances such as kidney stones, cysts, surgical scars and adhesions.

lc) Involve conception vessel (Ren Mai), connects kidneys with lungs! (Fig. 4)
Program: H+Di, 11 kHz, wobbling off H 1.7x, Di .4.0x, interval mode, 3 mins
Input: Lungs 7 (2 QF* proximal to inner articular fold of wrist; Fig. 3), then: kidneys 6 (1 QF below inner malleolus; Fig. 2)
Output: modulation mat on abdomen/chest

lc) Involve conception vessel (Ren Mai), connects kidneys with lungs! (Fig. 4)
Program: H+Di, 11 kHz, wobbling off H 1.7x, Di .4.0x, interval mode, 3 mins
Input: Lungs 7 (2 QF* proximal to inner articular fold of wrist; Fig. 3), then: kidneys 6 (1 QF below inner malleolus; Fig. 2)
Output: modulation mat on abdomen/chest

id) Involve Chong Mai (extra meridian which uses points of kidney meridian, starting from lower abdomen; Fig. 4) Program.. 980
Input: circulation 6 (3 QF prox inside wrist), then spleen 4 (inside metatarsus, distal 1 st metatarso-tarsal joint).
Output: modulation mat on abdomen/chest Also effective with abdominal problems and
holinonal imbalance.

2. Tonify lung Yang

Programs 240, 800 one after the other
Input: rear lung area
Output: modulation mat on abdomen.

3. Strengthen defence qi

3a) Program 428 (thymus activation)
Input: flex, applicator on thymus
Output: modulation mat on the back.

Program 428

3b) Programs 570 (lowered resistance), 581 (energetic spinal column blocks)
Input: flex, applicator on back of neck
Output: modulation mat on the back

3c) Program 900 (activating vitality)
Input: flex. applicator on forehead-crown of head, both feet
Output: modulation mat on the back

3d) Involve governor vessel (Du Mai) (Fig. 4) Program 570
Input: small intestine 3 (hand edge, at end of transverse fold of hand), then bladder 62 (1 QF below lateral malleolus)

Output: modulation mat on the back

Also effective with back problems and rhinitis/sinusitis.

4. Eliminate pathological factors (“wind”)

SpecOc allergy and toxin elimination programs.

allergy and toxin elimination programs

The purpose of these different Bicoivi programs described on the preceding page is to stabilise the body’s energy field, reduce permeability to external pathogenic factors such as germs, allergens and electromagnetic radiation and thereby strengthen the immune system

Stabilising the energy of the extra meridians appears to play a particularly important part here.

To supplement BICOM® therapy, we recommend that patients with “unstable meridian systems” practise kinesiological exercises at home.

  • Ren Mai: rub symphysis mid line and lower lip (“earth points”)
  • Chong Mai: rub symphysis mid line and both sternoclavicular joints (kidneys 27)
  • Du Mai: rub coccyx and upper lip (“spatialpoints”).

The physicist Wayne Cook has suggested a physical exercise which links all the meridians together in a figure of eight to reduce the body’s sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. A modified form of this exercise known as “Hook Up” is used in kinesiology.

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